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A as organization profile

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT AAs Organization profile Year 2010-11Address – I /43, LIG colony , Indoreaasindia@hotmail.comwww.aasindia.netAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  2. 2. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs Contents  Background of the organization  Vision and Mission  Aims and Objectives  Organization structure  Organization Management and Governance  Functional Area  Organization Network  Major Activities  Achievements  Snapshots  AAs in newsAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  3. 3. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsBACKGROUND2003: a group of seven development professionals came together to giveshape to their dreams of making this world a better place. That was how“AAS”- which in Hindi means “Hope for positive change”- was established.At the outset the organization understood that its domain needs to be aswide as the issues faced by the millions of underprivileged in the nation.The Indian State, even though it is a democratic one, has failed to rescuethe majority of its citizens from the clutches of prejudice, superstition,and caste-biases. As Mahatma Gandhi noted- “Poverty is the worst form ofviolence” and it will take the nation decades if not centuries to come nearthe kind of Ram-rajya Gandhi had envisioned.It is the endeavour of AAS to serve this unequal society and make it morebearable. As the name suggests- it fights against misinformation andnarrow-mindedness, discrimination and bigotry. It has taken up the causeof female infanticide by organizing skits and nukkads in streets of Indore-particularly its slums. It also attacked middle class complacency throughits mime shows highlighting the importance of our vote during the 15thIndian General Election. In addition AAS has also been involved in water& sanitation projects, HIV awareness campaigns as well as BloodDonation initiatives. While most of this NGO’s activities have taken placewithin the district of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, it aspires to reach anational footprint in the years to come.On 5th May 2005 the organization was registered under Madhya PradeshSocieties Act 1973. Its Registration No is 03/27/3/0431/05..AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  4. 4. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsVision and MissionThe organization has well stated / documented mission as “Developmentand governance must provide the preconditions in a society that arerequired to support people’s primary needs and their efforts atempowerment. In our country the poorest still need to attain basic needsin health, education and choices in livelihoods. People, especially the mostvulnerable sections, need to become empowered to push for principles ofequity and social justice and to establish in practice the values ofparticipative democracy”.The word AAS (Hindi) means that Hope for Positive change. And thisbelieves the organization is working towards child development, womenempowerment, livelihood promotion, Water and Sanitation, Awarenesson different health issues, and empowerment of poor, women and youthof urban and rural, backward areas.AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  5. 5. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsThe broad objectives specified in AAs documents:  To associate with different government schemes for the betterment of schedule caste and tribes, Women and Child and other deprived sections.  To conduct awareness programmes in rural and urban areas to ensure improved mental and physical health.  To established linkages with health department for imparting health services to the vulnerable.  To develop and demonstrate sustainable systems for the environment and sanitation, waste recycling etc.  To work for the communal harmony in the society  To work for the rehabilitation of different marginalized groups such as physically or mentally disadvantaged, female sex workers etc.  To build sustainable livelihood resources, infrastructure and enhance accessibility of the resources for resource poor community.  To conduct training programmes on new advanced and affordable technologies to the rural farmers for increasing the production.  Studying and evolving systems and strategies for strengthening processes of participative development and democratic governance.  Promote community groups and local people as resource persons to sustain and carry forward changes in other areas.  To develop Self help groups in urban and rural areas for ensuring saving habits and discover different livelihood options for economic development.  Carry out studies and research in relevant fields to understand and evolve effective strategies for better governance and developmentAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  6. 6. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsOrganization StructureOrganization Structure:-An “Aims for the awareness of Society” is registered under MadhyaPradesh Society Registration act-1973. Their registration number is –03/27/3/0431/05 under this registration they can perform socialdevelopment of rural poor and women. Governing Body President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MembersAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  7. 7. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsOrganization Managementand GovernanceManagement and Governance:The Registered Head office of the organization is located in Indore that isa district place of Indore. The organization is managed by a board ofmembers consisting of seven persons, headed by the President.The decision-making authority lies with the President of the Organization.President and Organization member are the joint signatories and have allthe discretionary powers for all the strategic and policy matters of theProject and the Organization.AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  8. 8. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs INFORMATION ABOUT MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCESl. Name Place of Residence Qualification Experience in years DesignationNo. In Rural In Urban Develop Developm ment ent1 Vikram Sharma Ward no.5 Main road Master of Social 6 year 5 year President Timarni. Dist – Harda Work2 Waseem Iqbal 383 B Block, Silicon Master of Social 1 year 6 year Secretary city, Indore (Madhya Work Master of Pradesh)3 Rituraj Batham I/43, LIG Colony Master of Social 1 year 3 year V-president ,Indore (Madhya Work Pradesh) M. Phil (Sociology)4 Ms. Fatema Iqbal 383 B Block, Silicon Master of Arts 2 Years Treasurer city, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)5 Ms. Chanchal I/43, LIG Colony Master of Arts 2 years Join Batham ,Indore (Madhya Secretary Pradesh)6 Shri Gopal Jagtap Ward No-6 Thakur Master of Social 2 year 2 year Member baba Maholla timarni. Work. Dist- Harda M.Phil (Sociology) P.hd (running)7 Anshul Chaturvedi Silver oaks Master of Social 1 year 3 year Member colony,near by Work anpurna mandir M. Phil Indore. (Sociology) AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  9. 9. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsFunctional AreaPresently organization is working in different urban and rural areas ofIndore, for child development, social research, water and sanitation,blood donation and vocational training etc.Organization Network“AAS” is always ready to associate with different NGOs to expand itsnetwork for the round development of the vulnerable and to establishmulti disciplinary team approaches to address critical social problems.Presently organization is associated with following organizations.  Social work colleges  PAHAL : Initiative for Social Change  Prawah  Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangh “BGMS”  Emax Global Pvt. Ltd  Concept Society  Sambhav GwaliorAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  10. 10. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs Major Activities 1. Children centreAAs has five slum levelcenters in Indore, withthe aim of providingrecreation, value-basededucation andvocational training tothe children comingfrom economically andsocially weakersections.Each slum has been divided into 2 children groups comprising of 10children. The main objective behind the formation of these groups is toimpart education on hygiene and development of little doctors who canspread the hygiene related issues amongst other children. The centre givesspecial emphasis on thepromotion of education of"girl child". The centre andits teachers strive hard tomake the studentsresponsible and resilientcitizens, because, we at AAsthink that “Every child is a bud, which is waiting to be nourished, to bloominto a flower”.AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  11. 11. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsThe children are exposed to interactive classes with personalities fromdifferent walks of life. They are also initiated to take part in variousactivities such as quiz, declamation, singing, dancing, sports and physicaleducation etc. that would help in empowering the children withknowledge and information. The students are also taken for periodicexcursion trips, for example, the recent trip to Dalhousie, HimachalPradesh, to stimulate and widen their perceptions of the realities of lifeand the environment we live in. Our role as a guide is to observe andnurture them to the best of our ability.The total strength of all the five centers is mentioned as under:S. no. Area No. of children1 Ekta Nagar 462 Jeet Nagar 983 Bajrang Nagar 584 Suryadev Nagar 355 Rahul Gandhi Nagar 1802. Awareness about CHILDLINE22 July 2010 - In association with Indore CHILDLINE, AAs has organizedan awareness activity for school children of two slum communities ofIndore, namely, Khajrana and Bajrangnagar and made them aware aboutCHILDLINE. This activity was organized in the zoo run by the IndoreMunicipal Corporation. The children were given free entry to the zoo. AAs,firstly, gathered the school children and some teachers of thesecommunities and brought them to Zoo. Then during this visit the childrenAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  12. 12. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAswere given awareness about CHILDLINE; its importance for children andmajor functions.The facilitator from Indore CHILDLINE, with the help of posters made thechildren aware about the CHILDLINE helpline number i.e. 1098 and askedthem to call the same in case of any problem. 3. Observing important days3.1 World Toilet DayWorld Toilet Day (WTD) 2010: November 19th is observed as WorldToilet Day. This day is celebrated to provide the importance of sanitationand raising awareness to the people, not having adequate access to toiletsand proper sanitation. On this day, AAs organized different hygienerelated activities for the school children. Below mentioned are some ofthe major activities:Drawing competitionDrawing competition was organized at Government school, Pipliya Pala,Indore, in which children from different slums participated. Variouspaintings on safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygienepractices were made by the children. The main objective behind thisactivity was to develop creativity and thinking capacity of children forsanitation and hygiene. Children were provided with drawing sheets andcolors pens and were given topics on environment, cleanliness, airpollution, school and education etc.Awareness RallyAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  13. 13. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsAas has organized awareness rallies on health and hygiene for slumchildren. Some 130 children participated in this rally. Slogans were maderelated to water and sanitation. AAs volunteers informed the participantsof the rally about the significance of inculcating the good habits ofpersonal hygiene. The message was conveyed through eye-catchingposters and banners.Prize distributionAt the end, prize distribution ceremony was organized in which childrenwere awarded for making best drawings on sanitation.3.2 World Water dayWorld Water Day 2010: A day celebrated to impart the importance ofwater, sanitation and raising awareness to the people, not havingadequate access to water and proper sanitation. On this day, AAsorganized sensitization programme for water conservation, roof toprecharging and safe water handling. Rallies were organized to make the people aware on safe handlingof water, water conservation. There were about 400 children who tookpart in this rally. Slogans related to water and sanitation were made. AAsvolunteers informed the participants of the rally about the significance ofinculcating the good habits of personal hygiene. The message wasconveyed through striking posters and banners.3.3 World Day against child labourWorld Day against child labour: 12th of July, on the occasion of World Dayagainst Child Labour, in association with Indore CHILDLINE, AAsAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  14. 14. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsparticipated in the Mass awareness programme at Rajwada Square, SouthTukoganj and Regal square.Highlights of the event:  Pamphlets consisting information on child welfare were distributed to the general public  AAs volunteers, students and other members collectively performed a rally and provided awareness to prohibit child labour to the shopkeepers.In this programme, three major commercial areas of the city werecovered, which included the shopkeepers, AAs volunteers divided invarious groups, visited shops and malls, pasted stickers of CHILDLINE atvarious places, distributed pamphlets etc. AAs also got the promise lettersby the shopkeepers to stop child labour and asked them to prohibit childlabour. 4. Activities through convergence4.1 Bal Kalalaar Event-Balakalakaar was the sponsored progrmme of AIESEC Indore, in whichAAs participated with it’s around 2000 children from Indore. Thisprogramme was especially designed for the recreation and creativitydevelopment for the underprivileged children. Around 4000 under-privileged kids from across the city participated in the event. Thehighlights of the event were, drawing competition, dance, and magicshow.AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  15. 15. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs4.2 Movie showIn collaboration with HSBC Bank, Aas had organized a recreationprogramme for underprivileged children of Indore slums. Children weretaken to Treasure Island mall for watching a cartoon movie. About 100children participated in this event and also enjoyed the movie anddifferent gifts sponsored by the Bank.5 Vocational Training ProgrammeAAs is continuously organized variety of skill development programmefor the adolescents and children. Presently organization is conductingdifferent training programmes on jwellory making for adolescent girls.The products made by these adolescents are planned to showcase in theopen market through online promotion,AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  16. 16. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs 5. Research assignments In this year organization has also completed different research assignments assigned by TARU organization and ISET. The major research assignment was study on para transport system, study on informal water market of indore, wet market survey etc. “Year 2010-2011”Child centric activitiesS.no Project Area Project type Project Project Supported by Name duration Cost1 Mega Event Indore Infotainment One Week Rs.20000 Indore school of “Social social works welfare complex”2 Skill Indore Training and One Month Rs.15000 Indore school of development capacity social works programme building “Vishesh Balika Grah”3 Bal Kalakar Indore Infotainment One Day Own AIESEC resource4 World Day Indore Advocacy One Day Own Indore Child against Child campaign, in resource line, Police Labour association department with child line, Police department5 Rescue Indore Rescue One week Own Indore Child operation operation in resource line, Police “Baby association department Babita” with child lineSocial research and data collectionS.no Project Area Project type Project Project Funding Name duration Cost Agency1 Socio- Sanvid Research 1 Month 0.50 Indore economic Nagar assignment Municipal survey Slum, Corporation Indore2 ACCCRN Slums in Research 2 months 1.17 TARU Programme Indore assignment city3 NOAA – Slums in Research 1 months 1.50 NOAA Survey on Indore assignment water City conditionAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  17. 17. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs4 ACCCRN Slums in Research 2 Months 1.50 TARU Survey Indore assignment City5 Indore Indore Research 3 Months 3.9 TARU traffic city assignment volume count6 Study on Indore Research 3 Months 0.80 I-S-E-T Informal city assignment water market of IndoreAdvocacy Initiatives “ Water and sanitation’7 Share Indore Knowledge 15 days .25 NOAA learning sharing deluges workshop for water8 World water Indore Awareness One day .25 Own resources Day campaign9 World Toilet Indore Awareness One day .25 Own resources day campaign10 Advocacy Indore water, Regular .50 Own resource initiatives sanitation, Health alcoholism, illiteracy, superstition and child laborHealth related interventions8 Blood Indore Voluntary Regular Own Own resource donation blood initiative resource donation TB Indore Awareness Regular Own Health Awareness progarmme initiative resource department programme Indore HIV/AIDS Indore World AIDS One day Own Health awareness Day resource department programme celebration IndoreTraining and capacity building9 Training and Indore Training on capacity city LFA, PRA, Regular .50 Indore building HIV/AIDS, Life Mahavidyalaya, skills, water Indore school of and sanitation social work,11 Vocational Indore Training and .10 Indore school of training capacity 1 Month social work buildingAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  18. 18. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsAchievements- year 2010-11 AAs since its inception in 2003 had executed major projects to build a sustainable society. Some of the achievements are outlined below:  In association with child line Indore, AAs participated in the rescue case of baby Babita who was illegally brought from Bihar and kept at home as a maid. The child was a minor and wants to go back home, but owner was keeping her locked in a room, force her to work and do not provide her proper food. The girl was continuously screaming and requesting to leave her and send back home, but no one bothers. AAs had actively participated in the rescue operation and complain registered against the owner. Today Babita is with her parents in Bihar.  AAs have explored online market for the jewelry making by adolescent in Indore. Presently adolescents are producing jewelry products and getting online sales through the organization support.  This year organization has organized addressed around 3000 children through various child centric programmes at different places i.e. social welfare complex, especial juvenile home, Indore regional park, Indore Zoo and at slum level.  As part of its training and capacity building program, AAs has created awareness through lectures and presentations in schools and colleges. One such instance was the delivering of a lecture in “Indore Mahavidyalaya College” which had the purpose of making the students realize the importance of gender equity.  In this year, AAs has been able to carry out more than 50 blood donations. Such activities align with AAs’s objective to create a sustainable system for safe and efficient blood supply to the vulnerable section.  AAs organized range of awareness programmes in the different social occasions i.e. world water day, world toilet day about water conservation in the urban areas of Indore city. The awareness was created through various skit, awareness rallies etc. This project was executed by members of AAs and college students who acted as volunteers.  AAs” was also played an important role in the data collection work on water, sanitation and hygiene with the support of TARU Pvt. Ltd Gujrat.AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  19. 19. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAs SnapshotsChildren’s Day celebration -14-09-2010AAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  20. 20. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsBal Kalakar EventAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  21. 21. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsWorld Water Day year”2010”TB Awareness ProgrammeAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  22. 22. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  23. 23. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsShare Learning dialoguesAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  24. 24. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsWorld Toilet DayAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  25. 25. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsCultural programmeAAs- Aim for the awareness of society
  26. 26. ORGANISATION PROFILE AAsSkill Development programmeAAs- Aim for the awareness of society