If I Was the Prime Minister of India


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This is written by me and took more than a week to write, as I had to study the Indian government's structure. You can't just write blindly any crap!

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If I Was the Prime Minister of India

  1. 1. If I Was the Prime Minister of IndiaWhen I small about six years old, I heard a lot about prime ministers.Then one day I suddenly thought about becoming the prime minister ofIndia. Although I didn’t even know who a prime minister is and what hedoes!While I was growing I learnt a lot about a prime minister, what’s hisrole is and what he has to do. When I grew up God fulfilled my thoughtand I became the prime minister of India. I elected some of my partymembers to be the ministers. When it was my first day everythingseemed new for me but later it became normal. I wrote down a list onthe things I had to do for my country. Here’s the list:1. Anti corruption 2. Food for people3. Shelter for people 4.Proper education children5. Work for people 6. Strict rules7. Anti terrorism 8. Protection for citizens9. Finance 10. Bonds with other countries11. Development 12. More community13. More cities 14. Water for everyone15. Electrification 16. Religious services17. Environment concentration 18. Welfare19. Resource plants 20. Peace21. Technology 22. Good economy
  2. 2. After writing this list I started to work on it. I made copies of it anddistributed them among my ministers and made them understand whatI wanted to do. I asked them to help me. They all agreed.First, I contacted the anti corruption bureau. We together searchedthe cities and villages for corrupt people and gave them punishments.Food, shelter, work and education are major problems of India. Nowthe world’s largest slum, Dharavi was no longer a slum. I made a colonyover there. People lived there and I gave them jobs, good educationand a proper shelter. Now India was no longer called a poor country.I made some good efficient laws which the President liked and wereapproved by both the houses of parliament. I instructed the policethat all the laws should be strictly followed.Protection was the motto of the government so that I told the defenseministry to strengthen the border and add more soldiers to the armedforces. I told the home ministry to fill up all the empty posts in thepolice department and make it more efficient. After my decision theIndia’s rank improved in one of the safest country of the world.I strengthened our bonds and relations with other countries by signingbilateral business agreement and other MoU (Memorandum ofUnderstanding).I took initial steps for the infrastructure improvement, education tochildren, electricity in all the villages and interior parts of India. Alsoother similar development projects were undertaken. So the India’sgrowth was noticed in the world economy.
  3. 3. I encouraged the Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF) to growmore forests and be stricter for the violations of pollution and forestrules.I thought that India should use more natural resources for generationof power. This was achieved by way of creating solar energy plants,hydro power plant etc. Also I instructed mining ministry to work out aplan to utilize metals & minerals available in abundance in our country.This helped in generating lot of jobs in rural areas.To promote the use of technology, I asked the Ministry of Science &Technology to upgrade all the technologies in the current system andadd new machines and technologies to it. With this India came on abetter track.I wanted peace in India so I made a new Ministry of Peace which isworking to maintain peace in India.Everyone knew that I loved and cared children a lot. So people made mybirthday as Children’s Day 2.I was elected the President of India in the next elections.When someone asks me how I granted success, I tell them “Try TryUntil You Succeed”. -- Aayush Gala Roll no. 2 Grade V S V K M International School