Idea Words Source BankThe following are triggers for thought in many situations:                                          ...
Idea Words Source BankHate Crime                     Medicine Abuse                   Poverty                    Surrogate...
Idea Words Source Bank        Controlling immigration through control of opportunities.        Assisting police when inv...
Idea Words Source BankWOMEN ISSUES - Breast Feeding in Public, Breast Implants, Feminism, Women in the Military, Womens Ri...
Idea Words Source BankSports                      Equipment                     Lumberjack              SoccerAdventure ra...
Idea Words Source BankQualities to Develop in PeopleA Will to Succeed                Critical Thinking           Goodness ...
Idea Words Source BankResponsibility            Self-Interest              Spirituality             UnderstandingResults-O...
Idea Words Source Bank         Skydiving                        Theater                   Volcanoes         SMS           ...
Idea Words Source Bank73. How kangaroos care for their children.                                  121. Jungle - Safari, Sn...
Idea Words Source Bank171. The Ice Age; when, how and the causes                                   182.   When Im grown up...
Idea Words Source BankSystem of determining the value of a professional sports franchiseProtecting wildlife, parks and nat...
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Idea words source bank

  1. 1. Idea Words Source BankThe following are triggers for thought in many situations: Study Topics from A-Z Topics for Discussion and Debate Motivational Topics to Stimulate Ideas Problems to Solve Sports Qualities to Develop in People Interesting Study Areas Personal Interests and Studies Challenge Your ThinkingStudy Topics from A-ZAbortion Armed Conflicts Civil Liberties Family PlanningAbuse of the Elderly Arms Control Civil Rights Family ViolenceAbused Women Arms Sales Climate Change Policy Famine Relief EffortsAcademic Dishonesty Arms Trade Condoms Fat Tax on FoodAcademic Freedom Artificial Intelligence Condoms in Schools Fathers/Mothers RightsAcid Rain Asylum Conserving the in DivorceAddiction Atomic Energy Environment Federal DeficitAdoption Ballot Initiatives Consumer Protection FeminismAffirmative Action Battered Women Creationism vs. Food Borne IllnessesAfghanistan Beginning of Life Issues Evolution Food SafetyAfrica Bermuda Triangle Cuba Foreign Oil DependenceAfrica Aid Bigamy Dating Foreign Oil DependenceAge Discrimination Bilingual Education Death Penalty Foreign PolicyAging Population Biodiversity Debtor Nations Foster CareAgricultural Policy Biological and Chemical Depression FraudAgriculture Technology Weapons Diabetes FraudAIDS/HIV Biomedical Ethics Dieting Free Enterprise SystemAIDS/HIV testing Biotechnology Disabilities Free Speech GamblingAir pollution Bioterrorism Disabilities Act GangsAirline Safety Bird Flu Domestic Violence Garbage and WasteAlcohol Abuse Birth Control Drug Policy Gay MarriageAliens and UFOs Body Piercings Drug Trafficking Gay RightsAlternative Breast Feeding in Public Drugs and Sports Gene Testing Imprisonment Bulimia Drunk Driving Genetic EngineeringAlternative Medicine Cameras in Courtrooms Education Reform Genetically EngineeredAmnesty Campaign Financing Electoral System FoodsAnimal Abuse Campus Issues Endangered Oceans GenocideAnimal Experimentation Capital Punishment Endangered Species Global ResourcesAnimal Rights Censorship Energy Alternatives Global WarmingAnimal Welfare Chain Gangs Environmental Crises GlobalizationAnorexia Nervosa Chat Rooms Epidemics GovernmentAnti-Semitism Child Abuse Espionage and DeregulationArab-Israeli Conflict Child Labor Intelligence Gathering Government Fraud andArgumentative Speech Church State Issues Ethnic Violence Waste Topics City Curfews Euthanasia Gun Control 1
  2. 2. Idea Words Source BankHate Crime Medicine Abuse Poverty Surrogate MotherhoodArgumentative Speech Methadone Treatment Prejudice Tax ReformTopics Middle East Peace Prison Reform Teen PregnancyHate Speeches Process Prison regime Term LimitsHealth Care Policy Military Privacy Territorial DisputesHealth Care System Minimum Wage Property Rights TerrorismHome Schooling Minorities Race Relations Tobacco IndustryHomeland Security Missile Defense System Racial Profiling Trade with ChinaHomeless Moral Decisions Racism TransportationHuman Cloning National drinking age Rain Forests Urban TerrorismHuman Rights National Health Recycling US BudgetIllegal Immigration Insurance Religions US War on DrugsImmigration National Security Religious Right VaccinationsInfectious Diseases National Tobacco Reproductive Victims RightsInner-City Poverty Settlement Technologies Video GamesIntellectual Property Naturalization Right to Strike Violence and AbuseInternet Chat rooms Nonproliferation Russia Violent Video GamesIslamic Fundamentalism North Korea School Uniforms Voluntary NationalJuvenile Crime Nuclear Technology School Violence TestingLanguage Policy Older Citizens Sex Education Voting BehaviorLearning Disabilities Organ Donation Single Parent Families War CrimesLegal System Organ Transplants Single Parent Families War on DrugsLegalization of Drugs Organized Crime Slavery Water ResourcesLittering Overpopulation Smoking Weapons DisarmamentLiving Wills Patriotism Social Justice Welfare ReformMarriage and Divorce Peace Social Security Women DriversMass media Regulation Peer Pressure Social Welfare Women in the MilitaryMedia Violence Pesticides Space Exploration Womens RightsMedia Violence Physician-Assisted Spying/Intelligence Working WomenMedical Ethics Suicide Stadium Taxes World TradeMedical Ethics Polygamy Stem Cell ResearchMedicinal Marijuana Pornography Supremist GroupsReturn to TopTopics for Discussion and Debate  Ways the government can pay for all health care.  Making teachers safe in schools.  Registering all peoples’ DNA to prevent crimes.  Making cosmetic plastic surgery more appealing  The rich should only pay taxes.  All MP3 music belongs in the free public domain.  Methods of controlling and allowing more free speech and suppressing hate speech  Controlling spam e-mails  Downloading copyrighted MP3s  How to enforce Zero tolerance as an instrument to prevent violence.  System to rate and find qualified babysitters  Ways to restrict every household to a limit on trash a week.  Ways to prevent flag burning 2
  3. 3. Idea Words Source Bank  Controlling immigration through control of opportunities.  Assisting police when investigating complaints of wife assault.  Ensuring academic honesty  Establish a system in which students are allowed to go on strike.  Making body piercings and tattooing more efficient, safer and easier.  Methods of outsourcing as a solution for small business owners.  A system in which every citizen commits to 2,000 hours of voluntary national service in lifetime.  Water saving methodsADDICTION AND DRUGS - Alcohol Abuse, Children of Alcoholics, Drugs and Sports, Medical Marijuana.BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Bribery, Budget Deficits, Credit Card Fraud, Income Tax, Malpractice Insurance,Junk Bonds, Leadership, Direct Marketing, Minimum Wage, Wage Price Policy.COMPUTING, INTERNET AND MEDIA – Chat rooms Internet, Computer Viruses, Spam, Cybercrime and Privacy, HarmfulMedia, Internet Hate Speech, Internet Pornography, Media Violence, Television And Children, Violent Computer Games.EDUCATION AND SCIENCE SPEECH TOPICS - Education Reform, Bilingual Education, Ethics In Life Sciences, Creationismversus Evolutionism, Dating, Campus Issues, Home Schooling, Information Science, Intelligence Levels, Intercultural Education,School Prayer, School Choice, School Uniforms, School Violence, Condoms In Schools, Space Exploration.ENVIRONMENTAL, NATURE AND ANIMAL - Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Animal Cloning, Animal Experimentation, Animal Rights,Antarctica Research, Biodiversity, Changing Weather Patterns, Ecology, Endangered Oceans, Endangered Species, EnergyConservation, Global Resources, Global Warming, Oil Spills, Littering, Marine Pollution, Noise Pollution, Pesticides, RainForests, Recycling, Vivisection, Water Pollution, Water Resources.ETHICAL AND MORAL CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH TOPICS - Abortion, Assisted Suicide, Beginning Of Life Issues, BirthControl, Euthanasia, Gender Identity, Genetic Engineering, Human Cloning, Implanted GPS, Physician Assisted Suicide, ProChoice Movement, Pro Life Movement, Reproductive Technologies, Separation of Church and State, Stem Cell Research.FAMILY, MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE - Bigamy, Family Violence, Gay Marriage, Gay Parents, Polygamy, Single ParentFamilies, Surrogate Mothers, Teenage Fathers, Teenage Mothers.FREEDOM AND CIVIL RIGHTS - Censorship, Contraception, Free Press, Privacy.LAW AND ORDER CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH TOPICS - Airline Safety Rules, Alternative Imprisonment, Amnesty, CapitalPunishment, Chain Gangs, Constitutional Issues, Corporal Punishment, Crimes Without Victims, Criminal Justice System, DrunkDriving, Gangs, Gun Control, Hate Crime, Homeland Security, Intellectual Property and Piracy, Legal System, Peer Pressure,Speed Limits, Urban Terrorism, Welfare Fraud, Wiretapping, Youth Violence, Zero Tolerance.MEDICAL, HEALTH AND NUTRITION - Aids Testing, Alternative Medicine, Anorexia Treatment, Artificial Insemination, ADHD,Bulimia, Burn Out, Depression, Dieting, Food Labeling, Food Prices, Health Care System, Infectious Diseases, Medical Ethics,Medicine Abuse, Passive Smoking, Plastic Surgery, Tobacco Industry.MISCELLENEOUS CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH TOPICS - Aliens and UFOs, Bermuda Triangle.POLITICS AND GLOBAL POLICY - Afghanistan, Armed Conflicts, Arms Control, Asylum Policy, Ballot Initiatives, Biological AndChemical Weapons, Boycotts, Campaign Funding, Child Labor, Cold War Politics, Immigration Laws, Farm Subsidies, Iraq,Islamic Fundamentalism, Militias, Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Weapons, Peace Movements, Political Correctness, PrivatizationOf Social Security, Slavery, Terrorism, United Nations, Voting Behavior, War Crime Trials, War on Drugs.SOCIETY - Affirmative Action, Aging Population, Celibacy, City Curfews, Demographics, Dropouts, Homeless Persons, FlexibleHours Of Labor, Inner City Poverty, Integration, Moral Majority, Nonsmoking Areas. 3
  4. 4. Idea Words Source BankWOMEN ISSUES - Breast Feeding in Public, Breast Implants, Feminism, Women in the Military, Womens Rights, WorkingMothers.Advertising, Africa, Agriculture, Animals, Antarctica, Anthropology, Antique, Applied Sciences, Archaeology, Architecture,Aromatherapy, Artificial Intelligence, Arts, Asia, Astrology, Astronomy, Australia, Aviation, Backpacking, Beauty, Biographies,Biology, Bird Flu, Books, Cheerleading, Chemistry, Children, Cities, Climate, Communication, Cooking, Countries, Business,Cars, Celebrities, Culture, Dancing, Demographics, Design, Drinks, Ecology, Economics, Education, Engineering, Entertainment,Ethnic Groups, Etiquette, Europe, Family, Fashion, Finance, Food, Games, Geography, Government Hiking, History, Home,Industries, International Organizations, International Relations, Labor, Languages, Law, Lifestyles, Literature, Manufacturing,Maps, Martial Arts, Mass Media, Medicine, Military, Movements, Movies, Museums, Music, Mysteries, Mythology, Myths,National Parks, Nature, News, North America, Oceania, People, Performing Arts, Personal Life, Pets, Philosophy, Physics,Politics, Popular Culture, Psychology, Radio, Reference, Religions, Science, Society, Sociology, South America, Space, Sports,Sports Events, Technology, Telecommunications, Television, Tourism, Toys, Travel.Return to TopMotivational Topics to Stimulate IdeasBreakthroughs - Career Development - Challenge - Change - Coaching - Commitment - Communication - Competence -Competitiveness - Confidence - Decision Making - Discipline - Effective Meetings - Ensure Safety - Ergonomics - FocusedThinking - Future - Involvement - Inspiration - Integrity - Interpersonal Skills - Leadership - Negotiation Tactics - PersonalEffectiveness - Personal Growth - Personal Improvement - Personal Productivity - Personal Wellness - Responsibility - SelfRespect - Set Realistic Goals - Stress - Teambuilding - Teamwork - Trends - Values - Work EthicsReturn to TopProblems to SolveBUSINESS - Abusive Marketing, Bankruptcy, Corporate Whistleblowing, Foreign Import Concurrency, Job Opportunities,Unemployment, Subversive Advertising, Thwarted Career Goals, Unjustifiably Large Incomes, Work EnvironmentEDUCATION - Academic Pressure, Cheating, Dropouts, Competency Tests, Lack Of Educational Opportunities, ParentEducation, Sex education In SchoolsENVIRONMENT PROBLEM SOLUTION SPEECH TOPICS - Acid Rain, Alternate Energy Sources, Climate ChangeFOOD AND HEALTH - Abuse of Patent Medicines, Dangers of Food Additives, Dental Health, Depression, Fat in Low PriceFood Products, Food Labeling, Health Care, Integration Of The Disabled, Problems Of The Mentally Ill, Survey Of Diets, Testtube Babies, VegetarianismGLOBAL AND POLITICS - Food Shortages, International Threats, Overpopulation, Subsidizing Farms, US and UN RelationshipLEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL - Crime And Punishment, Drunk Driving Accidents, Effects Of Prejudice, Gun Control, HateCrimes, Illegal Immigration, Safety And Security, Taxing Of Church PropertySOCIAL PROBLEMS TOPICS - Airbags, Cigarette Advertising, Decreasing Car Accidents, Discrimination, Domestic Violence,Family Breakdowns, Forced Retirement, Gambling, Hobbies, Home, Internet Spam, Interpersonal Relationships, Loneliness,Minimum Wage Level, Peer Pressure, Reducing Neglect, Runaways, Self Esteem, Social Security, Teenage Runaways,Problems Of The Elderly, Problems Of The Family, Problems Of The Homeless, Problems Of The Hungry, Tobacco Use,Underage Drinking, Voting SystemReturn to Top 4
  5. 5. Idea Words Source BankSports Equipment Lumberjack SoccerAdventure racing Ethics tournaments SoftballAmerican football Extreme skiing Major League Baseball Special tournamentsAnimal sports Extreme sports Marathon Speed skatingArchery Famous athletes Martial arts Sports food and nutritionAthletics Famous sports officials Moto GP Sports history andAuto racing Famous teams Motorsports storiesBadminton Fencing Mountain biking Sports mediaBanning school yard Fishing NBA Sports medicinesBase jumping Fitness Netball Sports organizationsBaseball Flying discs Olympics 2008 Sports scienceBasketball Football Gaelic Olympics 2012 SquashBiathlon Gambling Paddleball Strength sportsBilliards Gay sports Paintball SwimmingBMX tournaments Goal ball Pesäpallo Table tennisBocce Golf Petanque Tae BoBodybuilding Golf Ryder Cup Pilates TchoukballBoomerang Greyhound racing Pool Team spiritBowling Gymnastics Power boat racing TennisBoxing Handball Racquetball Tour de France CyclingBungee jumping Hockey Rodeo Track and fieldCallanetics Horse racing Rope Skipping Training programsCheerleading Hunting Rowing TravelChess Ice Hockey Rugby TriathlonCoaching Ice skating Running VolleyballCollege sports Jai alai Sailing Walkingscholarships Kabbadi Sepak Takraw Water SportsCompetitions Karting Shooting Weight liftingCricket Kayaks Skateboarding Weight trainingCroquet Kick boxing Skating WindsurfingCycling Kite surfing Skeelering Winter OlympicsDarts Korfball Skeet shooting Winter sportsDisability sports Lacrosse Skiing Women sportsDiving Laser games Snooker World SoccerDog races Leagues Snowboarding ChampionshipEquestrian Soap box derbies WrestlingReturn to Top 5
  6. 6. Idea Words Source BankQualities to Develop in PeopleA Will to Succeed Critical Thinking Goodness Never Give UpAccomplishment Culture Government Power Non-ViolenceAccountability Curiosity Gratitude NursingAccuracy Customer Service Hard Working Nurturing of ChildrenAchievement Democracy Harmony ObedienceAdvancement Dependability Healthy Open-mindedAdventure Diligence Helping Other People OpennessAffection Diplomacy Helping Society OptimismAgreement Diversity Heroism Participation“All for One and One for Duty Honesty PatienceAll” Attitude Duty Honor PatriotismAltruism Ecological Awareness Honor Parents Positive AttitudeAppreciation Economic Security Hope PeaceAssertiveness Economic Status Hospitality PerfectionAttitude Effectiveness Human Rights Personal DevelopmentAuthority Efficiency Humanism Personal GrowthAutonomy Effort Humility Physical ChallengeBalance Empathy Humor PietyBeauty Empowerment Idealism PleasureBeing Truthful Endurance Improvement PowerCaring Enthusiasm Independence PracticalityChallenge Problems Environmental Individuality PrecisionChange Protection Inner Harmony PreservationCharity Equal Opportunities Innocence PrivacyChastity Equality Innovation PromotionCivic Duty Ethical Practicing Integration Problem SolvingCivic Pride Etiquette Integrity ProgressCivil Rights Exactness Intellectual Status Proper BehaviorCollaboration Excellence Intuition ProsperityCommitment Fairness Inventiveness PrudenceCommunity Welfare Faith Involvement Leadership Public AccessCompassion Family Values Justice Public ServiceCompetence Fast Living Kindness PunctualityCompetitive Fidelity Learning PurityConcern for Others Financial Gain Legality Pursuit of HappinessConfidence Flair Lifestyle Quality of WorkConformity Flexibility Love QuietudeConfrontation Forgiveness Loyalty RationalityConsciousness Fraternity Majority Rule ReasoningConsensus Free Will Meaning of Life RegularityConsumer Rights Freedom Meaningful Work ReliabilityContinuity Freedom of Initiative Mercy ReligionCooperation Friendship Merit ReputationCoordination Functionality Minority Rights ResourcefulnessCourage Generosity Moderation Respect for LawCourtesy Gentleness Modesty Respect for OtherCreativity Good Will Morality People 6
  7. 7. Idea Words Source BankResponsibility Self-Interest Spirituality UnderstandingResults-Oriented Self-Reliably Stability UnityRight to Education Self-Reliance Standardization UnpretentiousnessRight to Express Self-Respect Strength UnselfishnessGrievances Self-Worth Success UtilityRituals Sensitivity Supervising VarietyRomance Serenity Sympathy WealthSacrifice Seriousness Systemization Well-BeingSafety Service to Society Tact Well-ManneredSatisfaction Shareholder Value Taking Responsibility WisdomSatisfying Other People Sharing Teamwork Womens RightsSecurity Sharing Knowledge Temperance Work SpiritSelf-Awareness Simplicity Thinking Working AloneSelf-Discipline Sincerity Tolerance World UnitySelf-Esteem Skill TraditionSelf-Giving Social Status TrustSelf-Improvement Sophistication TruthfulnessReturn to TopInteresting Study Areas3-D Glasses Boolean Logic Ethics Money Laundering9-1-1 Boomerangs Fire Department. MoonshineAfrica Circus clowns Fireworks on New Mountain BikesAir Bags Brick Years Eve MythologyAir Conditioners Bungee Cord Fire Engines Native IndianAir Purifiers Buying a House Fireworks Nobel PrizesAllergic reaction Carbon-14 Dating Fossils NursingAmerican Red Cross Caribbean Islands Garage Sales NutritionAnatomy Census Gardening OceanographyAnimal Rights Gliders Paint a Room ChemistryAnimation Paintball Chewing Gum Greenhouse EffectAnthropology China Hair Dryers PatentsAntibiotic Photocopiers Climbing Mountains Handwriting AnalysisAquariums Photography Composting Heart Bypass OperationArchitecture Political Conventions Contact Lenses Helium: “Donald Duck Asia PregnancyAspirin Credit Cards Effect” Developing a Process Radar DetectorsAstronomy Herbs Speech Topic RainbowsAtkins Diet History Diamonds RamadanAvalanches Hot Air Balloons Dimmer Switches Red Blood CellAviation Hubble TelescopeBatteries Doorbell Production Income TaxesBeer Dreams Refrigerators JapanBicycle Seat Dry Cleaning Lie Detectors Remove ChocolateBiology Education Marshmallows StainsBlack Boxes Elevators Mensa RingtonesBlackBerry Energy Drinks Metal Detectors SatellitesBoiling Eggs Environment Microwave Seatbelts Espresso Machines Silk Screening 7
  8. 8. Idea Words Source Bank Skydiving Theater Volcanoes SMS Thermometers Water Boarding Spiders Toilets Water Towers St. Patricks Day Tornadoes Weather State Parks United Nations Whales Stock Market Video Recordings Wiretapping Works Storms Viruses and Worms Yom Kippur Sunburning Vitamins Teleconferencing VoIPReturn to TopPersonal Interests and Studies 1. What birds visit your backyard at home? 37. Im good at ... 2. Your favorite time of day or week 38. This is the song I like to sing every day: ... 39. Making Puzzles. 3. Nice birthday presents you like to get 40. Police uniforms. 4. What you could do without television or video 41. What can you see in the zoo? 5. How to understand a weather map 42. Musical instruments. 6. Making funny ice cubes with little gadgets inside 43. How I will surprise my parents on Mothers Day and Fathers 7. The history of our year calendar Day. 8. Important school days we should remember 44. If I was a princess or prince, I ... – (fill in) 45. How it starts raining. 9. Foreign holidays we do not celebrate 46. I dont like to eat ...10. New shoes - sport shoes or casual, choose what you like 47. My favorite band or singer.11. Things - food or scary situations - that make you sick 48. How penguins live on Antarctica.12. 3D eyeglasses 49. My toys, dolls or mini racing cars collection.13. Favorite amazing world records 50. Where we went on vacation.14. The contents of your lunch box 51. A day at the sea aquarium.15. The differences in nature between spring and autumn 52. Suggestions for school field trips. 53. My favorite sports.16. The symbols of our national flag 54. How I decorate my room at home.17. The vital organs in our body 55. Ghost castles and their stories.18. The trophies or medals you have won in sports tournaments 56. What we did on Summer Camp.19. How sunglasses protect your eyes 57. My trip to Disney World or other resort.20. The planets in our solar system 58. The rules of Paintball.21. What makes you happy? 59. How your parents can print free coloring pages.22. Our last vacation trip. 60. The best fairy tale or a variation child speech topic can be a23. Fairy tale characters you would like to talk with. cartoon character.24. Magic tricks you can show. 61. What I think of Hamster Dance.25. Funny things my pet has done. 62. What is the Kids Newsroom?26. My favorite family story. 63. Halloween pumpkin carving.27. Oceans in the world. 64. How trees grow, or come up with kid speech topics on plants28. My neighborhood. and flowers.29. Funny Halloween costumes. 65. Recipes for kids.30. A visit to the doctor, dentist. 66. How to prepare for a day at the beach.31. How does it feel to wake up and be a giant? 67. The funniest Pokémon cards.32. Places I lived. 68. Why my neighborhood is cool.33. Why I want to travel in space. 69. Three hard to believe miracles.34. The best paper airplanes 70. Teachers should ... or shouldnt ...35. The best fishing spots. 71. My biggest adventure.36. My best birthday ever. 72. Good kid games online. 8
  9. 9. Idea Words Source Bank73. How kangaroos care for their children. 121. Jungle - Safari, Snakes, Trees, Apes, People who live in74. The funniest April Fools Day joke. jungles.75. How to become a police officer. 122. Geology - The processes that formed our Earth.76. Air Force One: the Complete White House In the Air 123. Magnetic Field Experiments, the North Pole,77. The Greatest Roller Coasters of the World 124. Compasses, Static Electricity.78. Types of Asteroids and Their Names 125. Nutrition - Why it is important to eat the right food.79. The Best Birthday Party Locations 126. Pool Party - Ideas, Decorations, Invitations, and activities you80. Dangerous Circus Acts can do with your friends at your pool party.81. Coral Reefs Conservation 127. Sand Mosaics - Design your own beach project, with castles,82. The Earthquake locations in the World mosaics and sculptures.83. Flags of the World and Their Meaning 128. Sleepover - What to bring in after you get an invitation to sleep84. Where We Can Find Fossils over?85. Why Glaciers Move 129. Planets - What is your weight on the Moon, Mars or Jupiter?86. The Achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope 130. This Day in History - What history events happened on your87. Hurricane Alarm Systems birthday or on the day of your public speaking speech?88. What You Can Discover in National Parks 131. Volcanoes - Tell about all basic facts about volcanic activity in89. Your Picnic Tips your country.90. Robots Take Over Our Society 132. Three Ways to Disturb Your Competitors in a Sand Sculpture91. The Characteristics of Rocks and Minerals Competition92. Tips to Build Better Sand Castles or Sand Sculptures 133. Designing a Pop-Up Greeting Card.93. What Satellites Do in Orbit 134. Different Methods of Getting Your Way94. The Highest Skyscrapers on This Planet 135. What do dreams mean?95. The History of Fireworks 136. The day I was sick and I must see the doctor.96. The History of Paper Money 137. How to pot and care for a plant.97. Most Haunted Scottish Castles 138. How to make a marionette puppet.98. Why the First Day of April is Devoted to Practical Jokes 139. The birds in our backyard.99. Why the Egyptian Pyramids Were Built 140. The oceans of the world.100. What is a Dinosaur? 141. A ride in a truck.101. How to Set Up an Aquarium 142. How to dress for a serious dinner.102. How to Make Paper Airplanes That Fly Longer 143. My musical instrument.103. How Lunar Eclipses Happen 144. Why giraffes have long necks.104. How to Write a Funny Comic Strip 145. Animals I should take in Noahs Ark.105. How Caves are Formed 146. Why I like to dance.106. Ancient Civilizations - Aztec, Egypt, Olmec, Greece, Incas, 147. How I cope with fear of public speaking India, Mayans, Rome or Early Humans. 148. Magic tricks with cards.107. Authors - The best authors of kids books and why. 149. Exotic fruits and vegetables.108. Babysitting - How to get started and be a successful babysitter. 150. The best 3D paper models.109. Activities for Children - Gymnastics, Bowling, 151. Things to expect when your mother is pregnant.110. Miniature Golf, Girl Scouts, Party Supplies. 152. How animals spend the winter.111. Food - The best recipes for Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and 153. My first visit to a dentist. Pizzas are made. 154. Family members I admire.112. Civil War - The Causes, Battles, Heroes, 155. Festivals I have been.113. Uniforms, Flags. 156. The History of the Panama Canal114. Currency Exchange - Explain what currency exchange rates are 157. How does global warming effect icebergs? and tell about their purposes in business. 158. If I was my father or mother for one day.115. The Desert - The Oasis, Vegetation, Animals, and People who 159. My favorite era in history. live in a desert. 160. Whats in my room at home?116. Dinosaurs - Fossils, their Funny Names, Eggs, why they 161. The school field trip I would like to make. became extinct. 162. If I could be my best friend, I... and then fill in117. Disabilities - Kids who are different often have a disability or 163. My trip abroad disease to cope with. 164. Monitoring butterflies118. Good Deeds are great speech topics for children - My ideas for 165. Aztec masks and their stories a good deed every day. 166. Mythological monsters119. Guitar - Teach the children in your class to play the guitar. 167. How to organize a fun weekend120. Homemade Ice Cream - What you need to make it and what 168. If I was born hundred years ago, I ... things you have to do. This is a perfect demonstration speech 169. African masks and their meaning topic. 170. Ancient Chinese emperors 9
  10. 10. Idea Words Source Bank171. The Ice Age; when, how and the causes 182. When Im grown up I want to become ...172. Pollution sources in our world 183. Last weekend I was at ...173. A Day In the life of a kid in Ancient Rome 184. The funniest thing that ever happened to me.174. Discovering caves 185. Things that make you happy175. Traditional fairy tales from around the world 186. Ways I use to relax176. Puppets from Java, Indonesia 187. Favorite sports moments177. The Diary of Anne Frank 188. The character I want to be in a movie178. My pen pal or email pal 189. A memorable vacation trip179. The secrets of the King Tutankhamen 190. The best summer camp games180. If I was a journalist, I should investigate . 191. My favorite spot181. If I won one million dollars, I ... 192. Your most favorite memories Return to Top Challenge Your Thinking How can countries grow all your own energy, such as growing enough corn to make ethanol? How can countries deal better with ownership rights in internet publishing? How can genetically modified foods be made safe? How to reduce or stop gun use? Should we have the Death Penalty? Prevent wire-taping without permission Are Botox Injections really needed? Should religion be in the public schools? Is it morally right to use animals for testing? Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process? What are the solutions to inter-country conflict? Replacing nuclear power now and in the future Small coins: phase them out or keep it? Making homeschooling children more beneficial Ways of dealing with our trash to avoid pollution How prisoners can pay back the state after their release Should electronic tracking devices be placed in drivers licenses and school identification cards? Military use of animals Ways of measuring maturity on something other than age Improving the system of organ transplants Corporate sponsors allowed in public schools? Ways to get the media to work in the best interests of the people? Improving national welfare and pension benefits Improving the use of cell phones in schools Ways to prevent economic depressions Memory: Daily memory-oriented activities slow memory loss in older people? Memory: Ways of helping people remember things Memory: Improving short-term memory in young boys and girls so they will be better thinkers when older Pain: Methods of dealing with it Reflexes: Increasing the ability of drivers Reflexes: How does talking on a cell phone or listening to music affect reaction time? Sleep and Grades: Ways to ensure students get the amount of sleep so they do well Tests: Improving tests and examinations in schools Vision: Improving the accuracy of vision testing Eating the right breakfast to improve school performance Preventing fungus growth on plants and food New methods of predicting weather? Improve students’ learning in "live" lectures and video lectures Food for athletes 10
  11. 11. Idea Words Source BankSystem of determining the value of a professional sports franchiseProtecting wildlife, parks and natural reservesRadically new stadiumsAthlete performance enhancersDo children spend too much time playing video games?Is the Evening News Believable?Quick ways of purchasing specific kinds of informationMusic downloading innovations or replacementsMinimizing the effect of TV violence on childrenEyewitness Testimony: Improving reliability of eyewitnessesImproving children’s reading abilityWhat can replace Hollywood and Bollywood?Create your own new kind of children’s bookCreating personal photograph portfoliosCreating songs for people who are not musically inclinedWrite your own song and then perform it yourself without musical backgroundMethod of writing playsReturn to Top 11