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Conversion Optimization Strategy Aaron Abbott

Conversion Optimization Strategy Aaron Abbott



www.BrandLessBox.com White Paper

www.BrandLessBox.com White Paper



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    Conversion Optimization Strategy Aaron Abbott Conversion Optimization Strategy Aaron Abbott Document Transcript

    • Conversion  Optimization  Strategy     Headline     1.    CJexchange.com—the  1st  for  Criminal  Justice.   2.    CJexchange.com  connects  and  innovates  the  Criminal  Justice  System.   3.    CJexchange.com—the  Internet  solutions  you  want  for  on  the  scene.     Offer  Summary     1.    CJ  Students  get  the  resources,  connections,  and  fundamentals  for  your  success.   2.    Our  Job:  To  connect  and  to  serve  the  Criminal  Justice  System.   3.    CJ  training  and  networking—on  the  Web,  for  on  the  Job!     Offer  Image  Library     1. Main  element  of  the  design  will  be  a  dead  body  at  an  obvious  crime  scene.    The   images  will  be  very  vivid  and  graphic,  but  not  offensive.    Where  appropriate,  Flash   will  be  utilized  to  animate  the  crime  scene  tape  blowing  in  the  wind  with  police  car   lights  flashing.   2. This  design  will  utilize  the  software  computer  screen  shots  we  see  everyday  in  the   CSI  television  shows.    Create  a  representative  image  that  makes  the  user  feel  as  if   they  are  clicking  into  the  mainframe  of  the  crime  lab.    Have  images  relating  to  the   Internet,  the  globe,  and  crime  scene  software.     3. The  focus  here  is  to  push  into  the  realm  of  education  and  training.    Use  training  tools   as  graphic  elements  and  images  that  relate  to  books,  education,  and   professionalism.    Show  shaking  hands  and  hands  being  cuffed  of  opposite  sides  of   the  ad  could  be  an  interesting  contrast.     Call  to  Action     1. Get  on  the  CJexchange.com!    Building  your  foundation  a  connection  at  a  time.   2. Get  on  the  inside  of  the  yellow  tape…  (The  design  will  show  the  yellow  crime  scene   tape.)   3. Don’t  shoot  blanks!    Train  and  connect  with  CJexchange.com!     Statement  of  Trust     1. CJexchange.com  provides  the  latest  in  Internet  security  protection  with  McAffee   Security.    Your  data  is  never  seen  by,  rented,  or  sold  to  anyone.    We  work  hard  to   ensure  we  provide  you  with  the  latest  security  measures  available.    Contact  us  now   with  any  concerns  or  comments.  
    • 2. Being  in  the  Criminal  Justice  System,  we  know  how  to  protect  your  information.    We   implement  the  latest  in  Internet  Security  features.    Go  ahead  try  to  copy  an  image   from  this  page.    See  what  we  mean.    The  only  way  to  get  to  your  data  is  with  your   username  and  password.  Contact  us  now  with  any  concerns  or  comments.   3. CJexchange.com  takes  your  privacy  seriously.    We  cut  no  corners  and  spare  no   expense  in  ensuring  that  your  private  information  and  data  is  kept  secure  and   confidential.    You  control  who  you  share  your  information  with,  and  we  ensure  that   is  who  will  have  access.    We  implement  McAffee  Security  on  each  page  of  our  site   and  we  will  never  share  rent  or  sell  your  information  to  marketing  firms  or  other   companies.  Contact  us  now  with  any  concerns  or  comments.       Main  Funnel  Navigation       The  following  funnel  navigations  detail  the  process  in  acquiring  and  moving  the   site  visitor  closer  to  the  respected  conversion.    While  each  stage  has  a  specific  action,   great  care  and  thought  is  put  into  the  structure  in  relation  to  what  visitors  are  here  for,   and  what  the  company  is  providing.    In  this  case,  CJexchange.com  is  at  an  advantage  as   the  focus  of  the  business  model  deals  with  promoting  the  free  resources,  while  having   the  training  resources  as  a  valuable  subscription  service  targeted  to  the  student  visitors.     Ample  traffic  will  support  the  main  purchase  conversion,  as  the  other  conversions  will   fuel  the  appropriate  traffic.     1.    Purchase  Training  Conversion     Review  training  resources  and  cost.   Click  on  "Train  Now"  button.   Purchase  Training.   Become  a   registered  user.   Utilize   Training.      
    • The  sale  of  training  videos  resources  is  the  conversion  that  will  drive  money  into   the  company.    That  is  until  enough  traffic  generates  advertisement  placement   opportunities.    Each  step  through  the  funnel  has  been  designed  to  keep  the  interested   visitor  engaged.    By  keeping  the  registration  step  after  the  actual  purchase  of  the   training  experience,  we  can  combat  abandonment  for  those  who  hate  to  register  their   private  information,  or  don’t  have  the  patience.    By  getting  their  money  first,  we   guarantee  that  they  will  follow  through.    Continual  use  of  the  training  videos  resources   is  the  goal.     Examples  of  Call  to  Action:         a.    Build  Your  Foundation   b.    Purchase  Training   c.    Get  Training  Now     2.    Registration  Conversion     Click  thourgh  landing  page.   Review  resources  and  the  network   solutions.   Click  "Join  Now".   Become  a  registered   user.     Complete  their   user  proAile.         While  selling  the  training  resources  is  the  main  goal  for  the  company,  acquiring   consistent  new  users  is  vital.  Having  these  new  users  become  consistent  users  will   guarantee  internal  targeted  traffic  that  we  can  sell  the  training  resources  to.    There  will   be  no  cost  to  the  user  for  this  conversion.    We  must  appeal  to  their  humanistic  and   methodical  personas  in  order  to  get  them  to  create  an  International  network  for  us.    The   value  is  the  stimulation  of  traffic  by  those  who  will  use  and  share  the  resources.    Selling   to  them  will  never  be  a  part  of  the  process,  as  all  information  will  be  there  for  them  to  
    • take  and  use.    The  biggest  problem  here  will  be  having  them  fill  out  their  user  profile.     To  combat  this,  we  can  offer  some  type  of  free  incentive  or  tool  for  them  filling  it  out   completely.       Examples  of  Call  to  Action:         a.    Get  Connected  Now   b.    Get  In  Here   c.    Build  Your  Network     3.    Review  Training  Video  Samples/Sample  Test  Conversion     Click  on  sample  training  button.   Review  training  information.   Register  for  training  previews  if  not  a   registered  user.   Review  sample  training  assets.   Purchase  training   resources.   Share  resources   with  a  friend.         A  major  conversion  of  interest  deals  with  determining  the  actual  interest  in   utilizing  the  training  resources  being  sold.    While  in  the  initial  funnel  for  the  purchase   conversion  we  put  the  registration  after  the  commitment  to  sale,  we  have  moved  this   commitment  up  in  the  funnel  for  this  conversion.    The  purpose  is  we  want  to  see  who   really  is  serious,  and  we  must  be  sure  to  protect  our  users  from  our  content.    The   images  are  very  graphic,  and  unless  you  are  really  meant  to  see  these  videos  and   images,  we  will  do  everything  to  keep  them  out  of  accidental  prying  Web  surfers.   Knowing  the  actual  interest,  and  where  interest  is  either  gained  or  lost  will  allow   development  of  the  resources  with  capturing  and  maintaining  attention  in  mind.       Examples  of  Call  to  Action:         a.    Free  Training  Tour  
    • b.    Test  Your  Knowledge   c.    Show  What  You  Know       4.    Use  of  Free  CJ  Resources  Conversion     Registered  User  Log-­‐in.   Click  on  "CJ   Resources".   Use  of  free   Resources.         The  use  of  the  free  resources  CJexchange.com  will  provide  is  a  very  important   conversion.    Although  it  is  not  generating  actual  money  to  the  company,  it  is  the   mechanism  that  is  utilized  to  drive  qualified  traffic  to  the  site.    Getting  users  to  sign  up   seems  like  it  would  be  the  aspect  to  focus  on  most.    But  actually  providing  innovative   solutions  that  are  used  by  the  registered  members  is  what  will  ensure  the  success  of  the   site.    The  use  of  the  resources  is  what  will  drive  traffic  to  the  site  and  is  what  will   provide  the  opportunity  to  sell  the  training  video  experience  to  the  user.         Examples  of  Call  to  Action:         a.    Use  Resources  Now   b.    CJ  Solutions  Here   c.    Click  for  CJ  Tools       Testing  and  Optimization  Plan       CJexchange.com  is  in  the  development  stage.    Being  at  this  stage  will  allow  the   company  to  develop  the  site  with  testing  and  optimization  as  key  factors  in  the   structure  of  the  site  and  resources.    This  way  we  can  grow  with  our  market.    With  three  
    • market  segments  (1.  students,  2.  teachers,  and  3.  professionals),  CJexchange.com  is  able   to  implement  a  variety  of  testing  strategies.    One  immediate  thought  is  to  actually  ask   the  visitor  who  they  are  in  the  Criminal  Justice  System  so  we  can  customize  the  site  to  fit   their  needs.    Immediately,  we  are  able  to  segment  the  traffic  and  see  where  they  go  in   the  site.    Utilizing  Web  metrics  and  tools  such  as  Google’s  Website  Optimizer  will  allow   in-­‐depth  analysis  to  test  and  analyze  all  relevant  data  sets  and  variables  in  order  to   optimize  the  experience,  the  tools,  and  the  site.    The  main  relationships  and  actions  to   be  tested  are  explored  in  Figure  1.     Figure  1.  Types  of  Testing  for  CJexchange.com     Message  Variation/   Type  of  Test   Measurement   Assumption   Purchase  Training:   A/B  test   Click  through  rate   See  what  call  to  action   compared  to  number  of   stimulates  more   sales  conversions.   purchases  of  training   portion.     Register  for  Membership:   A/B  test   Compare  number  of   See  if  different  calls  to   unique  site  visitors  to   action  lead  to  more  or  less   number  of  registrant   registrations.   conversions.     Use  of  Sample   A/B  test   Compare  number  of   Test/Review:   unique  visitors  to  number   Do  unregistered  visitors   of  visitors  use  sample   access  and  experience?   test/review.    How  far  do   they  get  into  the  samples   before  dropping?     Headlines:   A/B  test   Click  through  rate  form   Which  headlines  work   landing  page  to  site.   better?     Offer  Summary:   A/B  test   Click  through  rates  from   Test  for  effectiveness  in   landing  page  to  site.   getting  visitor  to  site.     Statement  of  Trust:   A/B  test   See  if  the  statement  is   Test  for  effectiveness  in   accessed,  how  long  it  is   securing  transaction.   accessed  for,  and  whether   user  bounces  off  of  site  or   not,  and  track  where  they   go  next.  
    •   UVP’s:   A/B  test   Click  through  rate  from   Which  are  most  effective?   landing  pages  and  ads   compared  to  types  of   related  conversions.    Are   sales  UVP  providing  sales   conversions?  Are  brand   UVP  converting   registrations?     Usability  of  Site:   A/B  test   Bounce  rate  and  length  of   Are  visitors  and  users   time  on  site.   staying  on  the  site?     Design  of  Site:   Multivariate  test   Compare  time  on  site,   Do  different  site  designs   versus  pages  visited,  as   lead  to  longer  user   compared  to  bounce  rate.   experiences     Market  Segment  Traffic:   A/B  test   Calculate  total  unique   Who  is  visiting  the  site   visitors.  Compare  to   more  form  the  three  main   responses  at  the  entry   segments  of  our  market— portal  to  site  that  ask,   students,  teachers,  or   “Who  are  you?”   professionals?     Paid  Training  Users:   A/B  test   Compare  the  total   Who  is  paying  to  use  the   registered  users  to  who   training  video  resources?   purchase  training  videos.       What  segment  are  the  a   part  of?       It  is  clear  to  see  that  the  user  experience  is  most  important.    The  more  traffic  we   can  drive  to  the  site,  as  it  is  an  industry  specific  site,  the  better  the  chance  to  have  these   users  purchase  the  training  solutions.      The  only  non-­‐Industry  traffic  expected  to  be   stimulated  would  more  than  likely  consist  of  people  who  are  interested  in  the  topic,   such  as  fans  of  the  CSI  television  shows.    These  visitors  are  likely  to  have  an  interest  in   purchasing  the  training  video  resources  themselves,  so  they  are  welcomed.      A/B  testing   and  multivariate  tests  will  be  implemented  in  non-­‐obtrusive  ways  internally  on  the  site   and  on  the  various  landing  pages  used  to  drive  traffic  from  the  3  market  segments  being   targeted.    The  goal  is  to  create  an  experience  that  will  drive  each  of  the  three  segments   to  the  site,  and  to  convert  them  with  respect  to  their  actual  role  in  the  experience.     While  professionals  and  teachers  won’t  necessarily  be  interested  in  purchasing  the   training  resources,  their  presence  provides  qualification  of  our  resources  in  the  minds  of   the  students.    Uncovering  these  relationships  will  allow  the  site  and  the  company  to   evolve  with,  and  for  each  market  segment.  
    • References     Eisenberg,  B.  &  Quatro-­‐vonTivadar,  J.  (2008).  Always  be  testing:  the  complete  guide  to     Google  website  optimizer.  Indianapolis,  IN:  Wiley  Publishing,  Inc.