Aaron (Yinghua) Lu<br />2018 Brook View Ave. Atlanta, GA 30340<br />Home Phone: (404) 518-9450 Email: aaron.yh.lu@gmail.co...
Education and training area: Research experience in Early Child Education; One year experience of tutoring on mathematics ...
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Aaron Lu Cv 3

  1. 1. Aaron (Yinghua) Lu<br />2018 Brook View Ave. Atlanta, GA 30340<br />Home Phone: (404) 518-9450 Email: aaron.yh.lu@gmail.com<br />Object: New graduate seeking statistical analysis position<br />Summary<br />Comprehensive knowledge and methodology of statistical analysis, such as regression, ANOVA, logistic, multivariate regression, time series model identification, Monte Carlo simulation, survival analysis, etc.<br />Exposure to various industries:<br /><ul><li>Economic analysis such as market research and pricing analysis: good understanding of market behavior and pricing models with BS and MA degrees in Economics.
  2. 2. Education and training area: Research experience in Early Child Education; One year experience of tutoring on mathematics and statistics; One year experience of teaching undergraduate statistics course.
  3. 3. Health Care field such as biostatistics, clinical trial and pharmaceuticals: Research experience in Biostatistics concentrated on survival analysis – MS degree thesis.
  4. 4. Financial industry such as financial analysis or trade finance: Four years work experience in banks focused on trade finance area.</li></ul>Expert on various statistical software such as SAS, MatLab, S-plus and STATA<br />Education<br />Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia • Master of Science in Statistics, August 2009 GPA: 3.80<br />Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia • Master of Arts in Economics, December 2007 GPA: 3.47<br />Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China • Bachelor of Science in Economics, July 2001<br />Technical Expertise<br />Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook)<br />Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9<br />Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS® 9<br />2 years experience in SAS programming<br />3 years experience in MatLab<br />1 years experience in S-plus<br />Expert in SPSS, STATA<br />Familiar with MySQL, PHP, HTML<br />Professional Experience<br />Department of Math & Statistics, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA <br />InstructorAugust 2008 – August 2009<br />• Independently taught Elementary Statistics for undergraduate students.<br />• Developed a unique way to let student quickly understand the statistical language.<br />Home Depot, Atlanta, GA<br />InternshipSeptember 2008 – February 2009<br />• Member of pricing team constructing price elasticity model for SKU level products.<br />College of Education, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA<br />Graduate Research AssistantJanuary 2008 – December 2008<br />• Conducted statistical analysis for Reading Recovery Program in College of Education with SPSS.<br />• Included regression and ANOVA analysis.<br />The Bank of New York, Shanghai, China<br />Senior Trade SpecialistJune 2004 – June 2005<br />• Examined Documentary Letter of Credit.<br />• Developed operation skills of trade finance including: Bills discount, Global interbank finance, LC transfer, LC confirmation, Collection, Advising, Payment, Telex handling, etc.<br />• Earned commendation from the customers by assisting operation team to execute the transactions in a highly professional and timely way.<br />• Performing OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) scan and screening certain transaction with parties listed on black lists, such as SDN list (Specially Designated Nationals List).<br />• Established comprehensive understanding of UCP500 & ISBP.<br />Bank of China, Shanghai, China<br />Trade finance representativeJuly 2001 – June 2004<br />• Communicated with clients and provided solutions for international trade.<br />• Coordinated work with corresponding banks via SWIFT.<br />• Worked as customer Service representative for personal credit card service (private business section).<br />Research Projects<br /><ul><li>• Thesis for MS in Statistics – Empirical Likelihood Inference for the Accelerated Failure Time Model via Kendall Estimating Equation (preparing for publishing).
  5. 5. • SAS Project – The Effect of Legislative Requirements on the Use of Breast-Conserving Surgery.
  6. 6. • Graduate Paper – Analysis and Modeling of Determinants to the Consumption Level in China.</li></ul>• MatLab Project – An Empirical Analysis of Conditional Heteroscedasticity in Time Series of Stock Returns.<br />