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Project 7

  1. 1. Eagle CraftsIntroduction: The eagle. This United States National signifies pride for its citizens. However, whenpresented with this national emblem what do people really know about it and why it was chosen?Students can get the chance to learn about the symbol of America and create one themselves.Subject Areas:Art, Social StudiesGrade Level: K-8Lesson Objectives: 1) To understand the definition of the eagle symbol 2) Examine why the eagle was chosen as our national symbol 3) Students will follow directions and be able to create chosen project 4) Identifying their project as a symbolic representation of their country 5) To identify their personal connection with the symbol and our nationRelevant National Standards: National Art Standards UNDERSTANDING AND APPLYING MEDIA, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCESSES CHOOSING AND EVALUATING A RANGE OF SUBJECT MATTER, SYMBOLS, AND IDEAS UNDERSTANDING THE VISUAL ARTS IN RELATION TO HISTORY AND CULTURES MAKING CONNECTIONS BETWEEN VISUAL ARTS AND OTHER DISCIPLINES National Social Studies Standards
  2. 2. THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES: DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES AND VALUES AND THE PEOPLE FROM MANY CULTURES WHO CONTRIBUTED TO ITS CULTURAL, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL HERITAGEEstimated Time: One to two 40 minute classesMaterials Needed:(Depending on the project) 1) Creating the paper bag eagle puppet you will need: scissors, crayons, construction paper or printer paper, printer, glue, and a paper lunch bag 2) Making feather earrings or necklaces. You can find eagle feathers to purchase at or your nearest Joan Fabrics if in the area. There you can also purchase necklace chains, wire, pliers, and scissors. (Only members of recognized Native American tribes can petition the federal government for use of eagle feathers for religious purposes; all other people are not allowed to use or obtain an eagle feather. ) 3) Making quill pens. You can purchase the eagle quills also at or you nearest Joan Fabrics. There you can also find an art knife, an ink bottle, cutting board, marker, and tweezers.Procedures: Opening Activity 1 1) Have a series of well known symbols on the board. (For example; Mickey Mouse, McDonalds M, Dollar Sign, Green Light, Heart) Use a resource such as:
  3. 3. Have the students identify these symbols.2) Discuss with the class that a symbol is something that represents something else. Then Display the picture of the eagle3) Initiate a student discussion about the picture. Ask the following questions to initiate student response; What bird is this What do you know about this bird Why is it important to our country4) As discussion continues make sure students know that the eagle is our national symbol5) Refer to the website , or on a broader look to aid in discussion of what the eagle truly means to our nation.6) From there explain the concept of making their own eagle symbol. Opening Activity 2 (Teachers working with older students will have to introduce the discussion with symbols appropriate to their age group)1) Have quote from John F. Kennedy "The Founding Fathers made an appropriate choice when they selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation. The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America." Have students discuss the following question. Do you agree or disagree with John F. Kennedy’s quote. Support your answer.2) Have students discuss additional ways that people personally show symbols of America3) Explain to students they will have the opportunity to create their own symbol representing the eagle
  4. 4. Creating the Eagle Puppet Explain how to make the puppet by actually making it or by using verbal and/or print directions (teacher can review or show video). Provide materials Provide the appropriate amount of time. Using the puppet, have students explain one fact they’ve learned from the discussion Making jewelry Show the class the video Cut the tip of the feather stem so it is about a half inch long, then cut the wire so there is about 2-3 inches of wire. Then put one end of the wire to the end of the feather tip, from there begin wrapping the wire around the base of feather tip until it reaches the top of the tip. Then create a loop with the end of the wire (if needed cut off the extra amount of wire). Take the chain and put it through the loop. Making a quill pen Print out copies of the instructions from the website provided below Suggestions: 1) Students could receive participation grades for discussion activities 2) Students could be graded on their appropriate use of work time 3) Students could be graded on their completion of the project to the teachers specifications
  5. 5. Extension Activities: 1) From the following websites one can find several more hands on eagle craft projects. or crafts-activities-for-kids/ 2) For younger students , teachers can use this project to create a paper eagle with very simple steps 3) Further resources could be the book: The art of simulating eagle feathers by: Gutierrez, Bob. 4) Students could look up additional American symbols using either website or