Employee appraisal comments sample


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Employee appraisal comments sample

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Employee appraisal comments sample

  1. 1. Employee appraisal comments sampleEmployee evaluation is indeed one aspect that businesses cannot do without. This isbecause conducting such an evaluation is very helpful for any business in the long run.You have to remember that the workforce of a certain company comprise the frontlinersin the battlefield. These employees are the ones who deal with each and every aspect inthe business. From the production side of the trade, all the way to the delivery side, therewould definitely be a lot of employees handling the affairs of your business. Thus, itwould be important to keep track of employee performance so that you can conductemployee evaluation regularly and accordingly.One great advantage that you can enjoy when you conduct employee evaluation is thefact that you are actually motivating your employees to perform better. When a personknows that his performance or progress is being monitored, he will surely perform better.Who would want for ones self to be portrayed in a negative light, right? Whats more,performance appraisal is actually a useful tool when it comes to giving salary raises andpromotion. Thus, when your employees know that such a system exists in your company,then this would certainly give them that push towards better performance andproductivity improvement. The concept of being adequately rewarded is all too temptingfor any employee to pass out.However, you have to take extra care in choosing qualified persons for the position ofconducting employee evaluations. This person has to be qualified in all possible aspects,meaning that person has to be knowledgeable about each and every position that hewould have to evaluate. Remember that respect is not something that is freely given, forit is something earned. And that reviewer has to be someone the employees themselveswould see fit to respect. Thus, take extra measure when choosing who exactly would beyour reviewer in conducting employee evaluations.You should also see to it that the employee evaluations being conducted are indeed valid.For these to be valid, they should actually be conducted after a complete and thoroughanalysis of the job and the tasks it entails is done. Whats more, there should be astandardized format when conducting the employee evaluation. This may be a bit hardbecause you are evaluating people here. And people can be as relative as anything can go.Still, it greatly helps to stick to a standardized format, so that there would be no biases orstray praises and criticisms that would be flaying just about anywhere.Employees should also be given the avenue to present their counters, especially when abad review has been given. It is a must to give the employee the benefit of the doubt here.You have to remember that there can be a lot of reasons as to why the employee is arecipient of a bad review here. Perhaps the employee is dealing with personal issues thathave taken their toll on him. You still have to consider that when conducting employee
  2. 2. evaluation. This way, you are sure to have all bases covered. More importantly, theappropriate solutions can be devised as soon as any problems occur.http://performanceappraisalebooks.info/ : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.