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tion:Bettendorf Schools
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FLL 2013 14 gold info sheet


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Our team info sheet for FLL

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FLL 2013 14 gold info sheet

  1. 1. FLL TeamInformationSheet FLL TeamNumber: 7169Team Name:Robodogs GoldSchool/Affiliation/Loca tion:Bettendorf Schools TeamMembers: Dennis Davis, Hogan Mastanduno, Logan Zweifel, Cole Hunter, Sam Micka, Rebecca Davis, Jason McNab, Garrett Larson, Emma Hubbard, Philip Lindberg (all grades 4-8 from several schools) Coach: Aaron Maurer and Dan Drexler Robot’sName: Robodog RobotDesign Information Tell thejudges informationyouwantthemtoknowaboutyourrobot’s design.Youmighttell themsomethingaboutyourgamestrategyyouthinkis cool, orsomeinterestingattachmentyou designed,orsomeotherfactsaboutyourrobotthatyouthinkarecool. The design of our robot revolved around the challenges. Each member was given time to come up with a robot design that they thought would make all missions doable. From each student design we worked towards one model of a robot as a cohesive group. Our team came up with 5 missions that we thought we could solve and score the most points with the time given. We made several attachments to conquer each mission. We then solved each mission and put them into an order. ProjectInformation Tell thejudges informationyouwantthemtoknowaboutyourproject.Examplesinclude somethingspecial youlearned,who yousharedyourresearchwith, whatexpertsyoutalkedto, and whatyoulearnedaboutyourcommunity. Our Project came after much research of several issues facing Nature’s Fury.. We talked to several architects and building specialists. With the consensus of the team, it was decided to work on building a tornado proof shelter for schools. We followed that journey from the testing out several different versions of our product to finally making a design that was simple and very effective. We spoke with several professionals for feedback and our in the process of contacting companies to see if they are interested in bringing the idea to the market. CoreValues Information Tell thejudgeswhatyoulearnedaboutFLLCoreValuesthis season.Letthemknowabout problemsyousolved,whatyou'velearnedaboutworking togetherasateamandwhatGracious Professionalismmeanstoyou. The team had many challenge and opportunities to work as a team in each part of the project, design, programing, as well as discussion. Not everyone agreed with everything, but each member contributed and we became a much better team learning how to work through our differences. These are skills that they will use in the real world as they figure out how to best solve problems with other members WehaveprovidedRobot Designsupportingmaterials WehaveprovidedResearchProjectsupportingmaterials Wewould like ourpresentationmaterialsreturnedtous Fun Facts About Our Team Tell thejudgesanythingfunaboutyourteamthatyouwant.It could beafunnystory,yourteam motto,oranythingelseyou’dlike themtoknow. Our team is made of several schools and different grades. It took a while to bond as a team. The stress and working out our differences has given us strength and a unique combination of team unity. There is also the maturity difference between an 8th grader and a 5th grader that is both dynamic and rewarding. The older team member must mentor and teach the younger students so they can one day lead, but this can prove challenging as they work through different aspects of life and maturity. The thought process of a 5th grader is much different than that of an 8th grader. We have learning going on in practice in many different facets of life beyond just the robot and research and it is quite an experience to be part of as a teacher and mentor.