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PebbleStorm "Feed Your Freedom" Program 070809
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PebbleStorm "Feed Your Freedom" Program 070809


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. PebbleStorm “Feed Your Freedom” July 8, 2009
  • 2. Where We’re Going • Why I’ve Created This Program • My Story • George Kao’s Story • The PebbleStorm Feed Your Freedom Program • What’s Next
  • 3. Why I Created This Program • I have talented friends who are trapped in unfulfilling (and soul-eating) jobs • I have talented friends that have escaped the cube and yet don’t have real freedom because of a lack of regular income • I’ve been in both situations – and didn’t enjoy either. • I can help you create regular income that preserves your freedom
  • 4. Roadmap
  • 5. This Is For... • Professionals who have been successful • You know what you DON’T want to do • You aren’t sure yet what you DO want to do (clearly enough to live on it) • You want to make enough money to be comfortable, while preserving your freedom to travel, play or work on other projects • People would find your expertise valuable…if you knew where to find them and what to offer
  • 6. Why Feed Your Freedom? • Create your own stream of income independent of a risky or unfulfilling job • Get the lifestyle you want now, not years from now! • Give yourself the mental space to discover your Unique Genius • So you can come adventure-work-travel with me 
  • 7. Why “Freedom Consulting”? • Consulting can be just another j-o-b, OR • Consulting can be designed to feed your freedom! • Begin with the end in mind
  • 8. What Does Feed Your Freedom Mean? • A consulting or coaching practice that generates ‘enough’ predictable income per month ($5k-$10k) to be comfortable, yet only requires 1-3 days of work per week • You deliver your services in ways that support the freedom you want for travel, relationships or other business ideas
  • 9. What This Isn’t • Make millions of dollars now • Massive passive income • Rocket science
  • 10. What This Is • Realistic • Achievable • Proven • Simple
  • 11. It Can Be As Simple As… Step 1: Get Clear – What Do You Want? Step 2: Determine The Ideal Client Step 3: Decide How You Want To Serve Them Step 4: Have Conversations Step 5: Sign Clients
  • 12. Aaron Ross Past • CEO of LeaseExchange: $0 • Director at $100 Million • ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ at Alloy Ventures ($1B) • With consulting in between Over the past two years… • PebbleStorm: “Make money through enjoyment” • CEOFlow: “Create sales, freedom and adventure with inspired employees” • Also, and more
  • 13. I Didn’t See The True Beauty Of Freedom Consulting • Leaving, I thought I didn’t want to do sales consulting • Kept getting asked for it • I realized – I enjoyed some consulting (short projects / variety / good people / money / challenge) – I enjoyed it even more when it was in a coaching format, with weekly calls rather than intense projects – Better use of the time and money of clients – Created freedom for myself
  • 14. Over Two Years… • While creating those businesses… • Worked the equivalent of 1-3 days a week • Invested little money beyond URLs and Wordpress • And I spent months traveling or living in Bali, Japan, China, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Brazil, Argentina, Kauai… (Pix: Fickr, Facebook) I’m creating the path so you can join me – it’s more fun with others!
  • 15. The PebbleStorm “Feed Your Freedom” Program • 3 months long • Tele-seminars every two weeks • TBD: In-person workshops in SF, LA • Team/community focus: get the group mind working to refer each other clients • Options for extra 1-1 coaching • Pricing: must be affordable, but also enough to ensure only COMMITTED people are in – This is an Action program
  • 16. Your 3 Month Program Goal • If you don’t have a practice yet: – Get your first two (2) clients • If you do have a practice: – Get your first two (2) clients of your redesigned services The follow up program will be to multiply your monthly income
  • 17. How It Works 1) TBD? One in-person kickoff workshop (SF, LA) – NYC or DC when _?_ people sign up there 2) Six (6) Tele-seminars (each two week) 3) Accountability teams – Groups of 4 – Weekly team call keep each other on track 4) Referral groups – Groups of 8 – Based on common industries, geographies, etc, to make it easy to refer each other clients
  • 18. Example Program Topics • How to find clients • How you can get clients • Marketing, pricing without “selling” • Designing your services • The PebbleStorm support system • Getting clear (what to do, for who) • Building credibility • Risks, fears, roadblocks • George Kao’s Webinar Method • “Two jobs” Timing • How to design your services • to feed your freedom • Tools/apps • Juggling two jobs • Time management • The people around you • Investing in yourself (discouragers/supporters) through a coach
  • 19. Why Invite Professional Friends In? • You will earn $ • They will get a discount • Working with them will help you succeed faster and more easily: – You already know and trust them – More referrals more easily – Extra support – You’ll enjoy it more keeping you moving forward!
  • 20. I Haven’t Heard A Question I Can’t Answer • Who can do this, who can’t? • How do I make it predictable? • How much do I have to do? • What do I do about my fears holding me back? • How much time does the program require, and • What if people don’t want what I have to offer? how do I find that time? • How do I design my services to protect my • How do I find my niche? freedom? • What programs do I offer? • How do I create my program rules (when clients • What if people can’t afford me? can call, etc) • Where can I find clients? • What are the risks? • How much do I charge? • What are the most common fears, roadblocks? • When do I cut off free advice? (when you have • How do I know when the time is right to do this? a program) • Women tend to wait until things are fully • How do I market to clients? developed before they decide/commit – how do How do I be ok making mistakes? I gain the confidence to do this? • How do I value my time? How do I price? • What if the people around me are discouraging • me? • How do I know I’m ready for a coach? • How do I find a community of people who do • What is my competition? what I do? • How do I justify my rate? • What if I can’t let my work/boss know I’m doing • What do I outsource or delegate? this? • How does a sales process work? • How can I transition w/o worrying about paying rent?
  • 21. Good News / Bad News • The Good News: – It’s real and all the pieces are right here • The Bad News: – My marketing coach says DO NOT DO THIS PROGRAM (yet) – Because: he wants me to focus 100% on a CEOFlow program that blows him away (for CEOs) – When I hire people for their expertise, I listen
  • 22. Next Steps? You Tell Me!