Expanding robotics into the science classroom using EV3


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A story about how to use LEGO EV3 in more ways than just a robotics class. This discusses how to use EV3 in the science classroom at the middle school level.

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Expanding robotics into the science classroom using EV3

  1. 1. The Result Implementing the Science Activity Pack has been a great fit for Bettendorf Middle School. Maurer envisions the Science Activity Pack being used in both the science class and the robotics class. “If we could have the students build their models in robotics class and experiment in science, that would be the ideal situation,” Maurer said. “If that wouldn’t work, we could develop a workstation approach where we would have six models of each unit built and on display in our project rooms. Students would take time going through each station.” Using this new software with the EV3 hardware opens up a new, effective way for Maurer to teach. “Having the lessons, the building, as well as a place for the students to record all their data in one location is awesome,” explains Maurer. “Any tool or resource is only as good as the teacher. If a teacher is willing to use this product in a way that enhances the learning, then it is a success. If done properly it can enhance teaching because it opens up multiple pathways for learning and experimentation.” The Need After receiving more than 130 EV3 kits, the teachers at Bettendorf Middle School created a new robotics class and spent most of the year getting this class developed. With the robotics class now in full swing, Aaron Maurer has been helping to figure out how to extend EV3 beyond the robotics class and into the core classes. More specifically, he has been looking for ways to implement EV3 into the eighth-grade science curriculum. The Solution Because the school was already using EV3, investing in the Science Activity Pack was an ideal solution for their intention to integrate EV3 into the science classroom. In order to determine if this curriculum would be a good fit for his school, Maurer had a small group of his students in fifth through eighth grades build the models in the Science Activity Pack and test the curriculum. “What we found was that the building would not be overly difficult. Students really liked the lessons. They found the content and concepts interesting. The hands-on piece is the biggest seller. It is easy to manipulate LEGO pieces to design new experiments from the basic lesson,” Maurer explained. ExpandingroboticsintothescienceclassroomusingEV3 BettendorfMiddleSchoolexperimentswithEV3outsideoftheroboticsclassroom About the Teacher: • Teacher: Aaron Maurer, gifted education teacher, FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL® ) coach, LEGO Education Advisory Panel (LEAP) teacher • School: Bettendorf Middle School, Bettendorf, IA • Using LEGO® solutions for 5 years • LEGO Education classroom solutions: EV3 Middle School Science Activity Pack With us having a robotics class, the Science Activity Pack really opens their eyes to new ways of building and using the robots. Aaron Maurer Gifted Education Teacher