Challenges and opportunities for the wealth sector in singapore


Published on announce a new report "Challenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in Singapore" through its vast collection of market research report.

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Challenges and opportunities for the wealth sector in singapore

  1. 1. announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collection Challenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in Singapore 185852.html RSS Feed: report is the result of Company’s extensive research covering the HNWIpopulation and Wealth Management industry in Singapore.Executive Summary:This report is a thorough analysis of Singapore’s Wealth Management and PrivateBanking sector, and the opportunities and challenges that it faces. In addition toproviding a comprehensive and robust background of the Singapore economy,including, uniquely, detailed analysis of economic and political risks to HNWI wealthcreation, the report provides robust projections of the volume and wealth ofSingapore’s HNWI.
  2. 2. Scope:The report features:• Independent market sizing of Singapore’s HNWI• Details of the development, challenges and opportunities of the WealthManagement and Private Banking sector in Singapore• Current insights into the drivers of HNWI wealth• Family office informationReasons To Buy:• The Company Intelligence Center Database is an unparalleled resource and theleading resource of its kind. Compiled and curated by a team of expert researchspecialists, the Database comprises up to one hundred data-points on over 100,000HNWI, private banks, wealth managers and family offices around the world.• Comprehensive forecasts to 2015.• Asia is the fastest growing region in the world in terms of wealth. Financialcentres such as Singapore and Hong Kong are ideally located to benefit from thisnew wealth.Key Highlights:• The Asia-Pacific wealth management sector (excluding Japan and Australia) grewfrom assets under management (AuM) of US$650 billion in 2007 to over US$1.3trillion in 2011. Singapore on its own constitutes 30% of this figure with AuM ofover US$550 billion.• Singapore is the second-largest offshore private banking center in the world, afterSwitzerland.
  3. 3. Table of Contents :1 Introduction1.1 What is this Report About?2 Wealth Sector Fundamentals2.1 Political Background of the Wealth Sector2.2 Economic Background to the Wealth Sector2.3 Benchmarking Singaporean Wealth in Context2.3.1 Distribution of wealthMore Reports:Australia – The Future of HNWIs to 2015, Western Wealth, Eastern GrowthChallenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in AustraliaChallenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in the UKUltra HNWIs in Singapore to 2015High Net Worth Trends in India to 2015China – The Future of HNWIs to 2015: Opportunities for Wealth Managers and PrivateBanksChallenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in IndiaChallenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in Hong KongFrom: Aarkstore EnterpriseContact: Marketing Team(Dipti)Mob.No.918149852585/919272852585Email: enquiry@aarkstore.comURL: