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Research aarkstore enterprise the evolution of android  it s ecosystem and impact in the mobile application marketplace
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Research aarkstore enterprise the evolution of android it s ecosystem and impact in the mobile application marketplace


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  • 1. ResearchAarkstore Enterprise The Evolution of Android: ItsEcosystem and Impact in the Mobile Application MarketplaceRelated Keywords :Evolution,Android,Ecosystem,Impact,Mobile,Application,Marketplace,Mind,Commerce,Publishing,research,focuses,OS,OHA,devices,growth,wireless,smart,phone,provides,insight,Apple,standards,date,looks,reasons,behind,creation,improved,user,interface,generation,phones,introduction,high,speed,networks,emergence,industry,analysisThis research focuses on Android OS, OHA devices and the impact onthe growth of the wireless/smart phone marketplace. The reportprovides an insight into the evolution of the mobile marketplace aroundthe Android and the Apple mobile OS standards to date. The reportlooks at the reasons behind the creation of the Android ecosystem,including the improved user interface of the new generation of smartphones, the introduction of new high speed mobile networks and theemergence of usage based data pricing with handset subsidies - inreturn for long term pay monthly contracts in developed markets.This report evaluates the latest smart phone innovations including theApple iPhone 4 and the Google Nexus and looks at the rise of theAndroid Application Store (Android Marketplace). It analyzes thebusiness models being offered by the main mobile OS standards. Itprovides examples of MNO pricing and examines the strategy beingemployed by the MNO to ensure that it still remains relevant in theprovision of content services over the smart phone device in response tothe rise of the smart phone brand.The report also provides a global subscriber statistics and forecast forthe Android mobile OS and the Apple iOS standards from the end of2010 to the end of 2013, with a similar forecast and market shareprojection for all of the major mobile OS standard providers (includingRIM (BlackBerry), Microsoft Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian) aswell as Android and Apple over the 3 year period.
  • 2. Companies in Report: Mobile Operators BouyguesTelecom China Mobile Communications Corp. China Telecommunications Corp. China United Network Communications For more information please contact : Ecosystem-and-Impact-in-the-Mobile-92194.html From:Aarkstore Enterprise Contact: Neel Email: URL: pagenum=1
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