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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

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  • 1. Choose 2 Matter Hospital Helpers Abbey Fromi, Malorie Garza, Caroline Baer, Caitlyn Harris, Riley Beausoleil, Natalie Stine, and Megan Lindle Bringing smiles to faces. #bettpassion
  • 2. Problem ● Children with cancer are usually depressed because they always think that nobody understands what they are going through. Sometimes kids may think that they cannot do certain things because of their illness. They may not have the same opportunities as others who are more fortunate with healthy bodies. anxiety
  • 3. Our Goals ● Reaching out to 10 kids in local hospitals ● Let them know they are appreciated ● Eventually branch out further to hospitals ● Various activities that shows there is a life outside of cancer ● Give kids with cancer a more normal childhood
  • 4. Resources ● Trinity Hospitals (Bettendorf,IA & Rock Island,Il) ● Genesis Hospital (Davenport) ● University of Iowa Hospital ● The Dougy House ● Local stores for crafts, supplies ● Families with kids with cancer
  • 5. Root Causes & Barriers Root Causes: ● Ongoing treatment process causes family-patient to cope uneffectively ● Empty moods, eating issues, trouble concentrating, wide mood swings= signs of clinical depression Barriers: ● Permission from parents-doctors to visit patients ● How severe patients illness is ● Patient privacy ● Age (to enter hospital rooms and such)
  • 6. What We Have Already Done ● Phone numbers of the local hospitals (Trinity, Genesis, and University of Iowa) ● Information gained about cancer depression anxiety
  • 7. Action Plan Step 1: Contact local hospitals Step 2: Get to know the kids and spend time them Step 3: Create a buddy system Step 4: Take pictures/videos to create final video for exhibition night Step 5: Present and branch out to other hospitals
  • 8. Responsibilities Malorie & Abbey: Contacting hospitals Riley & Natalie: Background Information of patients Caitlyn: Bringing materials needed Megan: Transportation Caroline: Responsible for patient privacy