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How to record screen activity with sound
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How to record screen activity with sound


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How to Record Screen Activity

How to Record Screen Activity

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How to Record Screen Activity with Sound? Would you like to record screen activity and sound at the same time? Of course you want. Maybe you have tried to do that for a long time and searched some methods to record computer screen, but there is not a suitable way to help you realize the result of recording screen activity with sound. How frustrated it is! To help you easily capture computer screen with audio easily, here we will recommend the best Screen Recorder to you. This is a powerful yet simple screen recorder program which allows you to capture desktop activities and create video tutorials, demonstrations and presentations without any programming skills. For testing it easy-to-use or not, here we provide the free trial version to you. You can click the button below to download it for free and follow the guide to learn how to use it to record screen with sound.
  • 2. Tutorial: How to Record Screen with Sound? Run ProgramStart the Computer Screen Recorder and click NewRecord, or click on Record button on the toolbar.
  • 3.  Set Recording AreaSelect the recording area by clicking and dragging the greenrectangle, and choose the Recording mode as you need. There arethree recording modes. Full Motion can record all the changes onthe screen. Screen Shot can capture the on-screen activity basedon mouse clicks and keystrokes. In Manual recording mode, youcan take screenshots by pressing F7 while recording.
  • 4.  Select Audio to RecordClick the Audio drop down arrow to select the audio resources youare going to record from. Select Microphone as the audio recordingdevice if you want to record what you say; if you want to record whatyou hear from the computer or speaker, you may select PC speakeras the recording source; if you want to record screen audio fromsome other resource, connect the audio device with the Rear Inputport and set the audio recording option as Rear Input.
  • 5.  Note: By clicking on the Microphone icon, you can go to test the audio recording device to check out that it works or not. To test the audio, click on the Audio icon to open the setting menu.
  • 6.  Start Recording If there is no problem with the recording device, click Record button and start your recording. Thats it. Now you have known how to record screen with sound with this great Screen Recorder. Whats more, if you are not satisfied or you need to make some changes with the audio you have recorded along with your screencast, you can rerecord the audio while previewing the recorded screencast in the built-in audio editor. Is that great? Why not free download the Computer Screen Recorder and experience it on your own? Guess You Will Like: Maybe you are looking for Free Screen Recorder.