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E-Commerce Seminar (Intermediate to Advance)

E-Commerce Seminar (Intermediate to Advance)



Presentation that I conducted in SZABIST Seminar

Presentation that I conducted in SZABIST Seminar



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  • Although eCommerce is seeing exponential growth, users are becoming careful when making purchases online. With so many helpful guides available, people can determine very quickly, often within a split second, whether a website is authentic or not. So, what can you do to provide customers with piece of mind? <br />
  • In the age of social media, it’s quite important that reviews are validated; so, it’s a good idea to link it to the reviewers Twitter or Facebook profiles. A tweet or post from a Twitter or Facebook fan will lend credibility to your brand, more than an anonymous post ever could. <br /> For example, marketing software company Marketo features reviews of its products from numerous social media channels. Even if you don’t trust one of the channels, there’s enough here to convince you that Marketo has done good work. <br /> Accounting software Xero takes the concept of customer reviews a step further by providing beautiful photos of its customers together with a quote about why they used Xero. They testimonial page itself includes videos, quotes, client names, industry, and a full case study. <br />
  •  If a potential visitor sees a review of your product from a celebrity, they will immediately associate your product with a trusted face. <br /> Skin care brand Proactiv has a page dedicated to celebrity endorsements. Although you may feel as though the testimonials on this page are paid for (and they probably were), these are still famous people who are willing to entrust an important asset (their skin) to Proactiv. <br />
  • Being recognized by your customers is great for validation, but it’s also useful to highlight any media coverage you get. Simply putting logos of the websites that have featured you is an effective way of telling visitors that your product has been reviewed by professionals. <br /> Tictail does a great job of this by providing small images to all the blogs and newspapers it has been featured in, as well as picking out choice quotes. <br />
  • The number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers you have should not be the only barometer of your brand’s success, but it offers visitors an unbiased, quantitative metric as to the authenticity of your site. If you only have a few hundred followers it could be that your brand is new or not enough people care about it. In contrast, if you have thousands of followers it’s clear that a lot of people find your products useful. <br />
  • Displaying the team members in a prominent manner also demonstrates that the company is being transparent. In contrast, scammers will usually obscure their identity, hiding behind layers of anonymity. <br /> Web design and Drupal experts Chromatic have a beautifully designed “about us” page, featuring photos of the team, a short bio, and links to social media profiles. It’s hard to imagine this website being run by a group of scammers. <br />
  • Buys <br />

E-Commerce Seminar (Intermediate to Advance) E-Commerce Seminar (Intermediate to Advance) Presentation Transcript

  • 1 Asif Hussain asifhussain.com E-COMMERCE
  • www.asifhussain.com2 All logos and trademarks are properties of their respective owners
  • www.asifhussain.com3 Agenda Why Consumer Prefer Shopping Online What People Buy Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Government to Business to Consumer (Example) E-Commerce Platforms Market Building Trust Online Stock Trading (Example) Tips for visitor engagement and conversion Facts to Consider - Survey Rise of Social Media e-Commerce
  • 4
  • 5
  • www.asifhussain.com E-Commerce Trivia  Pizza Hut was one of the first major brands to experiment with online commerce, starting in 1994. 6
  • 7
  • www.asifhussain.com8
  • 9
  • www.asifhussain.com10
  • www.asifhussain.com11
  • www.asifhussain.com12
  • www.asifhussain.com13
  • www.asifhussain.com14
  • www.asifhussain.com15
  • www.asifhussain.com16
  • www.asifhussain.com17
  • www.asifhussain.com18
  • www.asifhussain.com19
  • www.asifhussain.com E-Commerce Trivia 44% of smartphone users admitted to “show- rooming” – They browsed products in brick-and- mortar stores, picked what they liked, then purchased online. And many did the opposite too…. 20
  • 21
  • www.asifhussain.com G2B2C Online Vehicle Registration 22
  • www.asifhussain.com Online Vehicle Registration System 23
  • www.asifhussain.com24
  • www.asifhussain.com Online Vehicle Registration System 25
  • www.asifhussain.com26
  • www.asifhussain.com Online Vehicle Registration System 27
  • www.asifhussain.com E-commerce Platform Market 28
  • 29
  • www.asifhussain.com BUILDING TRUST: Ways to Create a Credible eCommerce Website
  • www.asifhussain.com Real Reviews from Real People 71% of customers agree that reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product.
  • www.asifhussain.com Celebrity Endorsements  If a potential visitor sees a review of your product from a celebrity, they will immediately associate your product with a trusted face.
  • www.asifhussain.com Press Mentions Being recognized by your customers is great for validation, but it’s also useful to highlight any media coverage you get.
  • www.asifhussain.com Social Engagement Since the prevalence of social media, nothing is more powerful for a brand than an army of vocal followers.
  • www.asifhussain.com Putting a Face to your Brand Highlighting the different people in your team is important in building trust. If your employees are using social media and have their own personal web presence it will add legitimacy to your website. It’s also going to make it highly unlikely that such a user is a scam artist.
  • www.asifhussain.com E-Commerce Trivia  India is home to the fastest growing ecommerce market, and France is experiencing the slowest growth. 36
  • www.asifhussain.com ONLINE STOCK TRADING eTrading in Capital Markets [B2B2(B2)C] 37
  • www.asifhussain.com Stock Exchange A stock exchange, share market is a corporation or mutual organization which provides facilities for stock brokers and traders, to trade company stocks and other securities. wikipedia.org
  • www.asifhussain.com Online Stock Trading 39
  • www.asifhussain.com KSE Online Trading Information Flow
  • www.asifhussain.com Online Trading Platform Online Stock Trading
  • www.asifhussain.com Margin Financing Amount of cash or eligible securities required to be deposited with a financer before engaging in margin transactions. A margin transaction is one in which the financer extends credit to the customer in a margin account. answers.com
  • Murabaha Financing 1-Jun Bank Buy 100 OGDC 135.13 3-Jun Buys Shares, for Customer Purchases Shares on new rate 3-Jun Bank Sell 100 OGDC 136.21 3-Jun 3-Jun Customer Buy 100 OGDC 136.21 3-Jun • Contract between Bank and Customer to decide profit rate on resale and payback period • Bank sales the shares to the customer on settlement at profit • Customer purchases shares as bank’s agent, bank pays for them
  • www.asifhussain.com Murabaha Financing       Qty   Rate Settlement 1-Jun Bank Buy 100 OGDC 135.13 3-Jun 3-Jun Bank Sell 100 OGDC 136.21 3-Jun 3-Jun Customer Buy 100 OGDC 136.21 3-Jun The 2nd transactions is done on a rate slightly higher than the actual buying rate from the market. This new rate is determined by an already existing contract between the bank and the customer. This Murabaha Contract has a fixed percentage of profit for the bank and the customer has to pay the amount within a fixed period. Customer can sell shares with profit/loss, and payback the bank. The profit is not dependent over the time for which the shares are financed.
  • www.asifhussain.com Online Stock Trading 45
  • www.asifhussain.com TIPS for visitor engagement and conversion 46
  • www.asifhussain.com Search Box This is how the search box looks when the page has not been scrolled down
  • www.asifhussain.com Easy & Always Available Navigation Have a clear and always visible navigation
  • www.asifhussain.com Promote Impulsive Buying Alternative/related Items Items that complement
  • www.asifhussain.com Know what you can sale later
  • www.asifhussain.com Available to help Be reachable
  • www.asifhussain.com Highlight Promotions
  • www.asifhussain.com Survey 53
  • www.asifhussain.com54
  • www.asifhussain.com55
  • www.asifhussain.com56
  • www.asifhussain.com57
  • www.asifhussain.com58
  • www.asifhussain.com59
  • www.asifhussain.com60
  • www.asifhussain.com61
  • www.asifhussain.com62
  • www.asifhussain.com63
  • www.asifhussain.com64
  • www.asifhussain.com65 The End