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E-marketing case study - The Google Story

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The google story

  1. 1. storyDr. Ghaith Al-AbdallahBy: Aasem Al-sayyed Soliman
  2. 2. introduction• Google Inc. is an American multinationalcorporation specializing in Internet-relatedservices and products.• These include search, cloudcomputing, software and onlineadvertising technologies.• Most of its profits derive from AdWords.• Google entered the market in 1998• Co-founders sergey brin and larry page
  3. 3. Larry Page & Sergey Brin
  4. 4. Mission statementTo organize the worlds information and makeit universally accessible and useful
  5. 5. Facts• Google is so popular that it has changed theEnglish language• The verb “to google” has been added by twodictionaries!• The fastest growing and fourth highest valueglobal brand of the year in 2010!
  6. 6. Market shareGoogleSites,Yahoo!Sites,MicrosoftSites,AskNetwork,AOL, Inc.,October 2012 According to
  7. 7. Revenue modelSource:
  8. 8. Paid search: Ad Sense
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization“SEO is the active practice of optimizing a website by improving internal and external aspectsin order to increase the traffic the site receivesfrom search engines.” ( earned over time based on wordsand actions.
  10. 10. Methods for S.E.O.• Getting indexed-A Web crawler is an Internet bot that systematically browsesthe World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing.• Increasing prominence-Cross linking between pages of the same website to providemore links to most important pages may improve its visibility.-Writing content that includes frequently searched keywordphrase-Updating content so as to keep search engines crawling backfrequently can give additional weight to a site.-Adding relevant keywords to a web pages meta data, includingthe title tag and meta description- The term metadata refers to "data about data".- By describing the contents and context of data files, the qualityof the original data/files is greatly increased.
  11. 11. Revenues and profits• Google’s 2010 revenues were 29.3 billion.• It earned an admirable 10.4 billion in profit.
  12. 12. Company growthThe firm continues to grow in sales, newmarkets, number of employees, and newproducts offered
  13. 13. • First:Sergey brin and larry page figured how topack eight times as much server power in thesame amount of space as competitor bybuilding their own system from commodityhardware parts.How did Google do it?
  14. 14. How did Google do it? Cont.• Second:they invented an innovative new searchstrategy: ranking search query page resultsbased not only on keywords but also onpopularity- as measured, in part, by thenumber of sites that links to each web page-these criteria meant that users’ search resultswere packed with relevant web sites
  15. 15. How did Google do it? Cont.• Finally:the founders maintained a customerfocus, user simple graphics, allowed noadvertising on homepage, allowed only textads (without graphics) so search result pagesdownload faster and are easier to read
  16. 16. Google’s E-business model• Google primarily uses a media e-businessmodel, connecting users with information and sellingeyeballs to advertisers.• It generates revenues from several B2B markets Itsells enterprise services.• It licenses search services to companies, powering amajority of all searches worldwide• It also sells advertising to web advertisers, sharing riskwith the advertisers by using a pay-per-click model(advertisers only pay when users click on an ad)
  17. 17. Google’s E-business model.Cont.• Google’s advertising revenues continue to rise at itsown site and on customer sites including Google adsbecause it delivers narrowly targeted relevant ads basedon keyword searches.• In a firm where many employees hold a PhD, theinnovation continues.• This fact plus a monomaniacal customer focus is whythe firm is always right on target with new services• The profitability is likely to continue as well, becauseGoogle pays close attention to user value, keeps costslow and delivers eyeballs to advertisers
  18. 18. Google’s products
  19. 19. Google’s products• Google’s product mix includes 24 searchproducts (Web, blog, Earth, Maps, alerts, andmore)• 3 advertising products(AdSense, AdWords, and Analytics)• 20 applications (e.g., GoogleDocs, Picasa, YouTube, Blogger, and mobileproducts) and,• many enterprise products to maximize revenuefrom Web content, increase marketingROI, reach new customers, enhance a Website, and increase productivity.
  20. 20. Google’s products. cont.• All products adhere to Google’s philosophies ofsimplicity, customer focus, speed ofservice, and product excellence.
  21. 21. Communication andpublishing toolsAdvertising servicesWeb-based products•Google Apps•Blogger – weblog•Google Bookmarks•Google Business Solutions•Google Calendar•Google Docs•Google Drive•Google Friend Connect•Gmail•Google+•iGoogle•Orkut – Social networkingservice•Panoramio•Picasa Web Albums•Speak To Tweet•Google Voice•YouTube•AdMob – Mobileadvertising network.•Google AdSense•Google AdWords•Adwords Express•Google CertificationProgram – GoogleAdWords•DoubleClick•DoubleClick for Publishersby Google•Google Grants•Google Website Optimizer•Meebo•Google search•Accessible Search•Google Alerts•Blog search – weblog•Google Books•Google Custom Search•Experimental Search•Google Finance•Google Groups•Google Hotel Finder•Google Image Search•Language Tools•Google News•Google Patent Search•Google Schemer•Google Scholar•Google Shopping•Google Video•Google Trader
  22. 22. Statistical toolsMap-related productsDevelopment resources•Google Analytics•Google Correlate•Google Fusion Tables•Google Insights for Search•Google Public DataExplorer•Google Refine•Trendalyzer•Google Trends•Zeitgeist•Google Building Maker•Google Map Maker•Google Maps•Google Maps Coordinate•Google Mars•Google Moon•Google Sky•Google Transit•Zygote Body•AngularJS•Google App Engine•Google Closure Tools•Google Code•Dart•Google Go•OpenSocial•Page Speed•Google Swiffy•Google Web Toolkit•Webmaster Tools•Google Developers•Translator Toolkit
  23. 23. Mobile applicationsDesktop applicationsOperating systems•Blogger Mobile•Google Calendar•Drive•Gmail•iGoogle•Google Latitude•Maps Navigation•Mobilizer•Google News•Google Offers•Orkut•Google+•Picasa Web Albums•Google Product Search•Google Reader•Google Search for Android•Google Wallet•Google Currents•AdWords Editor•Google Chrome•Google Earth•Gmail Notifier•Picasa•Picasa Web AlbumsUploader•Quick Search Box•Wireless access•Google Toolbar•Visigami•Android•Google Chrome OS•Google TV
  24. 24. ServicesHardware•Google Crisis Response•Google Fiber•Google Public DNS•Google Ideas•Google Person Finder•Motorola Mobility•Nexus One•Nexus S•Galaxy Nexus•Google TV•Nexus Q•Nexus 7•Nexus 4•Nexus 10•Chromebook•Chromebook Pixel•Chromebox•Project Glass
  25. 25. Google AdWords: PPC programwhere webmasters can createtheir own ads and choosekeywords. SponsoredLinks
  26. 26. Google AdSense• Maximize revenue from your online content.• Google AdSense is a flexible, hassle-free wayto earn revenue by showing relevant andengaging ads alongside your online content.You can easily show AdSense ads on yourwebsite, mobile sites, and site search results.
  27. 27. Google’s products. cont.• Google Groups: Searchable archive of more than 700million Usenet postings from a period of more than 20years.• Google News: Comprehensive up-to-date newscoverage, aggregated from sources all over the worldby Google News.• Google Docs: Create and share your work online andaccess your documents from anywhere. Managedocuments, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, andmore
  28. 28. Google’s products. cont.• Google Maps: Find local businesses, view maps andget driving directions in Google Maps.• Google Translate: Googles free online languagetranslation service instantly translates text and webpages.• Google Earth: Google Earth lets you fly anywhere onEarth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3Dbuildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyonsof the ocean.
  29. 29. Google’s products. cont.• Google Scholar: Provides a search ofscholarly literature across many disciplines andsources, including theses, books, abstractsand articles.Google Books: Search and preview millionsof books from libraries and publishersworldwide using Google Book Search. Discovera new favorite or unearth an old classic.
  30. 30. Success over success• Google continue to excel through rapid andcontinuous product innovation• It makes new products available on googlelabs, move them to beta testing when theyseem useful to customers, and finally addsthem to the suite of products- a processsometimes lasting up to a year• Through this process, google learns fromcustomers and incorporate improvementsbased on feedback
  31. 31. Google does everythingwell!