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06 21 2009 Death Of The Republic
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06 21 2009 Death Of The Republic

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  • 1. Death of the Republic
  • 2. Julius Caesar Pompey Crassus First Triumvirate
  • 3. Gaius Julius Caesar
  • 4. Gaius Julius Caesar •The Death of Caesar and the fall of the Republic •Julius Caesar assumes perpetual dictatorship of Rome •Refuses title of “Rex” – “King” •Imperator  Emperor  “Lower” than a king •Champions of the old Republic seek his death •Cassius was the mastermind of plot •Brutus was the reluctant yet key player •The Ides of March •Three days before Caesar was to depart for Parthia •Senate was about to declare him Rex/King over the Roman provinces (not Italy or Rome) •Many bad omens warned of that fateful day •Caesar was stabbed to death by senators
  • 5. Republicans Caesareans Antony Majority Brutus Legions of the Lepidus and Senate Cassius People Octavius Civil War Begins
  • 6. Octavius Lepidus Marc Antony (Caesar Augustus) Second Triumvirate
  • 7. Marcus Antonius •Born in Rome to a prominent family •Grandfather (same name) supported Sulla executed by Marius •Distant relative to Julius Caesar •Step-father executed by Cicero •Julius Caesar’s “Chief Lieutenant” •Was “Master of Horse” in Rome •Poor performance resulted in a fall from favor with Caesar •Most likely to take Caesar’s place •Powerful General •Inept Politician
  • 8. Marcus Aemilius Lepidus •Caesar’s “Master of Horse” at the time of his assassination •Was able to bring about order in Rome in the aftermath of Caesar’s death •Had more political clout at the beginning of the Trimuvirate
  • 9. Gaius Octavius Thurinus Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus
  • 10. Octavius/Caesar Augustus •Relatively unknown great-nephew of Julius Caesar •Julius Caesar adopted him as his son (posthumous) •Caesar appoints him heir in his will •19 years old at the time of Caesar’s death
  • 11. Aftermath of Caesar’s Death •Mark Antony •Turns the Roman citizens against Caesar’s assassins •Seeks to consolidate power and remove contentious senators •Fights Brutus and Cassius in Northern Italy
  • 12. Aftermath of Caesar’s Death •Octavius •Encouraged by parents to forfeit his claim on Caesar’s inheritance and submit to Mark Antony •Encouraged by supporters to raise an army in Greece •He does neither •Goes to Rome and raises army in Italy •Claims his rights as Caesar’s heir
  • 13. Aftermath of Caesar’s Death •Lepidus •Originally goes to Hispania (Spain) as governor •His command of the legions in Spain make him a power player to be included in the Triumvirate
  • 14. Antony Cassius Lepidus and Brutus Octavian
  • 15. Octavian Antony Lepidus
  • 16. Octavian Antony
  • 17. Battle of Actium
  • 18. Battle of Actium
  • 19. Octavian
  • 20. Pax Romana “Roman Peace” The Golden Age of Augustus