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PebbleStorm Story
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PebbleStorm Story


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Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. PebbleStorm “ Make Money Through Enjoyment” DRAFT DRAFT
    • 2. “ Make Money Through Enjoyment”
    • 3. Who Should Care About PebbleStorm…
      • If you’d like to:
        • Make more money, have more fun & help more people!
        • Have a say in the how, what, when & where you work
        • Make money from doing what you love, even while you sleep, or from Argentina, or from Kauai…
        • Create profitable businesses with 4 hours of work (I’ve done this twice already)
    • 4. Use the Downturn To Your Advantage
      • Business has changed
      • Reflect on your dream business
      • Finally move on it
      • Selling/Promotion-> Attraction
      • Push > Pull
    • 5.
      • What if you could Make more $$$ ,
      • Have more fun
      • And make a bigger difference From doing what you love?
    • 6. Example: Tim Ferriss
      • Author #1 Bestseller, “The 4-Hour Workweek”
      • “ The Indiana Jones for the digital age”
      • Travel, mini-retirements, life hacking, Tango, breakdancing, “Trial By Fire” TV show…
    • 7. Roadmap To The 4-Hour Workweek
      • If you love your work, is it still “work”?
      • Goal: spend only a few hours per week on work you don’t like by creating a business:
        • Out of what you enjoy, and
        • That generates passive income
    • 8. Aaron Ross
      • Past
      • CEO of LeaseExchange: $0
      • Director at $100 Million
      • ‘ Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ at Alloy Ventures: $1B
      • Current
      • PebbleStorm: “Make money through enjoyment”
        • CEOFlow: “Grow revenue through enjoyment”
    • 9. Why I Created PebbleStorm
    • 10. What Is PebbleStorm?
      • PebbleStorm is an organization that helps people “make money through enjoyment” by supporting anyone in their creation of any Dream Business , with:
        • Guidance (blog, book, etc.)
        • Monthly conference calls
        • PebbleStorm Groups
    • 11. Where The Name Came From
      • Small Pebble
      • Big Wave
    • 12. Combines The Best Of…
      • Capitalism…
      • Financial abundance
      • Creative evolution
      • Satisfying needs
      • Buddhism…
      • Happiness
      • Integrity
      • Letting go of needs
    • 13. Align What Makes You Happy
      • Is your work aligned with your life purpose/Unique Genius?
      • “ Leaves ” are Fleeting Pleasures that last minutes to weeks, such as the enjoyment from closing a big deal
      • “ Branches ” are Enduring Satisfactions that last for years, such as a career
      • The “ Trunk ” is Lifetime Meaning , such as your Unique Genius. This is what most people are missing
      • Everything springs from your Mindset, the “ Roots ” , the source of health or dysfunction of the entire tree
    • 14. Align What Makes You Happy
    • 15. Example: Al Gore
      • Al Gore came alive after politics and in doing “An Inconvenient Truth”
      • He reconnected with his “trunk”, the environment
      • Net worth: >$100 million*
      *Fast Company, July 2007
    • 16. PebbleStorm In Its Simplest Form
      • Envision your Dream Business & tap into your Unique Genius
      • Keeping taking babysteps towards creating your Dream Business
      • Practice patience while it evolves
      1 2 3
    • 17. Reflect, Play, Attract, Package, Receive
    • 18. PebbleStorm’s 5 Steps
      • REFLECT – What is your Dream Business? Unique Genius?
      • PLAY – What is your ‘voice’, and how would you share it with others? (Blog, events, video…) How would you mash your passions?
      • ATTRACT – Who is drawn in by your ‘voice’? How can you build an audience?
      • PACKAGE – What kinds of products, services can you offer to your audience? (Either from yourself or others)
      • RECEIVE – Income and growth naturally flow to you
    • 19. Unique Genius Is Your Power
    • 20. What Is Your Unique Genius? How can you mash-up your talents, in ways that you enjoy, and that are meaningful to yourself and other?
    • 21. Unique Genius Examples
      • Aaron Ross: “Make money through enjoyment”
        • Yanik Silver, “Make more $, have more fun, give more back”
        • Steve Pavlina, “Personal development for smart people”
        • Max Simon, “Instill some stillness in the world”
        • Amy Applebaum, “Help people create lives they can’t wait to wake up to”
        • Kacy Paide, “Creating the Centerpiece of Your Success”
    • 22. Sample Questions
      • If you didn’t have to make money and could do anything for work, what would it be?
      • What are all the things you enjoy doing?
      • What do people come to you for advice on?
      • What do people keep telling you you should do?
      • What are you so good at that you don’t even realize it, because it’s as natural as breathing?
      • Who would you help with your business, and how?
      • At 8 years old, what did you want to do, and why?
    • 23. A Dream Business: Inspire Yourself!
      • On a blank sheet of paper, ask yourself “If I was assured of success and could do A N Y T H I N G for work, I would…”
      • “My dream business would be…”
      • How would you make it enjoyable or fun , for yourself & others? What would be your ‘twist’?
    • 24. “Don’t Let The Bozos Get You Down”
      • -Guy Kawasaki, Author ‘Art of the Start’
      • Easy to spot: the grumpy, cynical people who shoot down all your ideas
      • Harder to spot: the "successful bozo" wearing a nice suit
    • 25. Example: Yanik Silver
      • Took a blank sheet of paper and designed his dream business of how to “Make more money, have more fun, give more back”
      • Adventure, CEO networking, helping others
    • 26.
      • My Dream Business, PebbleStorm, helps others create their own Dream Businesses.
      • … while working when, how, with whom and from where I want.
      Example: Aaron Ross
    • 27. Mash Your Passions How could you combine your favorite things all into one business? Yoga + poetry + travel + X = ?
    • 28. Example: Adventure Yoga Retreats
      • Ted McDonald combines yoga, world travel and excursions
      • The beaches of Fiji, horseback riding in Patagonia, safari in Africa…
    • 29. YOU Are Your Own Worst Enemy
      • “ I don’t have a great idea”
      • “ I don’t have any time”
      • “ I don’t have any money”
      • “ My friends & family discourage me”
      • “ I’m not an entrepreneur”
      • “ I can’t focus”
      • “ What if I fail?”
      • “ I’ve never done this”
      • “ I didn’t go to Stanford”
      • “ I don’t know where to start”
      • “ I’m not special enough”
      • “ I don’t have connections”
    • 30. I Designed PebbleStorm For ANYONE
      • You don’t need much time (just a few hours per week or month)
      • You don’t need money
      • Or even ideas, support, connections…
      • Everyone feels the fear (yes, me too)
      • YOU are the only thing holding yourself back from making money through enjoyment!
    • 31. I Designed PebbleStorm For ANYONE
      • All you need is to be able to:
        • Be authentic with yourself,
        • Take babysteps, and
        • Practice patience
      • I’ve proved this works through my own personal experience
    • 32. Examples: Aaron Ross
      • I’ve been planting seeds for businesses for 2 years, taking advantage of my Unique Genius(es)
      • Time per business per week: 1-4 hours
      • Startup capital required: $10 (for the URL)
    • 33.  
    • 34. Examples: Aaron Ross
      • At the Receive step
      • Generates $2,000 per month in passive income
      • Created it with 4 hours of work
      • It’s a “business mashup” that offers a product of my partner, Brian Mackley, to my sales & marketing audience “Fresh B2B Marketing Data”
    • 35. Examples: Aaron Ross
      • - “Create predictable revenue”
      • At the Package step
      • For sale: “Success Kits” for sales reps and managers
      • Offering it to my existing sales & marketing audience
      • Profitable day 1, after creating the site and product in 4 hours
    • 36. Examples: Aaron Ross
      • CEOFlow - “Grow revenue through enjoyment”
      • ‘ PebbleStorm for CEOs’
      • At the Attract / Package steps
      • Monthly CEO meetings in San Francisco, Los Angeles
    • 37. Examples: Aaron Ross
      • : “Getting more companies funded in Greater Los Angeles”
      • A non-profit mentoring network with USC, CalTech, UCLA
      • At the Attract steps
      • My salary: $0, but –
      • I get to help entrepreneurs, & attract CEO & VC audiences
    • 38. Don’t Quit Your Dayjob
      • Starting from scratch, it can take 1-3 years to receive enough (non-consulting) income from your businesses to support yourself
      • Your dayjob, or other source of income, gives you the breathing room to let your businesses evolve authentically
    • 39. Fun & Play Are Great Business! How can you add fun to work for yourself, your employees and your customers? Even with something simple, like sketching?
    • 40. Example: Zappos!
      • Ranked #23 on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For
      • Zappos’ revenue was more than $1 Billion in 2008
      • “ Zappos avoids serious titles & uses parties, parades and decorations to open up trust and communication between depts…and to bring customers in on the fun.”
    • 41. The Golden Rule
      • “ Always follow your enjoyments”
      • Every day, find ways to do
      • more of what you enjoy,
      • and less of what you don’t
    • 42. The Golden Rule
      • Not enjoying something at work? Shoot it with an “ARROw”…
        • EliminAte: what if you just didn’t do it?
        • Redesign: how can you change it to make it more enjoyable? What’s a better alternative?
        • Reframe: how can you find ways to look at it positively?
        • Outsource: can someone else do it?
    • 43. The “Hard” Work of PebbleStorm
      • The hard work is not about hours or effort
      • It’s the ‘inner’ hard work of:
        • Commitment to yourself, rather than sacrificing for others
        • Letting go of limiting beliefs & neediness
        • Letting go of ego
        • Patience
    • 44. Be Patient
      • Doubling the temperature won’t bake a cake faster
      • Patience:
      • Enhances clarity
      • Increases enjoyment
      • Creates time
    • 45. Example: “Ideas Bowl”
      • Write one idea per post-it as you have them
      • Toss into a bowl (or envelope or…)
      • Go through the pile every few weeks
      • Toss 80-90%+ as duplicates, dumb or irrelevant
      • Savor the time created by not working on them 
      • Patience becomes easier with practice.
      • I’ve been working on it for two years!
    • 46. Making The Transition
      • Roadmap
      • Treasure Map
    • 47. PebbleStorm In Its Simplest Form
      • Envision your Dream Business & tap into your Unique Genius
      • Keeping taking babysteps towards creating your Dream Business
      • Practice patience while it evolves
      1 2 3
    • 48. Act Small Take a babystep, no matter how small, at least once per month. What can you get done in an hour or three?
    • 49. Examples of Babysteps
      • Meet for lunch or dinner with friends to share ideas
      • Brainstorm business names
      • Buy some URLs
      • Write & reflect on your dream business or Unique Genius
      • Write out a list of blog topics or event ideas
      • Storyboard a video or presentation
      • Sketch an image
      • Draft a website from scratch, for free, on or
        • I built in a few hours
    • 50. I’m a Bridge
    • 51. Example: Onna Young
      • 9 months ago:
        • Struggling saleswoman
      • Today
        • Successful sales job (main income)
        • CEO of
        • Marketing group
        • Mananonymous
        • etc
    • 52. Option 1: Self-Study
      • Explore your Dream Business & Unique Genius by writing & talking with friends
        • Worksheet on
      • Get a group of entrepreneurial friends together monthly, say for a potluck dinner
      • Take a babystep of any kind – just do something!
    • 53. Option 2: The PebbleStorm Program
      • Description
      • Find out more, hear samples, and sign up at
    • 54. Option 3: Special Situations
      • Description
      • Find out more at
    • 55. Thank You!
      • Find out more up at