How to Upgrade from Magento 1.6 to 1.7 Easily ?


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Learn how to upgrade your magento store from 1.6 to 1.7 with ease. In this tutorial we have mentioned the step by step process of Magento Upgrade and also discussed new features in Magento 1.7.

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How to Upgrade from Magento 1.6 to 1.7 Easily ?

  1. 1. How to upgrade from Magento 1.6 to 1.7?The latest version of Magento is 1.7.2. Many of you must be willing to upgrade your storeto this latest version. In this post, we would be discussing the important steps which wecan follow to upgrade Magento Web Store.Why to move from Magento 1.6 to 1.7?Before moving towards the tutorial, let us find why you should upgrade from Magento 1.6to 1.7. Following are the major reasons behind this:1. Zend framework Security VulnerabilityIn Magento 1.6, there is a critical Security vulnerability in Zend framework. Although thiscan be resolved with the helps of Patching. If you dont want to apply patches, thenupgrading to 1.7 version is the best alternative available to you. Otherwise, thisvulnerability can result in hack of your Magento store.2. Bug Fixes The latest version of Magento i.e. 1.7.2 has been launched with more than 550 bug fixesrelated to stability anf functionality.3. More Shipping OptionsThis latest version also brings more shipping options like USPS, UPS, DHL and Fedex. Youcan target more customers worldwide.4. PayPal IssuesIn addition to above improvements, Magento 1.7 also brings better custom handling forPayPal Express checkout users.5. Saving Product IssueNow, it will not take long time to save any product as the issue has been fixed inMagentos latest version.New Features Added in Magento 1.7After reading the above grounds for opting Magento 1.7, we should also know about thenew features brought by it.
  2. 2. • Auto-generated coupon codes • Different base price per customer group. • Magento 1.7 Theme for Mobile Devices • Compliance with EU cookie law • Advanced Cash on Delivery (COD) and Bank Transfer payment options for customers • Logo Customization in transactional emails • Upgraded drag-and-drop javascript library These were some of the main new features added in this version. In all, there were 563 changes, improvements and bug fixes in Magento CE 1.7.How to Upgrade to Magento 1.7?Following are the steps to be followed for upgrading your Magento Store:1. Backup your site and your database.The first step in this process is to take a complete backup of your website and databaseincluding all images. Make sure you save a copy of these backups in your hard drive orDVD etc.2. Upgrade on Test ServerIt is highly recommended to first test the upgrade on test server. By doing that, you canlocate the possible errors or issues that might occur while upgrading.Following are the steps which you need to follow for upgrade:a) Create a directory in your Magento install and name it “test” or any other name youintend to use.b) Upload Magento 1.7 files to the “test” directory created above.c) After uploading, you need to create MySQL database with new username and passwordfor your Magento store.d) Now you need to import the database which you backed up in step 1 into this newlycreated DB.e) Next, in order to point to your test location, you will need to modify thecore_config_table base_urlsf) Now change, app/etc/local.xml so that new database can be used.3. TestingTo complete this process, testing is very essential. Once you have completed all abovesteps, the next thing is to run and test your front-end and back-end of website.
  3. 3. Follow the above steps to upgrade or contact SoftProdigy to do the Magento 1.6-1.7upgrade for you. We provide expert eCommerce Development Services includingMagento, osCommerce, Prestashop, ZenCart & so on. Consult Experts Today for Magento Upgrade 1.6 – 1.7 !! Contact Today! +1.646.845.9725 Or Click Here To Send Us a Message Toll Free 866.235.9128