Preliminary task


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Preliminary task

  1. 1. Preliminary Task Research Aaron Sproson
  2. 2. Introduction To The Task <ul><li>Using DTP and an image manipulation program, produce the front page of a new magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>Must include a medium close up image of a student, mast head, and some appropriate laid out text. </li></ul>
  3. 3. School Magazine Covers Research Aaron Sproson
  4. 4. The mast head of the magazine is in a smart and formal looking font. This gives the impression that the school that this magazine comes from is very formal school. The colours of the mast head match the uniform that the children of the school are wearing. This is effective as it will make you remember the colour of the school. Also the colour used does not only apply to one gender it is unisex showing the reader that the school accepts anyone. This is also shown by the image which shows a boy and two girls. The expressions on the children show that they are having fun in the school. Also what they are putting on their heads look sophisticated and the expressions on their faces show that they are proud of their sophisticated pieces of work. The slogan “Achieving success together” shows that the school works together to get a higher level of education and so they can get to where they want to in life whether it be in the UK or out of the country earning more money due to their higher level of education. The main splash is very appropriate as it says “Head of the class” and they are wearing hats that they are most likely to have made in their classes on their heads. This is good as it makes the reader believe that the school is a sophisticated school which are one of the top togo to.
  5. 5. The close up image on the magazine cover is too big and is fairly stretched. Due to this they should consider doing a medium close up shot from her chest upwards. This would make it better as the face wouldn't distract the reader from the information that is on the cover. The information that is on the cover to tell the reader about what is inside the magazine is extremely scarce being close to having none. To improve on this the editor should have considered thinking of more stories they could write about that would interest the reader also make the font for the whole cover look more exciting so the viewer of the magazine in the shops go to purchase it. The logo at the top of the magazine cover looks too childish for the magazine as the girl that is on the magazine looks like a teenager that is older than fifteen making you believe that the magazine is there for attracting medium aged teenagers to buy it and read about their class mates. However both of the cartoon images look like they have been taken straight from Microsoft clip art. However the good thing about the magazine is that the editor has tried to make the mast head stand out by making it moderately bold so that it catches the readers eye so they look at it and think it may be a good magazine
  6. 6. The contrasting and complimentary colours used in this magazine cover makes it seem very sophisticated and interesting. It also shows that the editor likes colour schemes that work such as this one which will make the reader believe that the whole magazine is like this and well organised. The image is a high angled medium shot of a student hard at work, showing the school to be a hard working school to achieve the good results that every school wants. By doing this they are also advertising the school to be a school where children work hard and have fun at the same time. This is shown by the film strip looking picture line above the main picture. The way that all the different font types change on the page shows a lack of house style which in a slight way makes it look messy. What they could do to improve this would be to make all the font the same and just change the colours to make the writing under the headings stand out more. This would make it look more uniformed and sophisticated which is what a school should aim for to be the best that it can be. The writing in this image does not look as clear as it could do to make it more visible and understandable they should make it more clearer and bigger.
  7. 7. School Magazine Contents Research Aaron Sproson
  8. 8. The mast head which includes the schools name is extremely faded and close to not being visible. This should be much more bold so it stands out so the reader knows what college the magazine has come from. This is important as it shows that the school is a bold and stand out school when the writing is bold, however, when it is faded like this it makes the school seem distant and nowhere near standing out from the crowd. It is interesting how the editor has made the sub-headings for the different sections of the contents page different colours which makes them stand out from the blue background which is good as the reader can understand what they can read about in the magazine. It is good how they have made the colour scheme the same as the front cover which you can see in the previous section of this power point. It makes the reader notice that they will not have to keep focusing on loads of different colours within the magazine. Also the background is not a complicated one and is very simple so it does not catch the readers eye and keep them focused on that. However the image that is on the background should be just a bit bolder so that is does not look blurry like it was a bad photograph. All it needs is to be a bit more bolder then it would be a decent background image.
  9. 9. The colours that are used in this contents page are really good as they are not too bold or too light but they are near perfect. This is because the reader is not having to focus on one colour but on all of these complementary colours. I find the font of this contents page very good as it looks all uniformed and the fonts are not constantly changing so the reader can read the whole contents page without having to keep focusing on different fonts which would put them off reading the rest of the magazine as it would give the impression The images that are used on the page are very effective as they are all school based with the aspect of music as it seems this magazine is a school magazine about music. It is good how the main background image is of a girl holding a flute to show that she enjoys playing that instrument at school. The only issue I have with this magazine is with the images at the bottom of the page having big numbers on them even though on the whole they look organised, they don’t look right with the numbers on them. The main background image is given a really attractive look how it is slanted and it fades into the actual white background. This is good as it looks really specialist made.