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Group 3 kleur_tonacity_presentation_final[1]

  1. 1. GROUP 3 MARKETING STRATEGY FOR Kleur Tonacity Kleur Tonacity is a new type of hair colour product, positioned between salon and home colour. More expensive, but better quality product, than other home dye products Audience same concerns; need to look good, not damage hair, full coverage. Need to engage audience in their strongest ‘need state’; to get ready to go out, and feel great Proposition:Proposition: Deliver vibrantDeliver vibrant glamour; to beglamour; to be Red Carpet Ready.Red Carpet Ready. Inspire personalInspire personal shares throughshares through #myredcarpetmoment#myredcarpetmoment & association through& association through celebrity Rachelcelebrity Rachel Weisz.Weisz. They may not have a red carpetThey may not have a red carpet to walk down, but every womento walk down, but every women deserves to look ‘red carpet ready’deserves to look ‘red carpet ready’
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Need quality assurance Time poor Want ease of application Mums are 40% more likely to use mobile social networking tools than the average smartphone owner.** Strong repeat customers. Our research indicated customers colour their hair 6 times a year on average Motivated by several ‘need states’: 42% of women change their hair to stay on trend*. Others reason include going grey, being inspired by a celebrity hairstyle, growing tired of bad hair days, and simply needing a change. *Source: Crown clinic Manchester **Baby Centre research
  3. 3. WebsitesInteractive MagazinesDigital OOH Leverage websites featuring fragrances & cosmetics and newspaper websites = popular with target audience** -> Combine behavioural and content targeting. High % of women are influenced by beauty adverts in magazines*. Use brand’s existing links with up market women’s magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle etc). Create full page printed advertisements Fully integrated with mobile technology to bring the pages to life. Women respond to digital content that features fragrances & cosmetics (ComScore) Use large HD digital outdoor screens Use wifi enabled screens to broadcast to target women as they pass by flagship department stores. Develop interactive games – women choose if Rachel Weisz has salon colour hair or Kleur Tonicity dyed hair. Results shown live. Rewards. Data captured. Use YouTube pre-rolls for videos watched by women, mums, fashion & beauty followers. Top and tail videos with same application time as Tonacity - underline how quick and easy it is to get great results Broadcast One to one Raising awareness CREATING STIMULUS: blending traditional with digital *Source: **Source: Group 3 research on media consumption
  4. 4. SEARCH PHASE: ZMOT Managed alongside AdWords with clearly defined budgets. We will run a CPM because this will help us to generate awareness of our brand. As our product is targeted to a special segment of the market (modern, busy, business women/mums) this tool allows us to match our ads to most relevant users. Our main interest is to generate traffic In our website and different media platforms. Therefore is important to define our target & generate the correct keywords at the correct location at the perfect hour for our ZMOT. SEO is as important as GDN and Adwords in generating awareness and traffic Highly cost effective. UK consumers made150m purchases in 2013 via affiliate sites - approx. £13bn value. This tool also helps to generate traffic to our website and generates brand awareness, especially from our ‘long tail’ It is easy to track results and we only pay when there is a transaction. Utilise keywords relevant for this new sector, but which do not have bids currently: get salon colour at home salon colour hair at home Based on 31 different ad groups around hair colour Average Clicks per day - 605 Impressions per day 7.29k - £35.5K Average Cost per day £866 Ad position 1- 2 Bids – suggested bids are set at £4, £8, £12 or £16 Example campaign ran £4 bid at max £1,000 daily budget – 26.4.2014
  5. 5. Stimulus awareness consideration ZMOT evaluation FMOT purchase SMOT experience UMOT loyaltyadvocate Place a review on the website. Social share personal experience (factual) Social share emotional (#myredcarpetmoment) Offer opportunity for customer to make own video/social media post around personal experiences -best ones may get used as an advertisement. Competitions to win your own ‘red carpet moment’ with Rachel Weisz No paper instructions! Box has a scannable link to access premium content Demo videos Encourage social shares about what event you are getting ready for and access to ‘red carpet’ back drops for your selfies COMPLETING THE DYNAMIC CUSTOMER JOURNEY Source: Adapted from Brian Solis 2013 and Nick Watt Mobile strategy including: location services, image ‘predictors’ of your colour Directing you to mini online consultation area In-store signage, red carpet up to consultation areas, ‘Hollywood’ style mirrors with lights
  6. 6. CONTENT IS KING Need great content to deliver the message & connect all stages of the customer journey EmotionalRational Awareness Purchase Entertain Inspire C onvince Educate eDM & sponsored newsletters press releases demo videos incl how the engineered tool was made Rachel Wiesz videos/ Twitter content Community networks e.g. net mums Reviews viral e.g pre - experience photo sharing quizes competitions games branded video online appt for in store consultations unique product features digital support Interactive demo Influential bloggers e.g India Knight from Sunday Time’s Style section Source: Inspired by First10 & Smart Insights
  7. 7. stimulus; building awareness & consideration Source: ComScore MMX, Feb 2013 UK, 6+ competitions Bloggers Inspire social interactions via #myredcarpetmoment
  8. 8. SEARCH & CHANNEL TACTICS 35% Brand Site •Great functionality •Fully user tested for experience/ease of use •Store locator •Online ordering – in-store and home delivery •Account personalisation •Product reviews •Online chat with our colour specialists •Messaging/visuals •Red Carpet moments 25% Digital Marketing •Search, display and email marketing campaigns •SEM, SEO and RTB Display •Cross platform initiatives – Facebook ads •Mobile led campaigns including DOOH i.e. red carpet experiential •Blog and user generated content •Embedded video content using inspirational brand (Rachel Weisz), demo and user generated content #myredcarpetmoment 20% Mobile •Mobile & Tablet optimised •Transactional store locator for women on the go •Order for store pick up function/ pre book in-store consultations •In app advertising campaigns •App for iPhone, iPad and Android •With geo store locator 20% Social Media •Integrated into red carpet theme & event #myredcarpetmoment •Community engagement, content, backlinks •Facebook – Likes, growth, ads •YouTube- search visibility, content, views, uploads •Twitter – establish the brand voice, pro and reactive •Instagram – images, engagement, content #myredcarpetmoment Market value est. £350m (source: Mintel) Target 1% of market would equal £3.5m That would equate to 140,000 products @ £25 each Assume we have repeat customers – up to 6 times a year so assume our average is 3 per year We would need 47,000 customers for each % point of market Assuming a conversation of 0.1% of gross impacts/impressions delivered to 1 sale Our campaign would need to generate 47m impressions for each market % point
  9. 9. Metrics: WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE? Reach: Build awareness of Kleur Tonacity Act: Ensure that the target audience are inspired by ‘red carpet ready’ Convert: Drive audience interest to purchase Engage: Build a relationship with customers that have purchased and ensure loyalty and repurchase Brand Measures Unique and new visitors Direct Brand visits Performance vs competition Pages Visits Twitter/ Facebook/instagram/Vine followers and interactions Number of #myredcarpetmoment social mentions Sales Volume via appointed resellers Quality of followers built Number of repeat purchases Content Performance Amount of “red carpet ready” content Video views on YouTube Reviews commented on Social mentions #myredcarpetmoment Site / page engagement (bounce rate, pages per visit, duration Site interactions, comments and feedback Following on site /Twitter/ Facebook/instagram/Vine Number of social interactions we are having Positive / negative comments Social mentions #myredcarpetmoment Commercial Measures Cost of campaign Cost of customer acquisition. Cost of impressions and clicks Sales to brand site visitor ratio Online sales performance of 3rd parties originated from our brand site Sales Growth, volume and net profit after cost of campaign
  10. 10. APPENDIX marketing-5-tips-for-success-in-2013/ ComScore MMX, Feb 2013 UK, 6+ Marketing to UK mothers: A new archetype for a new era – WARC August 2011 Group 3 also ran their own research on surveymonkey Target audience sources ZMOT sources Example keyword campaign ran 26th April 2014