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  • 1. Low FrictionPersonalData Collection@aaronpk • aaronparecki.comOpen Source Bridge • June 2013
  • 2. Things I track consistently¡ Location: GPS (since 2008)¡ Location: Checkins (since 2009)¡ Sleep (since November 2011)¡ Weight (since October 2011)¡ Car Gas Fillups (2008-2011)¡ Bike Rides (since 2013)¡ Steps / Activity (since November 2011)@aaronpk
  • 3. Things I track consistently¡ Location: GPS (since 2008) Geoloqi iPhone app¡ Location: Checkins (since 2009) Foursquare¡ Sleep (since November 2011) Jawbone Up¡ Weight (since October 2011) Withings Scale¡ Car Gas Fillups (2008-2011) Homegrown DB via SMS¡ Bike Rides (since 2013) Strava + Wahoo Bike & Heart Rate¡ Steps / Activity (since November 2011) Jawbone, Fitbit@aaronpk
  • 4. Things I track inconsistently¡  One photo every day – off and on since 2007¡  Heart Rate – During bike rides or other activities¡  Food I Eat – Usually only for 3-4 days at a time
  • 5. Location: GPS2008 - Present@aaronpk
  • 6. Hardware GPS Logger (2007)@aaronpk
  • 7. GPS-Enabled Phone (2008)@aaronpk
  • 8. Geoloqi on an iPhone@aaronpk
  • 9. @aaronpk
  • 10. Why do I keep using it?¡  Requires very little effort to maintain¡  I use the raw location to add context to othertypes of records (e.g. sleep)¡  I can turn any timestamp into a location
  • 11. Location: Checkins2009 - Present@aaronpk
  • 12. Foursquare Checkins@aaronpk
  • 13. Checkie: One-click Checkins@aaronpk
  • 14. Checkin History@aaronpk
  • 15. Why do I keep using it?¡ Requires little effort to maintain¡ The tidbits from Foursquare are fun to see!¡  “It’s been 6 months since you’ve last checked inhere”¡  “11 weeks in a row at the Portland Airport!”¡  “Six weeks since you last checked in with Turoczy!”¡ To get accurate venue data, need a manual step.Can’t be done reliably automatically.
  • 16. Gas Fillups2008 - 2011@aaronpk
  • 17. Simple SMS Interface@aaronpk
  • 18. Simple SMS Interface@aaronpkodometergallonsdollars
  • 19. Fillups
  • 20. Why was this successful?¡ Minimal & forgiving interface¡ SMS from my phone¡ numbers could be sent in any order (mileage,gallons, price) and it would figure out which iswhich
  • 21. SleepNov 2011 - Present@aaronpk
  • 22. Sleep Cycle App¡ Place your phone on your bed¡ Requires your phone to beplugged in¡ Can wake you up at anappropriate time@aaronpk
  • 23. Fitbit¡ Tracks steps, activity, and sleep¡ To track sleep, requires you wear itaround your wrist¡ I was not able to sustain this because ofthe extra effort of using the wrist strap¡ Button tap to put into “Sleep” mode,gives visual feedback (timer startsrunning)@aaronpk
  • 24. Jawbone UP¡ Always on my wrist, so I never forget about it¡ Battery lasts 8-10 days¡ Alarm wakes up only me since it buzzes my arm silently¡ Button tap to put into “Sleep” mode, gives visual andaudio feedback@aaronpk
  • 25. Sleep Logs@aaronpk¡ Times are localizedusing location datafrom Geoloqi¡ Timezone is foundusing Terraformergithub.com/Esri/Terraformer¡ Using a reversegeocoder to addCity, State, Country
  • 26. Publishing Sleep Logs
  • 27. WithMicroformats!
  • 28. http://aaronparecki.com/metrics/2013/06/19/072804/http://aaronparecki.com/metrics/2013/06/19/072804.json
  • 29. Sleep LogsNov 2011 – June 2013
  • 30. Sleep LogsNov 2011 – June 2013
  • 31. Sleep Logs by City
  • 32. Sleep Logs by CityJetlagSXSW
  • 33. WeightOct 2011 - Present@aaronpk
  • 34. @aaronpkWithings Wireless Scale
  • 35. @aaronpkWithings Wireless Scale
  • 36. @aaronpkWithings Wireless ScaleGeoloqiAcquired
  • 37. Bike RidesSince June 2013@aaronpkExperimental
  • 38. Wahoo Blue SC¡ Attaches to bike frame and wheel¡ Measures speed and cadence@aaronpk
  • 39. Wahoo Blue HR
  • 40. Strava iPhone App¡ GPS, Bike Speed, Heart Rate@aaronpk
  • 41. Steps / ActivitySince November 2011@aaronpkExperimental
  • 42. Fitbit¡ Tracks steps, activity, and sleep¡ Step count¡ Pro: syncs wirelessly when near basestation¡ Con: not immediately visible sinceit’s on my hip, not my wrist@aaronpk
  • 43. Jawbone UP¡ Always on my wrist, so I never forget about it¡ Battery lasts 8-10 days¡ Pro: simple and light¡ Con: no display, must sync by plugging in to phone@aaronpk
  • 44. Nike FuelBand¡ Battery lasts 8-10 days¡ Pro: Bright LED display, syncs via Bluetooth LE¡ Con: Fuel number is opaque@aaronpk
  • 45. Step Count Comparison836 Steps 941 Steps790 Steps@aaronpk
  • 46. Why experimental?I have not yet found a good way to:¡  normalize and store the data¡  share the data on my website@aaronpk
  • 47. SmartThingsSince June 2013@aaronpkExperimental
  • 48. SmartThings¡ Dead simple home automation¡ Presence, motion, door locks, more@aaronpk
  • 49. SmartThings¡ Get alerts when¡ a door is opened¡ there is motion in a room¡ Turn on and off lights¡ Set up rules to docombinations of things¡ Temperature logging@aaronpk
  • 50. Where does it go?@aaronpk
  • 51. Currently: PESOS¡  indiewebcamp.com/PESOS¡  Content is created in third-party services¡  Using feeds, webhooks, content is pulled into myown database¡  Content is then normalized, correlated, andpublished on my sitePublish Elsewhere,Syndicate to your Own Site@aaronpk
  • 52. Database .md files in Gitaaronparecki.comPublic
  • 53. Ideal: POSSE¡  indiewebcamp.com/POSSE¡  Content is created in my own infrastructure¡  Syndicate to third-party services for the benefitsthey provide (social sharing, analytics, etc)Publish on your Own Site,Syndicate Elsewhere@aaronpk
  • 54. Database .md files in Gitaaronparecki.comPubliciPhoneHomeSensorsPersonalServerBodySensors@aaronpk
  • 55. Things I Want toTrackBut have not yet been able tofor various reasons@aaronpk
  • 56. Food and drink Iconsume@aaronpk
  • 57. Stress level@aaronpk
  • 58. What people I am withat any given time@aaronpk
  • 59. Who Ivecommunicated witheach day@aaronpk
  • 60. General noise levelaround me at all times@aaronpk
  • 61. Ambient soundrecordings withtranscriptions@aaronpk
  • 62. Ambient photo/videorecording@aaronpk
  • 63. Other Low Friction Tools@aaronpk
  • 64. Sheet-fed Scanner@aaronpkOne-button scan to Dropbox
  • 65. @aaronpk
  • 66. Eye-Fi Camera Card@aaronpkPhotos uploaded automatically to Flickrfrom wifi connections
  • 67. Nest Thermostat¡ Simple Interface (turn right, left, press down)¡ Can be controlled from your phone@aaronpk
  • 68. Pebble Smart WatchDisplays text messages so I can avoid lookingat my phone except to respond @aaronpk
  • 69. Low Friction:If I can’t use it, then probablynobody else will either@aaronpk
  • 70. ThanksAaron Parecki@aaronpkaaronparecki.com
  • 71. indiewebcamp.comJune 22-23, 2013