Linked in deck for sales 2.0


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DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD. The presentation should be downloaded as several animations and notes are contained within the file. This slide show was used to introduce the importance of social media (especially LinkedIn) to about 50 sales personnel at LexisNexis. The focus is primarily personal branding and background.

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  • Not just use it…but use it purposefully
  • Building your profilePlease move back to the tables and get your laptops outMelissa will take the first group to get their professional photos takenPersonal BrandPeople are looking at LinkedIn, so you should be in control of what they seePersonal Story: in the Last 2 monthsPutting effort into your profile will make people notice you (customers, colleagues, etc)YOU need to own itStand outPotential for Current JobsLinkedIn has the highest visitor to lead conversion rate of any Social media platformOn average 3 of every 100 visitors turns into a lead.Leads turn into $$$ (picture)
  • Social Media demands transparent, honest, authentic participation. Stay on topic; don’t add to a conversation unless you can add to the conversation. If your interaction is simply marketing messages in disguise, don’t be surprised when people don't engage or reciprocate.Information overload is everywhere. People will focus only on what interests them, which is other people, and not necessarily a brand. Say something that makes people want to develop a relationship with you and listen to what you say.“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.” - Seth GodinApplauding and thanking others can lead to trust relationships that pay great dividends in the end.
  • WHERE ARE CUSTOMERSFollow on Twitter:Most major law firms have a Twitter account. Follow them to see what sites they link to. What articles are they reading and sharing? Do they link to LinkedIn groups? Following them gives you a viral breadcrumb trail to find customers and prospects.Review Blawg 100 List:Discover who the top bloggers in the industry are by reviewing top blog lists and then sign up for the RSS feeds or follow the bloggers on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and/or FacebookSearch on LinkedIn:Joining LinkedIn groups focusing on your area of interest gives you access to legal professionals. WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYINGGoogel Alerts:Based on your objectives, define the key words /phrases you want to monitor. Keywords to include: the LexisNexis brand, competitors’ brands (BloombergLaw, Thomson Reuters, West Publishing), products (Lexis Advance, LMO, LPA), and practice areas (eDiscovery, litigation, products liability).Groups on LinkedIn: Start with being a lurker in your groups to understand what your customers needs are. DON’T FORGET YOUR COLLEAGUESYou can strengthen your relationships with your marketing and sales colleagues by connecting through social media channels and supporting each others’ efforts in social.
  • Linked in deck for sales 2.0

    1. 1. Utilizing LinkedIn as a sales tool
    2. 2. LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 2 for Customer Distribution
    3. 3. The Numbers - Professionals preferred social media platform• LinkedIn traffic is substantial and growing • 1,000+ visitors a minute • 20+ visitors every second LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 3 for Customer Distribution
    4. 4. LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 4 for Customer Distribution
    5. 5. Marketing wants to help you…Build your professional profileUnderstand the importance of your personal brandRealize the potential LinkedIn has for your current jobs LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 5 for Customer Distribution
    6. 6. LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 6 for Customer Distribution
    7. 7. Best PracticesBE… authentic. relevant. interesting. involved. sociable. LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 7 for Customer Distribution
    8. 8. LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 8 for Customer Distribution
    9. 9. A Few Ideas…Determine Where Your Customers Are Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying Follow Law Firms and Attorneys on Twitter Set up Google Alerts: Follow Conversations in Groups on LinkedIn: Review the ABA Journal Blawg 100 List Search for Groups and People on LinkedIn: Don’t Forget Your Colleagues! LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 9 for Customer Distribution
    10. 10. Safe Social MediaIt’s important to engage in social media responsibly.The LexisNexis Policy and Guidelines for Social Media Engagementwere established as a resource to help you engage with customers inthe right way. A set of branding guidelines also support your socialmedia presence and protect the LexisNexis brand.To access the policy and guidelines, please visit the Social Mediapage via LNG Central. LexisNexis Proprietary & Confidential – Not 10 for Customer Distribution