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Reasons why you shouldn't use i phone chargers to charge ipad
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Reasons why you shouldn't use i phone chargers to charge ipad

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  • 1. Reasons Why You Shouldnt Use iPhone Chargers to Charge iPadhttp://www.ipadtomactransfer.org/articles/reasons-why-cant-use-iphone-chargers-to-charge-ipad.html
  • 2. • I newly got an iPad, and am extremely excited. After playing iPad for nearly a day and a half, the iPad finally has no electricity at the first time. I took a look at the iPad charger, which looks alike with the iPhone charger. So, for convenience, and I direct use the iPhone charger to charge the iPad.• From the results, I found that charging is special slow, within four hours, iPad is charged to 60%. According to my careful research, it comes to the following results for reference:• Phenomenon:• iPad chargers are made ​out in the same mold estimates with iPhone charger(the same appearance). But the iPhone charger is 5W, and the iPad charger is 10W. While both charging current are 5V, iPhone charging current is 1A, and the iPad is 2.1A.
  • 3. • Conclusion:• 1. Youd better make chargers professional for one device.• 2. Dont try to use iPad chargers for charging iPhone. Otherwise, the consequences ...• 3. Youd better not use iPhone chargers to charge iPad, otherwise it will damage the iPhone charger.• Summary:• Although the two brothers look similar, but it must be fully dedicated professionals. To distinguish, youd better make a clear sign on one of them, so as to avoid tragedy of Scofield jailing, Lincon to Prison break! ! !• Related Links: Backup Apps from iPad to iPad 2, Transfer iPhone to iPad