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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis
  2. 2. The banner and the main title is on the main lines, of the route of the eye, so it grabs the users attention, it is also used a fontBanner is used to showcase whatswithin the magazine. This banner which helps describe the style of the magazine because its allis used very well because it is big a broken upand bold and helps the magazinebecome notice within a crowd thefont theyey have used is very The editor has used agood since it is broken it enables medium close up of a rockthe idea that this is a a rock star with a guitar becausemagazine and it relates back to then it can be associatedthe style of it back o rock/alternative. Doing this makes peopleTitle is used to let the readersknow this is a keerang realise straight away whatmagazine, and so it follows ahouse scheme, again this is in afont which helps make itrecognizable to people that it is a The bold headings are usedrock magazine. While doing this it to capture the readers eyes itstill makes people realise that this is used in a rusty font whichmagazine is indeed a kerrang helps create the idea thatmagazine so it keeps they keep this is a rock magazine. Itthis all the way through all theremagazines also fits in well with theA montage of pictures is used to header because it looks verycreate a simple interface with similarmany little pictures and notes The editor has used thewith them which makes people colours yellow, green and redrealise what that picture is because those colours areabout. never normally mixed together, and this a trys to The colour yellow is used say rock is different throughout this magazine. It is done very effectively because it grabs the attention of the reader so it draws there attention.
  3. 3. Typography – the font for the main headings used are the typewhich looks all messy and cracked glass, this refers back to genreof music this gives the reader a great impression before theyeven start readingLayout – they have used a space open layout where, theweighting isnt so crammed into one particular area, this givesthe user an impression that the magazine Is neat, tidy and easyto read, this doesnt’t fit around the style o the magazine as wellLanguage – the type of language is aggressive to try and seekattention from the reader it also shows the type of magazinevery well because rock is big and ti looks for a teentionColour – the use of yellow and black is used constantly throughthe front page of this magazine, this is because it refers back to awarning sign post, so indicating it is dangerous so this fits ionnicely with that rock is dangerous.Camera work – they have used a medium close up as the mainphoto, they have done this to fit in the guitar and then thisreffers back to that this is a rock magazine. They have used closeups on the small pictures to show you the faces of who else iswithin the magazine and the editor hopes this will catch theaudiences attention.Mise-en-scene – they have incorporated a guitar within thepicture to show of that this is a rock magazine., and the clothingworn by the artists are the type a rock star would wear it is alldone very wellMode of address – The editor has chosen to go with anaggressive mode of address for example they use “!” thisindicates they are shouting as well as using caps throughout thetitle page. This fits in well with the theme of the magazinebecause rock is rethread to being shouty
  4. 4. Big straight font is used tocapture audience attention andit interlinks with being seriusthe colour on the font is a greatcontrast between the Subtitles are used to let youbackground image thius helps know what is within theit to stand out tos it adds more magazine in this example thereto the page and it captures are bold and normal text the bod are bits which are more Close up, is used to important within the magazine capture the artists this helps show which stories are more important expression on there face, which in this case is Simple bold fonts are used serus, which interlinks throughout this front page to with the type of capture the readers attention. magazine, and the hair of CAPS is used as well to make the artist has been the reader feel like the brightened to lighten up magazine is shouting out at the page, this helps to add them this grabs there attention more and helps reflect the more to the page since it is feelings of the editor just one image, it makes the reader focus on that one person and makes them realise theres a big part on this magazine about that person, The red within her hair really adds constants within the rest of page which is red and black it makes the page stand out more from the croud so it can appeal to audiances
  5. 5. Typography – The editor has used simple bold fonts throughout thispage, but he/she has used different fonts for different headings, to addcontrast. These fonts also fit within NME house style. Bold fonts such as thelogo are put in bold so it stands out from other sections of the page, thebolder the font the more important it isLayout – the editor has kept the style of this page really simple and open sothe readers eyes are dragged more towards the artist on the front thismakes a connection between the reader and the magazine this makes youwant to read more and it gabs the readers attention which helps with thepurchase of the magazine.Language – There isnt that much righting on the front page so your notreally able to say what type of language tey are using, the only really type oflanguage they have used is a quote of the the Florence and machinesColour – there is a very simple colour scheme which is white and black, butwithin the picture they have used, there is a lot of red which gives the textcontrast, and grabs the readers eyes, it make sit stand out from othermagazines.Camera work – A close up is used on the artist to capture herexpression, and this reflects what sort of person she is and it helps create abridge of communication between the reader and the magazine, its alsoused to add contrast with the colour of her hair it also enables the reader tosee instantly who the magazine is aboutMise-en-scene – The only piece of mise en-scene which is used is her makeup she is wearing and the heart necklace these are all symbols of what sheis like as a person and what type of music she sings her red hair could alsobe seems as mise-en-scene since red isnt a natural colour and it is referredto as fire she could be referred to as being on fireMode of address – Caps are used throughout the front page of thismagazine, this is to give the user the impression the magazine is shouting atyou, and it engaged the reader to look at the magazine because it seemslike they have to.
  6. 6. Close up shot is used onBig heading featuring this cover to give thelogo, Is used to show audience a more of anpeople the brand of understanding of the typeproduct, creating a house of magazine, by usingstyle. Sinceit is red it props such as cloths tostands out from the rest of show of what type ofthe page so people know music it features. This alosexactly what they are still allows to see thereading into persins face in detail as Vibrant colours are used well as giving the reader stand out from other the look of the person for magazines, so they example here he is become eye catching, for wearing a suit this example in this magazine a indicates he is an blue colour is used to alternative singer so it stand out from the golden gives an instant ipression background this attracts of what the magzine is the readers eyemore Borders and boxes are used to individualise storys, and to give it a unique look and fee, to attract the audience this also separates everything so it doesnt’t seem so cluttered
  7. 7. Typography – the font used is very bold and straight this fits with the styleof music, for example it is elegant like the type of music used, so this givesthe reader any idea of genre of musicLayout – the layout is unique by using different box sections, this attractsthe eyes of its aimed audience it also creates a more professional and neatmagazine titles and pictures arnt just scattered around the page like othermagazines this shows of the fact that it is an alternative magazine.Language – the editor uses powerful language for example “!” , this givesthe audience the impression that the magazine is shouting out to them.And this will attract people it lurs the audience in and it shows of what typeof magazine this is because alternative music is shouty in some places so itsymbolises this as well.Colour – bright vibrant colours such as red and blue are use to stand outfrom other magazines, this will attract the viewers attention, they have alsoused black in places to link on some construct with the other colours. Theeditor manages to still keep a professional look, by not adding to muchcontrast.Camera work – the editor has used a clos up of the artist show theexpression and postures on the person, this will also indicate to the readerwhat type of audience this magazine is trying ot targetMise-en-scene – the mise-en-scene used in these images mainly consist onwhat the artist is wearing because the background to each of the imagesare used as a plan colour. The cloths the artists are wearing are used tosymbolise what sort of person they are like, and what type of music theyare involved inMode of address – It is professional language used within the magazine aswell as a lot of quotes from the artist so it gives a unique feel and it makesthe audience feel like the artist is supporting the magazine and it will makethem want to buy it more.
  8. 8. Contents Pages
  9. 9. Typography – this font seems to be very straight again and thismakes it very punchy, this helps the reader understand the type ofmusic used the font colour also makes the words stand out of thepage again making it seems like the page is hitting the reader in theface and it makes the reader want to read more because it lursthem inLayout – the layout is unique by using different box sections, thisattracts the eyes of its aimed audience they create a montage ofpictures so the reder has more of a visual feel instead of jst havingto read a lot of text this again liurs the reader in because no onereally likes to read loads of text.Language – the editor uses powerful language for example “!” , thisgives the audience the impression that the magazine is shouting outto them. And this will attract people it makes the reader feel likethey have to read the magazine. It also shows the audience whattype of music it is as well because rock is seen to be shout so it is arepresentation of thatColour – bright vibrant colours such as red and blue are use to standout from other magazines, this will attract the viewersattention, they have also used black in places to link on someconstruct with the other colours. The editor manages to still keep aprofessional look, by not adding to much contrast.Camera work – the editor has used a clos up of the artist show theexpression and postures on the person, this will also indicate to thereader what type of audience this magazine is trying ot target, italso shows of one of the persons tattoos in the pictures and this is arepresentation of rock.Mise-en-scene – the mise-en-scene used in these images mainlyconsist on what the artist is wearing because the background toeach of the images are used as a plan colour. The cloths the artistsare wearing are used to symbolise what sort of person they arelike, and what type of music they are involved in
  10. 10. Typography – Small text is used, so it more information canbe fiton the page this gives the impression to the reader, that it is full ofinformation and it also seems more cluttered up this gives arepresentation of what genre of magazine this is which in this caseisLayout – The layout of the magazine is very cluttered, this gives theimpression that this is magazine is full of information, using acluttered page for NME fits within the genre because its rockish andthat genre is renounced for being messyLanguage – the language used is very power full such as the words“LIVE!” the word it self isnt power full but when you put it in uppercase and you add on the “!” it can seem to the reader like the wordsare being shouted at the this represents what type of magazine thisis as well which in this case is a rock magazine because rock is seento be very shoutyColour – the page seems to be very dull and abit boring to me, butto someone else it could seem to be interesting and exciting this isbecause if someone enjoyed this genre of music they would relatethis colour scheme of lots on black and white and abit of red to addcontrast, these colours are always represented back to rockCamera work – There has only been one pictured featured withinthis page and that’s the image of a building where the hold eventsand they have made it clear by using a medium close upMise-en-scene – the main picture doesn’t feature any mise-en-scene what so ever, the only bit which might be classes as mise-en-scene is is the righting on the build board
  11. 11. Typography – The text used is bold and static and is tight round thepage this helps to fit more text round the page and it makes it seemlike the magazine is more filled, this makes the reader feel like theyare getting more for there moneyLayout – The layout is well organized and doesn’t clutter up thepage to much. It has a massive main picture, which shows thereader the main story within this magazine. It alsoi gives a clearindicationColour – The editor has chosen to go with a dull lock which links inwith the target audience of this magazine, which is then again linkinto the type of magazine this is. The editor has chosen to use red ina few places to add a big of contrast to the page so it doesn’tappear to be to dull and boring.Camera work – The main picture within this contents page is a longshot, this type of shot is used to show the reader what cloths thisband is wearing, and this tells the reader what type of music thisband plays and what type of people they are, this is all done as wellas letting the reader recognize the artists faces.Mise-en-scene – The main pieces of mise-en-scene used withinthese pictures like most others is the cloths the artists arewearing, these cloths are used to show what type of music theartists play and what type of people they are, the background imageis also used to promote the same type of things
  12. 12. 2 Page Spreads
  13. 13. Typography – The font used for the title is very bold andit is made so it looks like each letter has been sut out of anewspaper and stuck in, this is done because it representswhat the girl is feeling (story is based on) this shows hergoing through the pages of a newspaper to cut outletters, like going through the pages of her lifeLayout – The layout is very simple it incorprates a massiveheading which takes up most of the page and somecolumns of text, this is don’t to draw the main attention ofthe reader to the heading of the main story and it keepsthe reader intretedLanguage – The title and language withing this contextpage, is used to seek attention of the reader, or examplejust using the word attention in massive letters, makesyou want to look into it more, so it is seeking attentionColour – The colours are very dull and boring andlifeless, this is done to reenphisise that the girl the mainstory is about is lifeless.Camera work – A medium close up is used for this pictureso it can show the expression within the girls face, and thecloths she is wearing these things all link into how she isfeeling and how she wants to express her self, for exampleshe is wearing a lot of black, this shows she is a darkpersonMise-en-scene – the little pieces of mise-en-scene used isthe cloths she is wearing, and these cloths are used toshow the reader how she is feeling, for example she iswearing a lot of black like I explained in the last paragraphthis is used to enphissi she is a dark person withinMode of address – The text is just trying to seek attentionfrom you by using the word “attention”
  14. 14. Typography – The font is very murkey, its just like brokenglass, this type of font is used to try and enphise thearticle is about someone who doesn’t know where theyare going . Red is also used a lot within this font to standout from the background, it also grabs the attention of thereader.Layout – The layout uses, multiple pictures in a storyboard style to show proression and then a main picturewhich is the main person the article is about and smalltext fitted tightly.Language – the language used is very force full because itsnot asking questions, its telling you how it is for example“were being the best mcr we can be” and all of this is incaps so it gives the impression that the article is shoutingat you.Colour – Black,red and white is used throughout this 2page spread because the black repressents the darknessof the article and the red represents blood, and this scarespeople but draws them in at the same time. The red alsoadds contrast the back image. The background image isblack and white to show the mood of the artists,Camera work – a montage of pictures are used featuringall different camera shots, such as 2 shots to showfriendless, medium close ups to show lonelyness, andthese shots also draw attention to a single piece ofinformation such as the artistMise-en-scene – the pieces of mise-en-scene used is thecloths they are wearing such as coats, the cloths they arewearing give the reader an idea of what sort of band theyare. A microphone and studio equipment are alsoused, this reenphisis to the reader that this is a band
  15. 15. Typography – Massive titles are used to draw attention tothe main parts of the couple page spread, “USA” is writenin bold to try and show the reader that it means aaffority.Fancy fonts are also used with correspond with “LOVE” ittrys to show the word is flowing and it gives moremeaning to it.Layout – the layout is very unique with its large headingbehind the image but this makes it stand out to thereader. A massive image is used to relate to the story, andto add diversity to the page.Language – the language used is very easy to read, so itcan appeal to anyone with different reading levels, so itwont scare anyone and this helps to appeal to a largeraudianceColour – Red and white is used a lot to signifey the usaand its flags colour scheme, this helps link within the storythe page is trying to portrayCamera work – a simple long shot is used to, try and givethe reader a full view of the person the magazine is tryingto show of, this helps to let the reader know what theperson is wearing, in this cae black is used to show she is adark person, and red within her to lighten up the sceneand fignify the american flag.Mise-en-scene – pieces of mise-en-scene used are thecloths she is wearing which signifies what sort of personshe is which in this case is a dark person, she is alsodreseed like a panther which can also give the picture thatshe is ready to punce, and the table she is sittingon, which is used to symbolise the americanflag.