Marthas Outfitters Digital Engagement Plan


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Marthas Outfitters Digital Engagement Plan

  1. 1. ENGAGEMENT PLANpresentation12.05.2011prepared by Dana Ayers, Victoria Cook, Kate Fink, Aaron Ginoza, Maya Newman,Angelica Shea-Lamke, Bency Thomas, Sarah Wright, Carly Vendemia & Erica Yanoshak
  2. 2. BUSINESS OBJECTIVESIncrease foot traffic to the store to raise revenue and solicit more andbetter quality donations.Elevate awareness of Martha’s Outfitters as a charitable organization.Drive conversion of customers. 2
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION GOALSIncrease favorability for Martha’s Outfitters among target audiences.Increase engagement and word-of-mouth among target audiences.Raise profile within target audience as a trendy place to shop.Promote positive word-of-mouth and social media mentions of Martha’sOutfitters.Link the aspects of shopping at Martha’s Outfitters by equating a greatplace to shop with a beneficial impact on the local community & focus onthe “win-win” aspect of engaging the store. 3
  4. 4. •  18 to 34 years old •  young professional AUDIENCE •  interested in fashion •  part of U Street / DC community social media habits of core audience Findings from a 2010 Pew Internet study show 81% of 18 to 29 year olds are wireless Internet users. 55% of that same demographic access the Internet from a cell phone or smartphone. 50% of all 18 to 29 year olds access social media sites through their mobile phones.millennial vs non-millennial social media usage age 18 to 34 social media experience by %1 % of users by platform2explore brands in social networks 49 favor brands that have facebook & 53 17 55 37 mobile website 33 37exposure to social media exposure to campaigns online news 49 40 28 22 22 521Barkley, 2Nielsen Social Media Report, 2011 4 BCG & SMG, 2011
  5. 5. MESSAGE PLATFORMMartha’s Outfitters is a community thrift store in the U Street corridor thatoffers inexpensive fashion “gems” while helping those in need DISCOVER Get great deals on brand-name clothing & discover a unique fashion “gem” just for you.EXPERIENCE Experience U Street’s special atmosphere in a comfortable environment with a friendly staff eager to help shoppers have a fun, affordable thrifting trip in DC. GIVE BACK Help the DC community by shopping or donating clothes to Martha’s Outfitters; each treasure you bring or take home helps those less fortunate. SPREAD Martha’s Outfitters is a secret worth sharing; spreading the word means more donations, more unique fashion “gems” to discover, THE WORD and more support for the DC community. 16
  6. 6. PROGRAM DETAIL driving online word of mouth among DC fashionistasDemonstrate that Martha’s Outfitters is the place for low priced fashion finds andmotivate the audience to drive online word-of-mouth:•  Use online videos and photos to illustrate the unique apparel found at Martha’sOutfitters and motivate potential shoppers to visit and talk about the store.•  Host events to interact both in-person and online with influential DC fashionistasand potential shoppers. All events should incorporate an interactive digital elementto engage the fashion online community. Event ideas include:•  Develop an online calendar that includes all events, seasonal contests andclothing donation campaigns on Martha’s Outfitters online properties. 17
  7. 7. PROGRAM DETAILleveraging social media to influenceprice-conscious shoppersThe target audience communicates via social media about local fashion deals andis easily influenced by this online interaction:•  Leverage audience online activity on blogs and social media platforms toeducate people about Martha’s Outfitters and motivate them to the shop at thestore.•  Incentivize shoppers to come back to the Martha’s Outfitters store with a rewardsprogram.•  Additionally, if space allow, we recommend adding a dressing room to the storeand announcing this on all social media platforms. 18
  8. 8. PROGRAM DETAIL reaching Martha’s Table’s supportersA portion of our target audience is current Martha’s Table supporters. This audiencealready has an understanding of the services we provide and can promote thevalue of the store. This audience can also be encouraged to donate desirableclothing to Martha’s Outfitters, which is a key to attracting customers. To motivatethe audience to drive online word-of-mouth and increase donations, we suggestthe following tactics:•  Launch an educational campaign among Martha’s Table supporters about theMartha’s Outfitters brand.•  Link Martha’s Table’s online properties with Martha’s Outfitters and cross-promote.•  Promote the charitable aspect of Martha’s Outfitters and their overall goal inproviding for low-income families in the community.•  Leverage corporate partners of Martha’s Table to host or sponsor clothing drivesfor the store to generate high-end donations.•  Update the website to reflect new messaging, twitter feed, and latest campaign. 19
  9. 9. PROGRAM DETAIL reaching Martha’s Table’s supporters continued•  Collaborate with Martha’s Table events and celebrity endorsements to increasethe fan base of supporters of Martha’s Outfitters and to create a sense ofcommunity between the two organizations.•  Utilize Martha’s Table corporate sponsors to have their employees volunteer at thestore, i.e. paint the store or help with business efforts, etc. Engaging Martha’s Tablecorporate sponsors to help with the efforts of the store will offer a great opportunityfor more engagement to occur between audiences that will have a direct impacton the store.•  Target individuals who own high-end merchandise to donate quality clothing tothe store, building a pipeline of valuable clothing that will drive more foot traffic andthus increase revenue.•  Keep Martha’s Outfitters customers informed about how their continued supportcontributes to the success of Martha’s Table. 20
  10. 10. PROGRAM DETAILeducating & organizingcommunity-oriented shoppersOur target audience wants to make consumer choices that are consistent with theirsupport of local community life. The following tactics will help Martha’s Outfittersdevelop awareness, loyalty, and engagement within this community-mindedpopulation:•  Be an active voice for U Street community life online•  Use online channels to educate people about the benefits of shopping local•  Create opportunities to be visible offline as an important member of the U Streetcommunity 21
  11. 11. PROGRAM DETAIL mobilizing eco-conscious and bike-friendly shoppersOur target audience is full of eco-conscious Millennials that depend on publictransportation and bicycles to navigate their urban environment. To reach out toMartha’s Outfitters with this environmentally-minded, bike-oriented crowd, werecommend the following:•  Leverage online channels to educate customers about sustainable clothingpractices and invite customers to become involved in the recycled fashionmovement•  Use social media platforms to project Martha’s Outfitters’ status as a bike-friendlybusiness with a very convenient location•  Offer special promotions and acknowledgement to customers who bike to thestore 22