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Hr portal arunesh chand mankotia

  1. 1. HUMAN RESOURCES PORTALArunesh Chand Mankotia
  2. 2. HR PortalAs human resources organizations strive to create HRportals that align with HR service deliveryStrategies and provide a more Internet-like experience foremployees, new hires, recruits and retirees,HR portal has become a necessity. This portal offers anefficient and cost-effective way for HRDepartments to disseminate information whether it’scompany policies, training topics, and employeeAssistance programs, or activities and events whichincrease productivity, free HR time, promote loyaltyAnd ensure fair, consistent execution of policies.
  3. 3. Navigation BarThe top navigation bar of the portal will listsspecific employee-related sections includingBenefits,Career Opportunities, Child Care, ConflictResolution, Employee Counseling,Management & Supervision,Policies & Labor Contracts, Staff Diversity,Training & Development, and Workers’Compensation.
  4. 4. Key Features & Benefits- Employee & Manager Portal: makes it convenientfor employees and managers to manage theirbenefits and other HR-related information in realtime through one central web-based systemthat they can access from anywhere.- Personalized: Our HR Portal provides HR and youremployees with as little or as much data andcontent as is applicable to them based on theirpermission criteria (for example, by business unitor location).
  5. 5. Cont…- Searchable: Easily search for information lookingfor- Fully hosted and maintained byCompany/Organization.- Fully branded to your organization’s look and feel.- Delivers fresh and relevant content- Empowers employees by providing seamlessaccess information and resources they need- Mitigates compliance risk by ensuring content isaccurate and up to date- Q&A Database- Access an HR search engine with amassive database.
  6. 6. Employee/Staff- Registration/Login for all staff, set theirdesignation, department, immediate superioretc.- Every staff will have personalized My Accountwhere they can store links to their favorite list- Send email to HR manager, ask for their assistance- Send email to immediate supervisor- Take approval of their superior for leave which canbe approved/ declined! HR manager wouldbe informed suitably of the decision.
  7. 7. Cont…Employee Surveys: makes it easy for you toconduct an unlimited number of employeesurveys.- Salary Information: Display latest and previoussalary statements/pay slips.- Travel and Expenses: Create and display traveland subsistence claims and reimbursements.
  8. 8. HR Team- HR team can easily upload news/alerts/memo- Upload latest HR policy/legal policies/documents etc- Upload various forms for download by staff (leave/sickleave/reimbursement etc)- Reply to staff – internal communication.- Upload staff induction latest video/relevant documents- HR Administrator Portal: allows the HR department to manage all theorganizations HRinformation and permission levels- Monthly Newsletter- HR team can send Alerts and articles to helpstaff stay current.- Glossary of Terms- Provision to manage Easy-to-read definitions forkey legal terms HR Newsand Updates.
  9. 9. Portal Administrator- Login/change email/password of Adminaccount- Manage Sub-admin users with different rights- Manage Departments- Manage department heads- Manage staff and their personal/official details
  10. 10. Our approach
  11. 11. If you want the end product or tailor madesolutions for your organization please feel freeto email