CEOFlow Intro Webinar 11.11.09

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  • First a CEO has get to get results, before they can create the space they need to tap into their, and their team’s, enjoyment…in order to increase the motivation and inspiration that will improve results…
  • It is perfect timing for PebbleStorm, because business has changed, and it will never be the same
  • My focus: reporting to executives, talent (hiring, coaching, culture, fun I infrequently had fires to personally fight (once per two months?)Example: Marc Benioff wants a personal report/audit from me on a sales deal
  • The fish stinks from the head
  • First a CEO has get to get results, before they can create the space they need to tap into their, and their team’s, enjoyment…in order to increase the motivation and inspiration that will improve results…
  • First a CEO has get to get results, before they can create the space they need to tap into their, and their team’s, enjoyment…in order to increase the motivation and inspiration that will improve results…


  • 1. CEOFlow
    “Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs”
  • 2. CEOFlow Is For You If You Want To…
    Inspire your employees to care as much about your business as you do
    Create an environment where you employees always do a great job without you having to push them
    Make sure you have the right systems in place for your employees to generate predictable sales time and time again
    Ensure that your employees give your customers the level of service and care that your business promises
    Get as much free time as you desire to have fun with your family, travel, or just get away for an adventure
  • 3. Three Pillars: Money, Freedom & Adventure
  • 4. Business Is Transforming
  • 5. The Transformation Of Business
    “Push” Management
    Employees pushed to do work as an obligation
    Hard-ass CEO
    Employees difficult to motivate
    “Do as I say, not as I do”
    Internal competition
    Decisions pushed up to highest levels
    Employees sink-or-swim
    “Pull” Management
    Employees “pulled” by the opportunity to contribute
    Authentic CEO
    Inspired employees self-motivate
    Everyone in the same boat
    Internal collaboration
    Decisions made at the lowest level possible
    Nurturing people
  • 6. Problems
    You feel like you’re working for your business, rather than having a business that works for you
    You feel like the business needs a lot of pushing and effort to make it work, it doesn’t flow easily
    More loneliness and stress at the top
    Grudgingly motivated employees
    High turnover
    Sales and services challenges
    Uncertainty about next steps, direction
  • 7. My Story: Part 1
    Stanford Undergrad + GSB dropout
    CEO of LeaseExchange: -$5 Million
    Ironman Triathlon (+ a 3-day coma)
    28-day Boulder Outdoor Survival School field course
    Aka “The bug eating trip”
    Four years at in sales & acquisitions
    Created a sales lead generation process & self-managing team that sourced $100 Million in recurring revenue for
    Sales book deal with Wiley (#1 business publisher)
  • 8. My $100M Self-Managing Sales System
    I created a highly predictable sales lead generation process
    Structure: 1 team lead for every 5 direct reports
    Sub-teams managed their own:
    Quality control of sales processes (audit process)
    Small incentive/marketing budgets
    Hiring, training
    Peer reviews
    Rotating responsibility for who managed the weekly “Salesforce University” team meeting
    Whole sales team involved in creating the team vision, comp plan & reporting and reconciling (transparent compensation)
    Team continued growing after I was promoted to acquisitions
  • 9. A Day In My Life
    I never had fires to fight! I could spend my time investing in the long-term success of my people and my own contribution to
    7a: Wake up, workout, motorcycle to work
    9a: Get to work
    9a-10a: Email
    10a-12a: “Important, urgent” Walk around and do troubleshooting coaching (such as sitting on sales calls)
    1p-5p: “Important, not urgent”
    1-1 coaching, walking around and talking with team
    Work on a project for next month (such as a new lead generation experiment)
    Win/loss studies on how to improve results
    End-of-the-month reporting up
  • 10. My Story: After
    ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ at Alloy Ventures ($1B)
    On 10 advisory boards + investor in six companies
    Founded PebbleStorm, for clients who want to love their work and its rewards:
    Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow a business around their Unique Genius (who then hire people and turn into…)
    CEOs who want to turn employees into mini-CEOs
  • 11. My ‘Big Wave’: Project 2057
    Help 100 million people make money through enjoyment
    Help them create $1 trillion in new wealth
    Find ways to measure & increase their happiness with work
  • 12. Still Adventuring ‘07-’09
    A month in Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet
    A month in Bali
    A month in Buenos Aires
    A month in China/Japan
    PebbleStorm Retreat in Kauai
    10-day Silent Vipassana Meditation
    Burning Man
    Hoffman Institute
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. Zappos,, Facebook, Google…
  • 16. CEO As The Pebble In The Pond
  • 17. Example: Zappos!
    Ranked #23 on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For
    Zappos’ revenue was more than $1 Billion in 2008
    “Zappos avoids serious titles & uses parties, parades and decorations to open up trust and communication between depts…and to bring customers in on the fun.”
  • 18. CEO Sweetspot
  • 19. Proven CEOFlow Track Records
    Gore & Associates
    1-800-Got Junk
    Sea Smoke Cellars
    AES / Dennis Bakke
    Joie de Vivre Hotels
    Menlo Innovations
    Axiom News
  • 20. Extreme CEOFlow: Semco & “The Seven Day Weekend”
    Semco is a $300 million+ company, growing 25% per year.
    Semco has no organizational chart.
    No one approves reports or expense accounts.
    There's no business plan or company strategy, no two year or five-year plan, no goal or mission statement.
    There’s no long-term budget.
    The company often does not have a fixed CEO.
    There are no vice presidents or CIOs.
    There are no standards or practices.
    There's no human resources department.
    There are no job descriptions or employee contracts.
  • 21. What Is CEOFlow? The Systematization Of What The Founders Of These Successful Freedom Companies Have Organically Created
  • 22. CEOFlow’s Puzzle Pieces
    CEOFlow includes:
    A “CEOFlow System”, delivered through individual and group coaching
    Including how to create predictable sales & revenue
    A community of peers
    Tools, case studies, CEO interviews
    Fun adventures! (Local and world)
    Future: a book
  • 23. Aaron’s Golden Rules Of An Employee-Led Business
    You work for your employees
    Create a culture of no surprises and no blame
    Let go of those who don’t belong
    Allow your employees to stumble
    Take baby steps
    Get a coach or mentor
    Find a community of like-minded CEOs
  • 24. 5 Myths About Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees
    You must always seem strong, in control and have all the answers
    Employees don’t need to (and shouldn’t) know everything that’s going on in the business
    You have to sacrifice a lot of your own enjoyment and fun for your business to succeed
    Mistakes and failures are bad
    The more you work, the more successful the business will be
  • 25. The Step-By-Step CEOFlow System
    CEO Gets Clear
    Choose Your Next Adventure
    Create A Shared Vision
    Set Up Your Rhythms (Your Drumbeat)
    What kinds of meetings & events, when
    Share The Journey
    Share The Results
    Gratitude, Profit Sharing
    Help Choose A Next Adventure
  • 26. Example: Set Up Your Rhythms
    Transparency & regular communication are essential to creating flow & mini-CEOs
    Morning Team Check-Ins (3 Goals Habit)
    Weekly Staff Meetings
    Regular anyone-is-invited “Meeting Of The Minds” sessions – for anyone who has ideas & wants to help solve problems
    Friday CEO Updates / Q&A
    Monthly All-Company Update & Conversation
    Best: share the board slides with the company
    Quarterly (Inexpensive) Offsites For All Teams
    Monthly Internal Coaching / Mentoring Sessions
    Forget annual performance reviews
  • 27. CEOFlow Surveys To Measure Flow
  • 28. Creating Predictable Sales
    Ideal Customer Profile
    Leads: Seeds, Nets, Spears
    (Spears) Outbound selling
    "Selling To Success" sales process
    Inbound lead management
    Key Performance Indicators
    Sales org design & roles
    Sales talent: hiring, training
    Sales management best practices
  • 29. Mini-CEO Adventures: Treasure Map Hike
  • 30. Bigger CEO Adventures
    A motorcycle trek across Europe
  • 31. Bigger CEO Adventures
    A family friendly yoga and hiking trip to Machu Picchu
  • 32. Sales Consulting, Freedom Coaching, Adventures
  • 33. Benefits To CEO, Employees, Investors
    Inspired mini-CEOs who want to make a difference and contribute like partners
    More practical revenue-generating ideas
    More practical cost-saving ideas
    Lower turnover
    Attract high-quality new talent
    Happier customers = more profit & growth
    Faster, more sustainable sales
    Reduced support costs and problems
    Sustainability: a company that is not dependent on the CEO or single employees
    More revenue: A CEO and executive team that is more creative, strategic and energized
  • 34. One Bundle Idea: Sales + Freedom + Adventure
    Sign up for a CEOFlow group adventure (motorcycle trek in Europe, Machu Picchu, etc)
    Now you’re committed to developing your business
    In preparation for the trip: a 6-month program to
    a) Turn your employees into mini-CEOs, and
    b) Systematize sales/results
    The mini-CEOs get mini-adventures of their own
    2Levels of service
    Gold: Mastermind/Group
    Platinum: Gold + Private Aaron Sessions
    Success metric: “The CEO enjoys their adventure and the company performs better in their absence”
    Start January 2010
  • 35. Another Idea: A La Carte
    A focused Sales program, or
    A focused Freedom (“mini-CEOs”) program,or
    Just sign up for Adventures
    Two levels:
    Gold: a 6-month Mastermind (group) program with regular content and Q&A calls, a 2-day live retreat, etc.
    Platinum: Gold + Private Aaron Sessions
  • 36. 36