Investor Pitch for a Tableware company


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It is a presentation which i created for a client based out of India. They were pitching a german investor to set a ceramic tableware plant in India. The client is already a leading player in the Indian market.

I request everyone to please view it and share your comments and if you need any such presentation, please let me know, i can definitely assist you

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  • Really creative! Nice work.
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  • 1. (World Investment Prospects Survey 2010-2012, UNCTAD)2. (AT Kearney 2010 FDI Confidence Index)3. (Report by Leeds University Business School – commissioned by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)4. AT Kearney’s 2009 Global Retail Development Index and the 2009 Global Service5.(World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011)
  • Investor Pitch for a Tableware company

    1. 1. Exceptional Opportunity
    2. 2. Liberalization of the Indian regulatory framework has enhanced its attractiveness as a destination for foreign investors. Few point that distinguishes India are: One of the biggest economy with robust growth trajectory India economy at large Availability of competitive human capital base and great work ethics Increasing infrastructure and living standard with emerging middle income group Extensive trade links Pro-business attitude of Government agencies
    3. 3. India, an emerging investment destination Source: Refer Footnotes Ranked the second most favored destination for FDI over 2010-12 [1] World’s top location for non-financial services investment and among the top three most attractive international investment destinations [2] Among the top three countries where British companies can do better business during 2012-14 [3] Topped as a vital and high-potential market [4] Amongst 5 countries (37 surveyed) likely to see competitiveness improve as a consequence of global recession [5]
    4. 4. Government introducing new policies to stabilize the trade gap in industries including tableware-ceramic Indian Tableware industry Largely unorganized with only fraction is streamlined and organized Dominated by bone-china manufacturers and importers, no Porcelain tableware manufacturer
    5. 5. Market Analysis
    6. 6. Indian Ceramic tableware industry Leading Bone China manufacturers Market Distribution
    7. 7. Growth drivers for ceramic industry Growing middle class population and Increasing purchasing power Openness to trade Growth in organized retail sector Diversified culture heritage in India Growing leisure hospitality and catering industry Target Group Customer’s need and key factor
    8. 8. The Miscellaneous Mechanical and Engineering sector attracting maximum investments German investments in India Investment inflows from Germany was 117% over the previous year at US $1,622 million Germany rank 8th in the list of top ten investing countries since 1991 Delhi (incl. UP and Haryana) was the second largest investment destination for German companies There has been a 54% growth of German investments since the year 2000 amounting to around US $4.6 billion
    9. 9. German investments in India
    10. 10. Marvel Ceramics - History and Growth curve
    11. 11. Achievements and Growth curve • Packing 60-65% of casting material • Developed about 150 different types of shapes in tableware. • Maintaining established standards by using ferro-filters and making exact composition in the slip house • Reached output of 250 tonnes for the month of October,2012.
    12. 12. Distribution Network of Marvel Ceramics BIIL
    13. 13. Strategic Advantage - Location Marvel and BiiL provides an exceptional investment opportunity in the town of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India for setting up a porcelain tableware manufacturing plant LEGAL Government approved Industrial zone ACCESSIBILITY Close to the capital of India, New Delhi, one of the biggest trading hub catering domestic and International market LOGISTICS Proximity to Inland container depots(ICD) of Tughlakabad and Dadri INVENTORY Central location from our distribution network reduces inventory cost
    14. 14. Strategic Advantage - Site NO LEGAL ROADBLOCK Clearance certificates issued from Pollution , Excise and Sales dept. of GOI ABUNDANT AREA 72000 square feet of covered area MARKET ACCESSIBILITY Located on NH 24 with markets providing daily operational needs UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY Direct connection on 33 KVA line ensure round the clock electricity NATURAL GAS CONNECTION We have natural gas connection installed at the site for firing READY TO MOVE Site is well prepared and can be made operational in few months
    15. 15. Strategic Advantage - MCPL and BIIL EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE 2 decades experience in India sub continent RENOWNED BRAND Marvel is a leading tableware brand with a strong market presence SKILLED WORKFORCE We have well equipped skilled work force providing cost benefits ROOTED DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Well established distribution network in 20+ cities of India SUPPLY CHAIN ADVANTAGE Relationship with r/m suppliers enabling low cost procurement FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE Be the first to make porcelain in India
    16. 16. THANK YOU