Mc Donalads Created Arunesh Chand Mankotia Jan 2006


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Mc Donalads Created Arunesh Chand Mankotia Jan 2006

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSMcDonald’s, created Jan 2006 – Arunesh Chand Mankotia
  2. 2. ORIGIN In December 1948 , Dick and Mac McDonald open the first McDonald’sdrive-thru restaurant in San Bernardino, California. A little hamburger man called "Speedee" becomes the company symbol.
  3. 3. About McDonald’s•McDonalds’s today is one of the world’s greatentrepreneurial organizations, with four out of everyfive restaurants worldwide run by an affiliate partner ofthe company or a franchisee.•There are about 30,000 restaurants in more than 118countries around the world.•McDonald’s today is one of the two most recognizedand powerful brands in the world - the other beingCoca Cola, the only soft drink supplier to McDonald’stoday.
  4. 4. Menu CardMcDonalds Family Restaurants serve a range of productsaimed at satisfying different palettes.3. The menu includes a variety of burgers-: (a) Vegetarian (b) Non-Vegetarian6. World famous French Fries7. McPuffs8. A slew of hot & cold beverages.9. And the mouth watering shakes & soft serves.10. While its Happy Meals are immensely popular among kids because of its toys. McDonalds celebrated year 2002-03 as the Year of Taste‘…
  5. 5. McDonald’s India:--- A locally owned company.McDonald’s India, a locally owned company ismanaged by two Joint Ventures:---• One in the North ,Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. run by the Joint Venture Partner Mr. Vikram Bakshi.• And the other in the Western Region, Hard Castle Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. managed by the Joint Venture Partner Mr. Amit Jatia.
  6. 6. McDonalds Restaurants: Number by Region 1991 & 1996
  7. 7. McDonalds Careers Employee Benefits• McDonalds benefits program is • Helping Balance their Work and Life designed to attract, energize, reward and retain talented people - Vacation who will produce superior business - Holidays results and enhance their leadership - Leave of absence position. - Alternative Work Approach - Child care discount Health and Protection - Educational assistance - Medical - Auto and home insurance - Employee and dependent life program insurance - Accidental death Pay and Rewards - Travel and business travel - Base pay accident insurance - Incentive pay
  8. 8. Employment Generation When one become a member of the McDonalds family,that person open the door to limitless career opportunities. The world-class training that they impart allows us to provide the customers the ultimate McDonalds experience, with the best quality products and the highest levels of service and cleanliness. They are an equalopportunity employer, providing not only employment but long-term careers as well. The average McDonalds restaurant employs as many as 80 people - from crew to the restaurant manager. As of today, they employ close to 2,500 people in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Ludhiana.
  9. 9. LocationsAt present there are 34 restaurants and 3food courts in the Northern Region - Delhi(23) Noida (3) Faridabad (1) Gurgaon (3)Jaipur (2) Mathura (1) Ludhiana (1) Lucknow(1) and Chandigarh (1). There are 20restaurants in the Western Region in Mumbai,Pune, Ahmedabad and Vadodra.
  10. 10. McDonald’s Social ResponsibilityMcDonalds’s social responsibility efforts are part oftheir heritage. The company is committed and dedicatedto:-------(1.) Doing what is right and have an obligation to give back to the communities that give us so much.(2.) Being a good neighbour and a partner in the community.(3.) Conducting their business with the environment in mind.
  11. 11. Success of McDonald’s•At McDonald’s they have one agenda - providing 100%total customer satisfaction and the formula for achievingthis goal in our restaurant operation is the long-standingcommitment to Q.S.C&V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness andValue)•Their food products are the result of the best ingredients,strict standards, and proven procedures so that they are safe,healthy & great tasting.•Menu development is an ongoing process at McDonald’sas we seek to satisfy the tastes of our customers.•Experimenting with menu additions to meet local needsand enhancing the taste of existing products is our forte.
  12. 12. Internationally LOCAL SOURCING ….A key to success•For a company which feeds 4.6 crore customers every day ofthe year - internationally and over one lakh customers per dayin India, finding reliable quality supplies is a major factor forsuccess.•McDonald’s suppliers include Vista Processed Foods,Maharastra, Dynamix Dairies, Baramati, Mrs. BectorsSpeciality Foods, Phir Hind, Punjab, lettuce suppliers fromOoty and Nainital to name a few.•The transfer of state-of-the-art food processing technology hasalso enabled Indian business to grow by improving this abilityto compete in today’s international market.
  13. 13. Cont…..Which means that they producelocally,i.e.what is expected in thatparticular nation.They try to producethose kinds of food which the generalcustomers like.They try to add flavors ofthat nation only.
  14. 14. INTERNATIONALLYMcDonalds has adopted a strategy like changingthe post of his mgrs.changes from one country toanother like the following:---There are 4 kind of managers:----(1.) Country Mgr.(2.) City Mgr.(3.) Area Mgr.(4.) Branch Mgr.For if a higher post mgr. goes from under-developed country to a developed,his post goes down buton the other hand if he goes from developed country to aunder-developed,then his post increases.
  15. 15. MARKETING STRATEGIES• Look for the Golden Arches," was McDonald’s first jingle.• McDonald’s becomes known for the motto "QSC" for Quality, Service, and Cleanliness.• Ad campaign cheers on the "All American Meal" - a hamburger, fries, and milk shake.
  16. 16. McDonald’s Role in the Indian Economic Growth•McDonalds India has already contributeddirectly & indirectly Rs. 95 crore (approx.16 per cent of total turnover) as revenue tothe Center and the State towards Sales Tax,House tax and Income Tax in the last sevenyears.•By 2005, this amount shall see an increaseof more than 30 per cent per annum.
  17. 17. ADVERTISING• McDonald’s begins billboard advertising.• "Go for Goodness at McDonald’s," a new advertising logo slogan is introduced.• Television network advertising begins.• Magazine advertising is placed nationally for the first time in Life magazine in the October 5th issue.
  18. 18. THANK YOU…