Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS-webinar
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Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS-webinar



In this presentation shows you how the benefits of AWS technologies can be combined with a new approach to Development and Operations. ...

In this presentation shows you how the benefits of AWS technologies can be combined with a new approach to Development and Operations.

It’s all about delivering new features and functionality faster, without compromising reliability, stability and performance.

* Understand the challenges faced by traditional Development and Operations teams
* Apply Continuous Integration/Delivery processes and tools to enable change
* Appreciate how various AWS technologies can be used to facilitate DevOps



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Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS-webinar Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS
  • 2. Who am I Aaron Walker CTO @base2Services
  • 3. Who are base2Services base2Services is an Australian company that provides DevOps as a Managed Service and expert consulting for cloud-based infrastructure. ! ! Bridging the gap between software development and operations so that you get the best out of your applications in the cloud.
  • 4. Traditional Thinking around Development and Operations Dev’s job is to add new features ! ! Op’s job is to keep the site stable and fast
  • 5. But Dev’s job is NOT to add new features ! ! Op’s job is NOT to keep the site stable and fast
  • 6. Their job is to ENABLE their business
  • 7. Your business REQUIRES change
  • 8. Choose: ! Discourage change in the interests of stability ! OR ! Allow change to happen as often as it needs to
  • 9. – Someone smarter than me “The right culture is a requirement for survival and success at web scale”
  • 10. How do we enable change • Automation • Continuous Integration/Delivery • not just for application code • JEDI - use the force Luke
 (Just Enough Developed Infrastructure) • Small incremental changes • NO BIG BANG • revertible • Fast detection of failures
  • 11. How does AWS help?
  • 12. Automation • CloudFormation • NO manual creation of environments • MUST BE Version controlled • OpsWorks
 (or Chef/Puppet etc choose your poison) • Simple WorkFlow • Route 53 If it can’t be automated DON’T DO IT
  • 13. Continuous Integration/Delivery • Every commit triggers a change • including infrastructure changes • AMI’s are your friends • FAT vs Thin • Dev’s and Ops doing it the same • use the same tools (Vagrant, Packer, Chef/Puppet etc) • Test the SH#T out of everything
  • 14. Small incremental changes • Simplify the deployment process • AMI’s as deployable artifacts • Built and tested by CI process • CloudFormation Stack Update and Rollback • Make deploying FAST • with little or no manual tasks
  • 15. Fast detection of failures • Monitor EVERYTHING • CloudWatch - collect and push custom metrics • S3 - Archive metrics even if your not using them right now. One day you will, trust me • EMR - because it’s cool :)
  • 16. The scenario You have an application that is developed by your dev team and you are running it in AWS
  • 17. • Working towards a go live date • Timelines are tight • Investment accountability • Late nights and quick code releases You have awesome developers
  • 18. You go-live and use your developers for support • Diverts focus away from their dev work • Need to learn infrastructure in detail • Security and Optimisation are missed • Experience in production Severity1 issues?
  • 19. What happens next? • 24x7 pager duty • 3am issues • Impact on developers time • Come in late, tired and pissed off • Missing daily stand ups • Project slippage!
  • 20. So, you hire an Ops guy as well • You have to find one first • Recruiters ;) • Seek? • Dev principles are not followed • Works 24x7, gets sick • Roadblocks ensue • Leaves!
  • 21. How can base2Services help?
  • 22. Cloud Focused Managed Service Provider with a strong background in application development & Integration
  • 23. base2Services Support • We work closely with you to make the process and performance of the system better. • Consider us your extension to your architects and developers DevOps - We get it!!!!
  • 24. base2Services Support • You gain access to our knowledge and talent of e-commerce, AWS, and almost anything to do with online services • base2Services is involved in some of Australia's largest e-commerce and classifieds sites. • Everyone has AWS certification Expertise and Talent
  • 25. base2Services Support • We make sure that what the developers build can be tested first and deployed to production when you are ready. • Safe rollback points are created prior to production releases. Continuous Integration
  • 26. base2Services Support • We constantly assess what the developer's have built. • We can pinpoint particular issues and advise you of the issues to make the system work better. • For example, we know which SQL queries cause issues and how to fix them. Performance review
  • 27. Questions a.walker@base2services.com 1300 713 559 @aaronwalker