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Presentation1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CIM 302 Projects & Risk Management
    Team 14
    Wheelie Good! Project
    (Prabhakaran Athikesavalu)
    Jai Grygoruk
  • 2. Wheelie Good! Project overview
    Aims :
    Provide an online website and mobile application that offers a route planner that will identify accessible routes and places for people in wheelchairs or with buggies
    Objectives :
    •Provide wheelchair friendly routes and directions that includes but is not limited to wheelchair ramps, elevators, tube station elevators and large parking spaces
    • Initial routes will cover Central London only for the first 6 months as a pilot to allow technology and processes to mature before expansion
    • Gain 10,000 route searches on the website within 12 months of launch to ensure advertisers on the website are receiving adequate user traffic
    • 2,000 user accounts to be created within 6 months of launch to facilitate online forum participation
    • £15,000 generated from advertising on the website within 6 months of launch to cover project costs and provide revenue for future website and mobile expansion
    • Expand routes to include greater London (within M25) within 12 months based on proven success from the pilot routes covering Central London
  • 3. Wheelie Good! Benefits
    User Benefits
    • Increase confidence for wheelchair users to travel and increase safety for their journeys
    • Decrease journey time for users through improved journey planning
    • Ensure user satisfaction through use of routes and participation in the online community through Wheelie Good!
    • Can be used during the Olympics and Paralympics of 2012 from both athletes and visitors
    Project Benefits
    • Revenue generation from advertising of wheelchair friendly restaurants or hotels
    • Opportunity to develop website in preparation for the London Paralympics
  • 4. Wheelie Good! Assumptions
    • Launch of website and mobile solution will be a pilot for 6 months to establish technology, processes and business model
    • Resources that will form the project team will be a combination of paid resources and resources that are seeking project work experience as part of their University course and are willing to work on an unpaid basis
    Government Database
    • Data required for buildings to comply with the Disabilities Act is available from a Government database that the Wheelie Good! website will be able to integrate with
    • Additional funding will be sought to expand available routes once the pilot is proven with a target of funding from the Government and London Olympics
  • 5. Wheelie Good! User Requirements & scope
    • Online website with a registered domain that is compatible with major browsers and utilizes Web 2.0 technologies
    • Provides necessary security in conformance with Data Protection Standards for storing user account information
    • Provides the capability for user interactions through forums and feedback on routes
    • The mobile application will be able to operate on major platforms but with limited initial functionality
    Domain and Hosting
    • Infrastructure and hosting must be adequate to accommodate the expected user load of 10,000 route searches within 12 months of operations
    • Integration for the website and mobile application will be enabled to Google Maps and the Government database utilizing existing API’s and developed API’s
    • User support will be available through e-mail or telephone support
  • 6. Wheelie Good! Project Plans & Stages
    • The Wheelie Good! Project plan is based on the Prince2 stages
    •The timelines for the project are within the remit to be operational from 6 months after the planning stage is completed
    •To support delivery of the website and mobile application a team of 10 resources including the Project Manager will be required
    Stage Duration(Days) Start End
    Starting Up A Project 7.25 05/04/10 28/04/10
    Planning 5.75 26/04/10 03/05/10
    Initiating a Project 3.5 03/05/10 07/05/10
    Controlling a Stage 31 days 07/05/10 21/06/10
    Managing Product Delivery 83.75 16/06/10 12/10/10
    Managing Stage Boundaries 48 16/09/10 23/11/10
    Close A Project 5 23/11/10 30/11/10
  • 7. Wheelie Good! Project Structures
    Team Structure
    • The Wheelie Good! project structure adopts elements of the Prince2 structure such as utilizing a Project Board for the Project Manager to interact with approvals and advice
    • The technical team structure will be managed by the Project Manager and will be responsible for activities they have been assigned in the Project Plan
  • 8. Wheelie Good! User Interaction
    4. When the user has selected ‘Get Directions’ the website API to Google Maps will return the route map information
    5. This information will be combined with data from the Government database that is integrated to the Wheelie Good! Database
    6. The combination of Google Maps and Government data along with verified routes will be displayed to the user
    1. Users will enter the URL http://www.wheeliegood.cominto their browser
    2. The website will allow them to enter a start and end location
    3. The process will be similar to using Google Maps except it will be specific to criteria that is suitable for Wheelchair users
  • 9. Wheelie Good! Future Roadmap
    •Increase scalability of the website to cater for anticipated growth and ensure that Web 2.0 technologies are leveraged to improve functionality
    •Have a proven model that advertisers can realize a return on based on generated traffic from click-through on the Wheelie Good! website and mobile application
    Routes Expansion
    •Increase the user base and traffic to the website by increasing the routes available in major cities within the UK
    London Paralympics
    •Aim to be associated with the London Paralympics by being the official website for disabled athletes and teams to navigate and plan routes in London