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  • 1. About Me
    By: Arturo Vallejo
  • 2. Favorite places to eat.
    One of my favorite places to eat is Red lobster.
    Another place is Red robin’s .
    A other place is whata a burger.
    Last but not least is Rudy’s.
  • 3. Favorite colors .
    One of my favorite colors is blue .
    Another one is red .
    I also like the color orange.
    Last but not least is green.
  • 4. Favorite sports. 
    One of my favorite sports is football.
    Another sport is soccer.
    I also like basketball
    Last but not least is golf.
  • 5. Favorite places.
    One of favorite places is SeaWorld.
    Another one is New York .
    I also like California
    Last but not least I like schlitterbahn
  • 6. Things I like about school.
    One of things I like about school is math.
    Another one is pre Athletics .
    I also like Art.
    Last but not least is lunch.
  • 7. Favorite things when not at school.
    One of my favorite things is play outside.
    Another one is playing Black ops.
    I also like go visiting my grandmother.
    I also like taking naps.
  • 8. Things I don’t like about school
    One the things I don’t like about school is homework.
    I also don’t like cranky teachers.
    Another thing I don’t like is reading.
    Last but not least is running the trail.
  • 9. Favorite foods.
    One my favorite foods is pizza.
    Another one is turkey.
    I also like ribs.
    Last but not least is wings.
  • 10. Favorite movies.
    One of my favorite movies is the A team.
    Another one is cars.
    I also like terminator.
    Last but not least is despicable me.
  • 11. Pets I had.
    One of the pets I had was named Rambo.
    Another one was named starskey.
    I also had one named princess.
    Last but not least Hutch.
  • 12. School subjects.
    One of school subject is math.
    Anther one is art.
    I also like technology.
    Last but least is science.
  • 13. MY hobbies.
    One of my hobbies is football.
    Another hobby is video games.
    Another hobby is to collect toy cars.
    Last but not least is play soccer.
  • 14. My role models.
    One of my role models is my dad.
    Another one is my mom.
    Also my grandfather.
    Also my grandmother.
  • 15. Foods I hate.
    One of the of the foods I hate is apple pie.
    Another one broccoli .
    I also hate eggnog .
    I also hate strawberries .
  • 16. Things that make me mad.
    One the things that make me mad is small kids yelling.
    Anther one is people thinking the are all that.
    It also gets me mad when girls think they are tougher just because we can’t hit them.
    It also get me mad when I have to do things again.
  • 17. Schools I have gone to. 
    One of the schools I have gone to is burns.
    Another one Skelly
    Also Thomas Jefferson
    Last but not least is Vela.