Driving Question: How does courage help make change?
Product: You will be writing a blog about courage that you wi...
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Courage PBL


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This episode is designed to do two things.

1. To showcase another amazing project created and developed by a teacher here at Bettendorf Middle School on the topic of courage. We hope that as we continue to share out our projects that it inspires others to develop projects, connect with us, and share out additional ideas and resources so everyone can improve.

2. The students have podcasts and they need an authentic voice. Below you will find a link to their blogs and podcasts. We would love it if you checked out their work and left them a few comments. If you have a class it would be awesome if your students left some feedback. If your students have work we would love to return the favor!

Enjoy this episode. Let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions, ideas, resources, etc. please reach out to me at or Rachael Dierickx at

6th and 7th grade:
8th grade:

Enjoy the show

Shownotes and Credits

Music created by 8th grade student Dennibro

Additionally, if you would like to be on the podcast and talk about this topic please let me know as I will be creating a follow up podcast on this topic.

As always, I welcome all ideas and feedback.

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Courage PBL

  1. 1. Courage Driving Question: How does courage help make change? Product: You will be writing a blog about courage that you will share with family and friends. You will also create a podcast on courage. Steps: Watch a movie that shows courage making change o Class discussion: How was courage used to make change in the movie? Watch a movie or show of your choice that displays courage o Blog: How was courage displayed in the movie you watched and what changes were made because of it? Watch “I have a dream” o Restate an author’s purpose and explain how it differs from others: In your blog you will need to talk about why Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote and gave this speech and how his views were different from his opponents. o Break down and examine a speaker’s argument and specific points, evaluating the reasoning and the importance and amount of evidence: In your blog you will also need to discuss Dr. King’s arguments and evidence. What is courage? o Find the intended and actual meanings of words and phrases used in the text. Study the importance of specific word choice and meaning and use of tone.  In this blog you will need to address the following questions: How do we generally use the word courage? What type of tone is it generally used in? Is the word over generalized? Do we use the word incorrectly at times? Who has used courage to push for change? o Find evidence from literary or informational texts to support thoughts and research.  You will be doing a series of blog post for this portion. You will first need to pick a historical person that has had courage and used that courage to push for change. You will need to study that person and learn a great deal about their push for change and the courage they needed for that.  Blog one: Who are you studying and how did they use courage to push for change?  Blog two: What type of courage was needed? What obstacles did they have to overcome?  Blog three: What skills did they need to use in conjunction with their courage?  Blog four: What was the outcome? Podcasts: o Each of you will need to prepare a 90 second podcast. You will be recording it in Mr. Maurer’s room and will be addressing the driving question: How does courage help make change?  Podcast schedule is as follows: Tuesday, March25: Soren, Dan, Jenna, Andrew, Louie, Keegan Wednesday, March 26: Erin, Logan, Sophia, Minori, Hogan, Patrick Thursday, March 27: Jordan, Emma, Chloe, Ryan, Justin