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40th Anniversary Celebrations - Usha & Arun Saxena
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40th Anniversary Celebrations - Usha & Arun Saxena



here is a collection of photos and messages from the family for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Usha & Arun Saxena - 19 September 2012

here is a collection of photos and messages from the family for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Usha & Arun Saxena - 19 September 2012



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    40th Anniversary Celebrations - Usha & Arun Saxena 40th Anniversary Celebrations - Usha & Arun Saxena Presentation Transcript

    • HAPPY 40TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY usha and arun Mamma & Papa RubyWednesday 19 September 2012
    • 40 YEARS AGO & NOW...Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY One by one each year flew by, since you both said “I do”… Forty years of memories, shared by the two of you. From big events and holidays to simple daily pleasures, Some tearful times along life’s way, some joys that can’t be measured… One by one each year now gone, but still they’re yours forever… Each and every memory, of Forty years together! Happy Ruby AnniversaryWednesday 19 September 2012
    • A RUBY COLLECTION All the members of our family have sent you their special anniversary wishes and traveled in time to reminiscence, smile and pull out wishes for this special occasion Their thoughts are with you, even if they couldn’t be here themselves and so we present on their behalf - A Ruby Collection A collection of photos, messages, stories and thank yousWednesday 19 September 2012
    • 19 SEPTEMBER, 1972Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • A FLASHBACKWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • 19 SEPTEMBER, 2012 “An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hope of tomorrow...”Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • FAMILY ALBUM...Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • FAMILY MATTERS...Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • DOWN MEMORY LANE... With Rani and RajeshWednesday 19 September 2012
    • RUBY TO GOLD... Your fortieth Wedding Anniversary falls on such an auspicious day, Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a time for celebrating your affection and the long and deep connection. We send you greetings and best wishes for today. Look forward to the day when “Ruby” turns into “Gold”.   Rani & RajeshWednesday 19 September 2012
    • FROM RANI’S PHOTO ALBUMWednesday 19 September 2012
    • GOOD ‘OL DAYSWednesday 19 September 2012
    • BIG SISTER BLESSINGS... From Sarla and Sadhna... Congratulations on your Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary Usha & Arun Saxena 19th September, 2012 Your kind of marriage is the kind that inspires others to keep trying even when its hard, to keep believing in loves resilience, and to honor its promise. Its a privilege to celebrate both of you and the way youve chosen to let love see you through, no matter what. We wish dear Uncle & Aunty a Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary and many more years of togetherness. May God keep both of you in good health and happy always. With lots of love from, Sarla Saxena & Sadhna ,Rakesh and OmWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • WITH OUR LOVE From Guddu and Kiran For a perfect Brother and Sister in Law   Families brought you together as husband and wife And gave each of you a best friend for life And as you have grown together in love Your devotion and commitment to each other is an inspiration to all of us around you.   We all love you lots and wish you continued happiness today tomorrow and forever.   Love Varun and KiranWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • THE SHYAM CLAN REMEMBERS Arun mausa and Usha mausi, are no doubt, very respectable, and helpful family members. Located in Delhi (a central place) they recd and welcomed many guests all the time. We all enjoyed the food especially the wonderful omelate Usha mausi made for everyone. My father had some troublesome time in 1981 and it was Usha mausi and Arun mausa who truly helped us out. My father stayed at their place, had wonderful meals, and felt like he was at home. Priya and I got married at Usha mausis place in Jan 2003. Finally, when our mother sadly passed away in 2008, it was Usha mausi who came over from India to US and helped us out and kept our spirit high. We only have wonderful memories from Usha mausi and Arun mausa. God bless them on their 40th anniversary. Love from Anand Shyam Mayank, Priya, Rohit, Sonu, Sankalp & AryashWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Many Good Wishes on Your 40th Marriage Anniversary We all know, with great degree of pleasure and pride, that, from the very beginning of your youthful life, you both had shown what a high summit of success you are not only going to reach but also continue to touch even greater heights. From her very childhood, Usha had shown her future traits as a person who will embrace success in her life – be it in education or her married life. Usha was responsible in running her home, assisting her mother greatly, particularly after she lost her father early – who had a very successful life as a well known businessman  of Aligarh. Arun had a lavish life not only as a young student but he continued to enjoy that style as he rose to a high rank of Rear Admiral in the Indian Navy as an engineer. When they were married at Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. Most of us who watched young Lt. Arun marrying a youthful Usha had predicted and hoped that they would touch highest levels in Indian Navy – Arun became a Rear Admiral and Usha his graceful partner – responsible to touch those successful heights. As we celebrate their 40th marriage anniversary, we all note with pleasure and pride what a lovely and wonderful past they have enjoyed so far and we are certain that successes and happiness would continue to adorn their lives – it will be a pleasure for all. Wish you  - Arun & Usha a very happy 40th Anniversary! From Shyam JijajiWednesday 19 September 2012
    • SYMBOL OF LOVEWednesday 19 September 2012
    • WISHES GALORE... From Gudiya and familyWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • TOGETHER THEN & NOW Ranjana and Rajneet Today you deserve all the compliments that are coming your way, 40 years together is something to be proud of...... So have a wonderful celebration. Enjoy all of your favourite memories and look forward To the happy times still ahead for you  Congratulations! Happy 40th Anniversary Usha Jiji n Arun Jijaji!!!   Best Wishes Always Ranjana n RajneetWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • FROM NORTH AMERICA Happy Anniversary From all of us in Canada & US. Will celebrate in Feb 2013. Rita, Satendra, Alok, Sameer, SoniaWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • MERA MAMA POLEESH... Anecdote from Babloo “my fav memory of mama is me telling everyone "mera mama poleesh mein hai" lololol... I was so fascinated by everyone saluting him! it goes without saying maami genuinely cares for everybody in the family and oh...i had the best meal ever when i was in Delhi with them not to mention they took me to Nirulas for some butter-scotch ice-cream! I hope you guys have a lovely time...take lots of pics.. Love to all, BablooWednesday 19 September 2012
    • MY NAME IS... Arjun and Claire pretty sure Badi Mamma and Papa were the only ones who enjoyed this -- demonstrating how wonderful they have always been! http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=vDd_s6HdDVgWednesday 19 September 2012
    • MARRIAGE IS A FUNNY... To keep your marriage brimming, May all the precious moments That set this day apart, With love in the wedding cup, Stay with you long after As keepsakes of the heart… And often through the future Whenever you are wrong, admit it; May you relive in thought, The very many pleasures This happy day has brought Whenever you are right, shut up. Congratulations on your Anniversary “A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year…”Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • YOUR KIDS LOVE YOUWednesday 19 September 2012
    • Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCKWednesday 19 September 2012
    • FAMILY FUNGAMAWednesday 19 September 2012
    • SAVE SOME TARTS with love Aradhna I would like to put a plug in for the wonderful strawberry and lemon tarts. I also particularly loved the brown sugar chocolate chip cookies we made in Navy Nagar of which I ate most of the raw dough....and of course, the devils food cake...needless to say, we always ate well with Badi Mama in the house!! And I really loved all the cousins hanging out any playing bluff!! Love you guys, Aradhna, Dave, Jake, and baby #2Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • FROM NY WITH LOVE Archana To Papa and Badi Mama.... Sending you happy wishes from New York...this is a great day to celebrate both of you. You have filled our lives with love, laughter, and happiness. Wishing you all the best. Lots of love. archieWednesday 19 September 2012
    • DESIGNER MESSAGE Dolly May your 40th anniversar y Be wonderf ul for you, Filled with sp ecial memo ries Of hopes a nd dreams com e true... And may th is special m ilestone That you ce lebrate tod ay Hold the pr omise of m ore FUN To share alo ng life’s wa y! Happy Anniversar y! Sept 19, 20 Dolly, Mars 12 hall, Naina & AnandWednesday 19 September 2012
    • RHYME AWAY... Bhavna & Varun It’s your 40th Anniversary Mausi and Mausaji Oh boy, are we glad Today calls for raising a toast To a relationship of which we all can boast Today is Ruby but now we are looking forward to Gold Till then we wish love, joy in amounts more than you can hold                                      Lots of Love Bhavna and VarunWednesday 19 September 2012
    • EXTENDED FAMILY ALSO Dear Arun and Usha, Felicitations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary. Wishing you both a Long Happy and Prosperous Married Life. Arun and ShailajaWednesday 19 September 2012
    • THERE ARE MORE... " On this special day, we convey our heartfelt wishes to you both and wish to cherish your love lifetime through as you make a wonderful pair, We look forward to another milestone year for you to make precious memories together and to further strengthen the bonds that the marriage has defined forever, Happy wedding anniversary... From Arti & Avdhesh alongwith Ankit & Shilpi "Wednesday 19 September 2012
    • TOGETHER FOREVER CELEBRATING ALWAYSWednesday 19 September 2012
    • LETS LIVE IT UP TODAY In forty years together Youve shared so many things Thats why this very special Anniversary brings T you, a wish that love, o Laughter, joy, contentment too Will be yours to share throughout The years ahead of you! Happy Ruby AnniversaryWednesday 19 September 2012