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Consumer Segmentation Aaron Abbott
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Consumer Segmentation Aaron Abbott

Published White Paper White Paper

Published in Business
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  • 1. Aaron  Abbott—          1       Running  Head:    CONSUMER  SEGMENTATION             Consumer  Segmentation  for  The  Institute  for  Forensic  Education:   Psychographic  Evaluations  of  Market  Segments   Aaron  Michael  Abbott                             Introduction  
  • 2. Aaron  Abbott—          2       The  Institute  for  Forensic  Education  (IFFE)  has  sold  an  interactive  DVD/CD-­‐ ROM  training  program,  Forensic  Death  Investigation,  to  the  Criminal  Justice  System   since  2005.    The  past  5  years  have  provided  IFFE  with  valuable  insights  into  who  the   target  market  is,  and  who  they  are  not.    With  existing  customer  feedback  on   everything  from  use  of  the  training  program,  to  their  experience  on  the  Web  site,   demographic  measures  and  psychographic  surveys  have  shown  the  depth  of  the   Criminal  Justice  System.    The  product  by  nature,  dealing  with  the  dead  body,  hits   each  and  every  consumer  within  the  target  market  on  an  emotional  level— regardless  of  their  segmentation.    “It’s  when  you  target  the  psychographic  thought   patterns  of  your  audience  that  things  really  get  moving,”  (D’Souza,  2005).    IFFE  has   been  developing  a  new  business  model,    This  site  will  work   to  provide  a  platform  where  each  of  these  market  segments  can  connect  and  gain   access  to  these  unique  video  resources—at  prices  determined  by  their  need  and   willingness  to  pay.    The  existing  site,,  will   continue  to  be  utilized  to  target  the  market  segment  that  has  been  converting,  the   teachers/trainers;  and  further  used  as  a  reference  for  credibility  to  those  market   segments  drawn  to  the  resources  of  new  site—students,  professionals,  and  non-­‐ industry  personas  (Figure  1).    Each  segment  shares  one  common  desire—to  access   this  type  of  multimedia  content.    Being  able  to  connect  with  multiple  segmented   persona  categories  as  explored  by  Lloyd-­‐Jones  &  Beynon-­‐Davies  (2007)  is  an   advantage  for  IFFE  and  the  products  being  sold.     Figure  1.  Flow  chart  showing  target  market,  market  segments,  and  variables  
  • 3. Aaron  Abbott—          3       Study  Aides   Students   Economic   (and  parents)   Value   General   Interest   Teaching  Tools   Economic   Value   Teachers/ General   Trainers   interest   Continuing   Education   The  Criminal   Justice  System   Unique   Content   Continuing   Education   Case  Studies   Professionals   Genreal   Interest   Unique   Content   General   Interest   Non-­‐Industry     (tv  show  fans)   Economic   Value     Students  (and  their  parents)  
  • 4. Aaron  Abbott—          4         The  development  of  is  focused  primarily  on  the   market  segment  that  consists  of  the  students  of  the  Criminal  Justice  System.    The   parents,  in  the  cases  of  students  under  the  age  of  18  primarily,  are  necessarily   considered,  as  they  are  the  source  of  spendable  money  for  many  students,  as  well  as   lend  insight  and  control  in  the  decisions  the  students  will  make.    Appealing  to  the   needs  and  desires  of  the  students,  with  an  appeal  to  the  respect  of  the  parent’s   authoritative  and  caring  personas  can  lend  to  great  reward  in  affective  marketing   efforts  that  lead  to  conversions.    The  values  of  the  training  program  to  the  students   involves  the  benefit  to  their  education  and  establishing  a  foundation  of  knowledge   that  is  acquired  from  the  actual  experience  of  the  author’s  career  in  the  medical   examiner’s  office,  and  investigating  crime  scenes.    Students  have  general  interest  in   the  topics,  as  they  are  the  foundation  of  their  education  and  future  career.    Providing   them  with  total  access  at  reasonable  rates  the  students  can  afford  will  further   appeal  to  their  need  to  purchase  this  video  experience  as  a  valuable  study  aide.     With  prices  that  will  allow  them  to  go  out  to  the  big  party  over  the  weekend  after   the  football  game,  IFFE  can  guarantee  a  positioning  in  the  segment  that  will  fit  right   in  with  their  way  of  life.    As  long  as  the  student  makes  the  grade,  the  parent  will  be   happy  with  the  choice.       Teachers/Trainers     Teachers  and  trainers  in  the  Criminal  Justice  System  have  proven  to  be  the   primary  consumer  of  the  existing  business  model.    While  they  purchase  the   program,  their  students  use  the  resources  the  most.    This  segment  looks  to  these   resources  as  tools,  and  how  these  tools  can  help  them  better  achieve  their  objectives  
  • 5. Aaron  Abbott—          5       to  successfully  teach  their  students.    Many  said  they  want  the  program  but  the  cost   for  use  in  the  classroom  environments  is  outside  the  limits  of  their  budget  (without   approval).    Some  show  the  interest  in  reference  of  their  desire  to  earn  continuing   education  credits.    The  content  truly  appeals  to  their  need  to  provide  and  access  this   unique  and  original  training  content.    Balancing  this  segment’s  desire  to  purchase   these  valuable  tools  with  a  reasonable  price  would  facilitate  the  conversion.     Existing  segment  members  have  commented  how  it  would  be  great  if  IFFE  gave   their  students  direct  access  to  the  content  with  some  type  of  affordable  student  Web   site—that  this  ultimately  would  lead  to  better  consumption  and  use.    Rather  than   relying  on  the  schools  to  individually  go  through  their  bureaucratic  approval   processes,  then  purchase,  and  then  distribute—the  goal  of  the  original  business   model  launched  in  2005.    The  teachers  show  they  don’t  care  where  the  students  get   their  information.    The  insights  of  this  segment  have  proven  to  expand  the  vision   and  reach  of  IFFE.    By  providing  a  unique  student  training  experience  online,  the   teacher’s  insight  lends  to  better  acceptance  of  the  program  and  to  the  eventual   purchase  approval  from  their  governing  administrations.   Professionals     Professionals  are  a  smaller  segment  within  the  body  of  the  Criminal  Justice   System.    Provided  with  the  resources  and  affordable  access  to  be  provided  by  the   new  resources  at,  they  may  prove  to  be  more  potent  than   previously  observed.    As  teachers/trainers  emerged  as  our  most  active  segment   with  the  first  Web  site,  attention  has  been  unintentionally  focused  on  them.    With   new  capabilities  of  the  Internet,  IFFE  is  able  to  widen  the  scope  to  reach  out  and  
  • 6. Aaron  Abbott—          6       target  these  potentially  valuable  market  segments.    The  professionals  exhibit  the   need  and  desire  to  earn  continuing  education  credits.    IFFE  is  working  to  acquire   actual  accreditation  from  governing  associations  and  agencies  that  approve  these   resources  as  accredited  training  resources.    The  state  of  Colorado  has  already   approved  the  program  for  4  hours  of  continuing  education  credits.    Professionals   need  case  studies  to  refer  to  in  ongoing  investigations  that  provided  unique  content   that  they  may  have  never  been  exposed  to  before.    In  this  field,  exposure  is   everything,  as  no  crime  scene  is  ever  the  same.    They  further  have  a  general  interest   into  the  subject  matter  that  reaches  even  deeper  than  the  basic  appeal  of  human   emotions.    This  body  of  knowledge  represents  the  career  and  industry  that  puts   food  on  their  table,  and  the  roof  over  their  head.      By  ensuring  they  can  be  at  the  top   of  their  field  by  gaining  more  knowledge,  IFFE  can  target  this  segment  effectively.     Appealing  to  these  psychological  insights  of  this  segment  could  lead  to  greater   acceptance  throughout  the  entire  Criminal  Justice  System.       Non-­‐Industry  (television  show  fans)     In  many  cases,  looking  at  a  non-­‐market  segment  as  a  market  segment  would   seem  contradictory.    However  in  this  case,  it  is  a  tremendous  advantage.    Over  the   past  10  years,  major  television  studios,  such  as  CBS  and  NBC,  have  popularized  the   workings  of  the  Criminal  Justice  System  with  their  Primetime  Dramas—such  as  CSI,   Law  &  Order,  NCIS,  Cold  Case,  etc.    As  a  result,  there  is  a  huge  market  that  consists  of   fans  of  these  television  shows.    As  of  this  evaluation,  the  television  show,  CSI,  has   894,474  fans  (,  n.d.).    People  love  these  shows  for  the  drama,  the   crime,  the  subject  matter,  and  the  mystery.    One  opportunity  to  IFFE  is  the  studios  
  • 7. Aaron  Abbott—          7       are  limited  by  what  they  are  able  to  show  on  public  airways  per  the  Federal   Communications  Commission  (FCC).      With  effective  marketing  campaigns  on  these   fan-­‐pages,  IFFE  can  appeal  to  the  curiosity  left  by  the  lack  of  these  shows  to  show   the  reality  of  the  dead  body  at  the  scene,  or  during  the  autopsy.    Unlike  Faces  of   Death,  which  perverts  the  subject,  the  goal  is  to  expose  them  to  the  reality  of  what   they  see  on  television  every  day  with  the  resources  that  train  the  industry—making   them  feel  as  a  part  of  the  Criminal  Justice  System  ultimately.    Providing  an  economic   value  they  can  afford,  that  fulfills  their  curiosity  and  general  interest  to  see  what  a   real  autopsy  or  dead  body  looks  like  will  ensure  consistent  conversions.     Conclusion     The  current  price  point  IFFE  is  considering  for  is   $10.00  for  30-­‐day  access  to  more  than  250  video  clips.    There  will  also  be  a  Student   Semester  Bundle  that  gives  students  access  to  this  content  for  4  months  for  $24.95.       Regardless  of  what  the  bundle  is  called,  the  main  variable  to  be  considered  is  what   each  market  segment  will  be  willing  to  pay  in  order  to  maximize  conversion  rates   within  each  segment.    Jiang  and  Tuzhilin  conclude  in  their  studies,  “that  individual-­‐ level  models  statistically  outperform  aggregate  models  of  customer  behavior”   (2006).    Paying  attention  to  the  individuals  of  these  segments  will  allow  for  greater   insight  to  effective  marketing  efforts,  stimulating  increases  in  conversions  led  by   qualified  leads  that  convert.    After  all,  “’many  brands  compete  for  the  same   demographic,  and  what  separates  the  winners  from  the  losers  is  often  the  ability  to   identify  and  reach  the  right  psychographic,’  said  Sarah  Welch,  COO  and  co-­‐founder   of  Mindset  Media”  (Martellaro,  2008).    This  has  been  an  advantage  for  IFFE.    Since  
  • 8. Aaron  Abbott—          8       day  one,  the  primary  objective  was  to  understand  the  segment  that  is  purchasing   the  training  resources.    With  a  limited  budget,  IFFE  had  to  determine  who  is  buying,   and  where  they  can  be  found.      To  date,  efforts  have  revolved  around  the   teachers/trainers.    Even  though  sales  have  been  limited,  this  thought  process  has   proven  to  be  effective  in  the  development  of  the  future  business  model  and  how  it   will  work  in  conjunction  the  existing  site  to  facilitate  the  conversion  of  each  market   segments  discussed  in  this  evaluation.                                   References  
  • 9. Aaron  Abbott—          9       D’Souza,  S.  (2005).    An  old  lesson  on  target  audience…the  iPod  way.    Marketing     Profs.    Retrieved  January  13,  2010  from  http://www.marketingprofs   .com/5/dsouza40.asp?sp=1  (n.d.).  Retrieved  January  12,  2010  from   m/search/?q=CSI&init=quick#/CSICrimeSceneInvestigation?ref=search&sid =1676255965.319495464..1   Jiang,  T.,  Tuzihilin,  A.  (2006).    Segmenting  customers  from  population  to  individuals:     does  1-­‐to-­‐1  keep  your  customers  forever.    IEEE  Transactions  on  Knowledge   and  Data  Engineering,  18(10),  1-­15.    Retrieved  January  12,  2010  from %20from%20Population%20to%20Individuals%206d52b469-­‐da70-­‐4ebb-­‐ b64c-­‐068755509078.pdf   Lloyd-­‐Jones,  A.,  Beynon-­‐Davies,  P.  (2007).    Segmenting  the  second  hand  book     sectors  core  customer’s  using  demographic,  psychographioc,  and  benefits.   International  Journal  of  the  Book,  4(1),  131-­‐138.  Retrieved  January  13,  2010   from   d=aff93844-­‐6d25-­‐4c1a-­‐9eac-­‐2d20443240ec%40sessionmgr110&bquery=   %28Segmenting+the+Second+Hand+Book+Sectors+Core+Customer%E2%8 0%99s+Using+Demographic%2c+Psychographic+AND+Benefits%29&bdata =JmRiPWFwaCZkYj1idWgmZGI9ZWhoJmRiPTIwaCZkYj1lcmljJmRiPWYzaCZ kYj1mdW5rJmRiPThnaCZkYj1obGgmZGI9bHhoJmRiPXVsaCZkYj1wcmgmZGI 9YndoJnR5cGU9MSZzaXRlPWVob3N0LWxpdmU%3d   Martellaro,  J.  (2008).  Mindset  media  finds  Mac  users  more  “open  minded.”    The  Mac    
  • 10. Aaron  Abbott—    10             Observer.    Retrieved  from   01/21.9.shtml