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Portfolio of Work Portfolio of Work Presentation Transcript

  • “The Power of Yes” Exhibits design firm: MERJE client: Helen Hayes Hospital West Haverstraw, NY amyagurkisrees
  • NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation Limited English Proficiency Signage Standards Manual design firm: MERJE client: NYCHHC New York, NY amyagurkisrees
  • Color glass block base, P internally illuminated Alternate patterning options P P U B L MARKET S TR E E T I C Downtown Knoxville Art Museum Wayfinding and World’s Fair Park Signage Program Parking Arrival Parking Arrival KNOXVILLE DOWNTOWN Locust St. University THEATER district of Tennessee P Garage P P U B L I C design firm: MERJE theater district market square client: City of Knoxville Tennessee Theater M A R K E T S QUAR E Bijou Theater Blount Mansion Gay Street Bridge Krutch Park Knoxville, TN Locust Street Garage Dowtown Dowtown District Arrival District Arrival Vehicular Directional Vehicular Directional Parking Directional Parking Directional SCALE: 1"=1'-0" Gateway/Arrival Gateway/Arrival (front view) (side view) (front view) (alternating back views) (front view) (side view) Pedestrian Kiosk Pedestrian Directional SCALE: 1"=1'-0" Downtown Knoxville OPTION B Schematic Design | May 7, 2009 ddddddddddddd Universi of Tenne LIC P UB P A P ddddddddddddd RKING dddddddddddd Art Museum zzzzzz World’s Fair Market Square Park ddddddddddddddddddddd University Parking Arrival of Tennessee R KI N G PA Locust P PUBLIC Street rket Square Garage Bijou tch Park UB LIC PA Theater UB LIC PA P P KNOXVILLE RK RK P P ING ING ust Street age ddddd Tennessee Theater Bijou Theater Blount Mansion Gay Street Bridge Market Square KNOXVILLE XONK Krutch Park ddddd DOWNTOWN KNOXVILLE Locust Street Garage zzzzzz founded 1791 Dowtown Gateway/Arrival District Arrival Vehicular Directional Vehicular Directional Destination Arrival Parking Directional Parking Directional SCALE: 1"=1'-0" (front view) (back view) ddddd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pedestrian Kiosk Pedestrian Directional SCALE: 1"=1'-0" Downtown Knoxville OPTION C Schematic Design | May 7, 2009 amyagurkisrees
  • The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Science Center design firm: MERJE client: The Peddie School Hightstown, NJ 8'-0" 2" 3'-9" 2" 5" 9" Existing Building Truss Support Wheel with MR 16 Lighting attached to exsting Truss 1/2" thick sheet green lisa plexiglass typ. 1/6" thick Aluminum with reflective vinyl applied to face typ. 1/2" thick sheet magenta lisa plexiglass typ. 18'-0" Detail Elevation: DNA Model 2 SCALE: 3/8" = 1'-0" amyagurkisrees
  • “Whittlin’ History” Exhibit design firm: UJMN Architects client: Delaware Agricultural Museum & Village Dover, DE amyagurkisrees
  • Founder’s Circle Wall design firm: MERJE client: CAMP Rehoboth Community Center Rehoboth Beach, DE amyagurkisrees
  • Campus-wide Wayfinding and Signage design firm: MERJE client: Episcopal Academy Newtown Square, PA 6'-0" 5'-10 1/2" 5/8" 5'-0" 5/8" 4" 3'-9 3/8" 4" 3'-3 1/2" C L Ø 1'-3" M1 13 P3 1'-4" P3 14 4" P2 15 9 1/2" 1 1/2" P4 14 4 1/2" THE P1 14 5'-3 1/2" EPISCOPAL 10" 6 1/2" 2'-8" M1 16 ACADEMY 8 1/2" 6 1/2" 1'-2 1/2" P3 14 P3 15 1 1/2" 10 1/2" M2 19 M3 20 4" Front Elevation: MAIN.1 2 SCALE: 1/2" = 1'-0" amyagurkisrees
  • WNTOWN DALLAS THE NEW DO TRICT up the “Inner ISTORIC DIS Districts that make WEST END H In addition to the town extends town Dallas, Down influenced by the Loop” of Down Deep Ellum, The T DISTRICT and warehouses ns of Uptown, MAIN STREE Brick-lined streets flat roofs, overha nging to include portio . c structures in of architecture— and The Trinity CT towers adjoin histori Chicago school call early 20th Cedars, Victory A RT S D I S T R I Glass-clad office t of chic hotels, cornices, stylized classical detailing—re uses area onal heart, a distric the historic wareho Uptown largest downtown Downtown’s traditi an expanding retail base. Renovation of -use district of was installed to spur t is the nation’s restaurants and century Dallas. g a lively mixed ago, a streetcar The 61-acre distric g list of institutions ranges loft apartments, te Adolphus in the 1980s, formin Over 125 years Business Distric t. arts. A growin g St. Louis beer magna began ants and shops. of The Central DOWNTOWN downtowndallas.org dedicated to the to an award-winnin In the early 1900s, Adolphus residences, restaur development north ted area of restore d round symphony center t landmarks, the entertainment, is a densely popula our way a IMPROVEMEN from a spectacular two opulen Today, Uptown Finding y Busch constructed miniums, shops, T DISTRICT A publication of t high school. Aquarium bungalows, condo DAL LAS Hotel and the Kirby Building. 98 Dallas World ts, a tropical rain 19th-century to the Arts DOW NTO WN arts magne s of saltwater exhibi and galleries, linked Place Over 85,000 gallon feature animals and hotels, restaurants ar. 21 Fountain at the base of 72 Pegasus Plaza for the mythical African lagoon free M-Line streetc dallassafetypatrol@sb cglobal.net Bryan in the urban spaces lies the park is named forest and a South oceans and variou s seas. District via the by John Neely of America’s great I.M. Pei. The Completed in 1994, . continents, three 214-741-1151 Founded and named shaped by efforts to establish One skyscraper design ed by g rebirth of Dallas plants from four the prism-shaped with native bald symbolize the ongoin Deep Ellum Civil War, Deep was important winged horse to has DOWNTOWN SAFETY late 1830s, Dallas ions links. An e plaza is filled lia Hotel, which slaves after the park is the Magno PATROL l extraordinary six-acr 64 Dealey Plaza ed A haven for freed and communicat g St. Louis ins and a centra Adjacent to the after park was design mecca and, more transportation rs on the road linkin crossing alls, bubbler founta a massive neon sign patterned l townsite, the into a 1920s jazz cypress trees, waterf Built over the origina Ellum evolved dallascityhall.com ng place for travele water jets. been topped by art deco garden orhood of lofts, 311 (non-emergency stoppi d a natural computer-driven Horse since 1934. y to Dallas. The distinctive neighb the area also boaste tracts of cheap fountain with 360 the Flying Red as a vehicular gatewa eted between 1938 recently, into a lubs and the Downtown Dallas city 911 (police, fire, medica services) to San Antonio, large aping were compl ants, shops, nightc l emergencies) Trinity River and in 1850 and, tion of Asian Art structures and landsc e Bannerman Dealey , civic galleries, restaur Cultural Center . point along the 93 Crow Collec important collect ions Gardens Named for Georg tta-designed Latoni the county seat 75 Stone Street aped pedestrian CITY OF DALLAS the named the nation’s most the city’s first landsc and 1940. Morning News, Ricardo Legore land. Dallas was a town with a Showcasing one of free self-guided - or docent as er of the Dallas incorporated as Opened in 1965 ay museum offers in 2002, the walkw leader and publish ber 1963, when greyhound.com six years later, Dallas of Asian art, the s, family days and mall and compl etely renovated in history in Novem The Cedars ss District in ms such as lecture r dining and plaza earned a place assassinated while riding of the Central Busine orhood 800-231-2222 population of 350. an led tours and progra is a popular destina tion for outdoo F. Kennedy was Historic Developed south t neighb million people, President John three National GREYHOUND dart.org 214-979-1111 DALLAS AREA RAPID Today, Dallas is exciting mix first-class shopp entertainment, home to over 1.1 of Southern hospit ality, modern style, and dynamic ing and restaurants, al attractions. recreational and cultur concerts throug 94 Dallas Cente hout the year. r for the Perfor ming Arts (future of the $275 million Construction and outdoor perform complex of indoor ing spaces began 2005. in November ) ance people-watching. 105 Neiman Marcus in Founded in Dallas ve in an open limous Landmarks ine. It is one of in Dallas. dy Memorial Plaza 68 John F. Kenne York architect and Kennedy family the late 1800s, neighborhood. Dallas’ first affluen is undergoing redeve City Park, the South lopment as a mixed Significant structu Side on Lamar Police Department -use res include Old residential-retail headquarters and Orientation Map TRANSIT (BUS/RAIL) theater, perform 1907 as an exclusi Designed by New cenotaph, or open complex, Dallas e an opera house women, The venues includ clothing store for n, this stark, simple and Brochure Dan Ham/Getty Images friend Philip Johnso County. Gilley’s Dallas. citizens of Dallas Amtrak.com Cover Image: RICT plaza. of the in 1970 by the hall and grand CENTER DIST the flagship store tomb, was erected CONVENTION 800-872-7245 um of Art modern retail chain was Victor y , home of the AMTRAK tions and busine ss 97 Dallas Muse permanent collect ion house & can Airlines Center r city for conven DMA moved its built in 1914, enlarged in ? Old Red Court Anchored by Ameri Mavericks, the 72- Dallas is a top-tie Founded in 1903, to the current facility Center and NBA Dallas Tourist Information than people to more and expanded in NHL Dallas Stars TRANSPORTATIO N over 3.8 million contemporary art 1928 under construction travel, drawing meetings each year. of ancient and le of lectures, films, Red Old d development trade shows and an ongoing schedu 1964 after a fire. Completed in 1892, acre master planne and office space. dallaswestend.org 3,600 conventions, in 1984. It hosts Downtown nent county tial, retail, hotel and special exhibi tions. Neiman Marcus Casanova is the fifth perma will consist of residen W. Dallas concerts, classes Courts photo by Miguel projects include Events hotline: 214-74 126 Municipal the & courthouse to occupy Recently annou nced 71 Pioneer Plaza the House by 1-7185 Building City esque-revival Residences and WEST END ASSOCIATION H. served as Dallas Victory Hotel & downtowndallas.org Events hotline: 214-74 4-4819 Cemetery The 4.2-acre park 1994 as the world’s opened in largest 103 Morton Meyerson Symphony Cente r This magnificent Hall from 1914 until 2003. Also Beaux-Arts edifice to 1977 and as Dallas Police headqu the site of Lee Harve y Oswald’s g currently houses arters the site. The Roman building, fashion red sandstone with ed of Pecos blue granite and red granite Philippe Starck The Trinity . oing design firm: MERJE 214-744-1270 bronze monument, with Designed by I.M. from Arkansas corridor is underg assassination in 1963, the buildin oing The Trinity River the centerpiece for DOWNTOWN DALLAS larger-than-life steers and Pei, the acoustically . from Texas, is underg into what will be ng a mid-19th ipal court system use as the transformation ics, and first- renowned center munic restoration for breathtaking aesthet dallasfarmersmarket.o 214-939-2808 DALLAS FARMERS MARKE rg T cowboys depicti century cattle adjacen drive. The t cemetery dates back g the final is the home of Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Meyerson Symphon Bureau courtesy Dallas Convention & y Center Visitors Museum of Dallas History & Cultur is also the site of County e. Old Red Dallas’ high- photo by Mary C. Ramos/Sto Old Red Courthou ck se Studios Dallas, providing class recreational architect, sculpto facilities. Intern r and engineer bridges for the ationally acclaim Santiago Calatr ava project, the first ed of client: DowntownDallas to 1852, markin has designed three Dallas County’s T DISTRICT tech tourist inform ation center. resting places of the 4,535 pipe Concerts, meetin gs, tours GOVERNMEN uction in 2005. visitdallas.com which began constr Events hotline: 214-57 214-571-1000 DALLAS CONVENTION 1-1301 most prominent settlers. ntion Center Pioneer Plaza photo by Reginald Loftin Herman W. Lay and special Family Organ. events are held r year-round. Downtown is the the regional hub seat of city and of many federal county government agencies and courts . and 109 The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Texas School Book Located in the former Depository, the es the life, times, death and G E T T I N G A R O U N D Dallas, TX 95 Dallas Conve space, the Sculpture Cente award-winning museum examin and & VISITORS BUREAU oasis square feet of exhibit 104 Nasher s and a two acre dy with permanent With over one million light-filled gallerie rial nt John F. Kenne artsdistrict.org hosts major nationa l and international Consisting of five ed center opened in 70 Dallas Police Memo focal point is a rectangular legacy of Preside a sniper fired on high-tech center events. Public art ins, the acclaim in 2001, the It is thought that window 214-953-1977 ts and other special of trees and founta s foremost collect ions of Dedicated of Dallas numbers special exhibitions. from a sixth floor conventions, concer anging luminescent one of the world’ bearing the badge dy’s motorcade County 2003 to house stainless steel canopy Below the canopy President Kenne ARTS DISTRICT FRIEND S , from the ever-ch in the line of duty. which now serves as a Dallas is a prominent feature brilliantly colored terrazzo modern sculptu re. police officers killed of the building, “Lightstream” to s. HELPFUL CONTA patterns of s and other the fallen officer administrative center. are the names of CTS salamanders, cowboy images of water, MarketPlace floor Southwest symbo ls. 112 West End the home of Brown Cracker & Candy DISTRICT Built in 1911 as rmed during the REUNION DIS TRICT CITY CENTER Company, the building was transfo tplace with shops, n towers and even an evel festival marke Reunion, the utopia gleaming office 1980s into a multil its name from La colonists that Beautiful parks, s in this district. nightclubs. The area takes rink are key feature restaurants and of French and Belgian indoor ice skating through the three- farm community 1850s. After the colony may be reached A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Dallas during the Many destinations d walkway system CT RKET DISTRI settled in west a to Dallas, adding round and elevate failed, these skilled artisans moved mile-long underg tion. FA R M E R S M A to the pioneer town. weekday popula that serves the Key flair for culture rs Market Ice Garden hotel complex, 96 Dallas Farme the open-air farmer s market is Arts District Highway 31 Americas Memorial & Dallas Police 65 Ferris Plaza in the Plaza of the Americas office/ 1 Dallas City Hall photo by Reginald Loftin Established in 1941, Open daily except Entrance/Exit Ramps leader and Located with public sessions along in the country. City Center District Named for civic rink offers daily one of the largest the “freshest part of Restaurants banker Royal A. Ferris, the the ice skating New Year’s Day, Convention Center District and private events . Hall Christmas and annually for 127 Dallas City three million people nent tree-filled park opened circa camps, lessons designed by promi Downtown” draws Tourist Information Center town buildings ver cooking classes and UPTOWN Farmers Market District contribution ors Plaza One of five Down an inverted cantile plants, gift items, 1920 as Dallas’ 62 Cancer Surviv re by Victor Salmones depicting the building is fresh produce, and townhouses Garage Parking Y Ferris Plaza architect I.M. Pei, one below. 1,500 apartments ST W ful wider than the Over Main Street District to the City Beauti special events. as the Loftin RA Photo by Reginald life-size sculptu rs and their about nine feet FR A 2 which also serves O d survivo with each floor of the market, Lot Parking cancer patients, FL Slightly recesse are situated east 5 S Movement. Government District eight individuals— underscores the ng & Courthouse ER its central through a maze ll Federal Buildi City Park. BO Light Rail Stops from street level, G supporters—passing 131 Earle Cabe S. gateway to Old LL including the U. RO in. cancer.” D Reunion District ST first public founta equate death and federal agencies UT O focus is the city’s park theme, “Don’t Housing variou s the H R District of Texas, ST Light Rail Route for the Northern West End Historic District LL E AV District Court named for a former A Tower Theater 108 Reunion , the 50- eted in 1967 and SS Trinity Railway 102 Majestic circa 1922 and D gree view of Dallas FA RO building was compl Harwood Historic District O palace was built . The adjacent IR ing a fantastic 360-de Map & Guide M Express Stop (TRE) former vaudeville O Provid ic dome by a three-level geodes This National Listed on the U.S. congressman 3 O W Dallas mayor and UN story tower is topped restaurant. talking pictures. Santa Fe Railro ad office- T Underground Walkways ation deck and later wired for d between 1979 re was part of the ted by ST 94 TRE Route complete with revolving observ can theater was restore structu 1920s and connec trolled lights that Register, the ornate ex built in the Elevated Walkways 260 computer-con ing arts venue. warehouse compl M-Line Street Car Stop The dome has and 1983 as a perform railroad system . H AW ST infinite pattern s. an underground City Park Garage M-Line Street Car Route RA K IN create Square y RATES: O ing on Central Librar S FL 110 Thanks-Giv 103 ST 132 J. Erik Jonss T and city $1/HR. Dallas Police Department A bell tower, in 1982 and named 4 unity programs for a former mayor photo by Sally Cassidy/Stock Market Dallas Farmers Options CR Weekdays 5AM–5PM CBD Unit , Built ive comm < O $2 Flat Fee meditation garden provides extens CK O ET leader, the library L IV FA 3 million items, Weekends & Weekdays T E ST ins IR soothing founta collection of over PE ST M after 5PM and contains a l copies of the 1776 ic District AR < O UN Harwood Histor grew into a L L only ten origina > and a Philip ST orhood, the area T including one of 1 H ST CENTR AR tial neighb in the 10 4 Johnson-designed ndence. Once a residen LE t Theater Row N W ST ation of Indepe O O zone to suppor EAST N L O Declar ous city- 113 film distribution ST CR AR RA D chapel distinguish 5 s Building t claims numer TRANSIT 23 O O ST DE D this unique distric E AREA RAPID S AV CK L. Allen Sr. Court DALLAS 93 ST diverse architectural FE DALLAS > ET 1920s. Today, 133 George g for the AL EXP T this urban park arks, representing S 18 ST its civil courts buildin res 214-979-1111 RO > designated landm Significant structu 33 39 County named il, a ST 35 dedicated to world- Dallas Dallas City Counc 1880s to the 1950s. TO ican elected to styles from the First Presbyterian 97 dart.org C IN . s 41 wide thanksgiving first African-Amer egate local school lassical masterpieces, E 31 JA IC AV led efforts to desegr include two Neo-C and Scottish Rite Cathedral WY N s are businessman who rt office and law SA E Interfaith service 260 AV h built in 1912 14-story IF > es. A U.S. passpo > PA C Reunion Tower Churc nesque R the and the Sulliva GE Regency Dallas held regularly in and public faciliti g. completed in 1913, in 1925 courtesy Hyatt 6 in the courts buildin 43 UN AK 37 d Hilton opened . < > M located which Conra 4 AR spiral-shaped chapel library are also V I C T O R YAristocrat Hotel, ise. 110 D D FR ST ST Y ST EE W as his first high-r M 34 n AN > 135 Union Statio 62 iving Square TO FR day after it opened ST ST Thanks-G 101 AL as 85 trains per N Visitors Bureau PA Convention & S Handling as many courtesy Dallas 255 U al now serves ER L O 24 Arts passenger termin S ST ER 28 G s. > in 1916, the Beaux- uter rail system M D 13 E A AG ’s light and comm AV F IE TO O < ST D N 90 < < Amtrak and DART to Reunion Tower. 7 EY LD R O O 21 15 ER 251 N L IV ST < FE L IA N connected via tunnel YA ST ST LL VA IN 175 BR E AK DEEP ELLUM The building is ST CK Y ST A O RL I - 3 E ST 22 > AKA M AV 2 < E D > > < PEA < L IV ST O SS 25 > 250 L HA < 38 O RO < < A RW RD ER GR 5 ST W 129 D OO IF IF 63 IN FE ST > F IN E RB > 26 D ST CO AVE ST > PAC IFIC < BU < 136 ST LL IN 29 R 8 G TO GE < > UN STR EET N > ST LA L < < ERV ST TO M < ELM 100 W > > < CEN 98 18 S ST ST 33 ST > 11 S PA RD TO HA RW > AVE < O 112 IFIC C IN ST < TRA LA > PAC H 102 ST < > < ELM 42 > ER M JA 110 NG 253 AR ST ST 17 OO D N L EXW < MU > SA N AL 30 EXW ST HO UST IN > SO ER 28 73 AY S ER REC OR RB D ST ST ST < 15 FE GR IFF TT Y< 61 CO PA > OR 38 9 ON ST UL < ST > 75 32 < ELM > PEA N> D ST IN ST CO RBI 254 ERC E ST 29 ST ST < L 191 MA IN > CO MM > ST < ERV RL EXW 11 ERVAY ST 17 > 130 ST PAU L 126 ST < ET GO N GRIF 32 75 RE < ELM N TO OD ST ST < L ST Y> FA C EN CA FIN ST > D LA ERC E OO RM AVE M TIM > TR PAC IFIC > CO MM W PL PL ER > AL ER 256 S M EX 115 EX 105 10 AUS TIN AR W GR IFF W ST LAM 72 Y MA IN KE 27 Y Y PRATHE < T N ST W AR ST IN ST ST KSO < FIE AY A 14 < JAC 105 < < MA 259 R ST CAN TON ST R ST LAN E 252 LD ST 10 ST > Y LO RKE ST > 72 ST < ST < ERC E M A IN OD TA ST 109 190 > CO MM > WO < ELM 27 T ST 36 P R ATH 74 66 ST < 36 > BRO LA 11 128 114 3 ST > HO IL PAR K < AR WD ER N ST D IZ M < F IE < ST KSO 36 A ER >C US MA IN < JAC AVE AU STI 14 131 ST > AKA TO N > ST 64 68 ER ST 36 259 N ST < ERV LA ST ST > PAU L ST > 134 ST > MA RIL RD ST E OD 132 MM ERC > WO LA N E AY ST > CO 252 EVE RGR L ST > ST > 133 R D ST 20 Y LO C EN H FIE FIE LD < 12 G ST AR 96 ST > EEN EEN TA AD YO UN 19 W TR ST < O RO < KSO N ST AL O CE S ST 76 D ER ST < JAC MER EX N 67 ST RM TO < ST ST ST W W RE LA AKA AKA RD FA N MA RIL > CO M Y UN 257 PA ST < CA > < IO N OD R ST K < BL < WO 70 36 AV IZ VD REC OR D < E ST STEMMO CA 69 MA TO 106 74 RIL > > 12 LA 127 ST ST D ST T BRO 125 PA 65 13 G ST 71 U YO UN WD ER L S ST ER 135 36 > BRO GR IFF < ST N S F RW ER 114 > VA LAM Y Y BLVD 258 IN ST ST ST ST U IS AR ST A ST < < AN WDE 40 IO N LO IC ARTS < MA HYA SON ST RS D DR UN ON IAL DISTRICT TRINITY BR BLV CO Y TT REG ION CER EM K 108 RE O O RE UN 36 RKE < J AC W 14 D > HO > R ST ER ENC T ST 111 S ST Y US < > AKA >A 95 AK TO N TO AR 92 D 36 ST > ST CITY CENTER HO DISTRICT TE < Y E LD ST < ERV SPORTS ST R F RW N TO ST > R NORTH D 15 ON N GR IFF R CA IN ST NT OD < OR 132 D ST R AY > WO MAIN STREET 107 L T H CEDARS WEST END HISTORIC DISTRICT R DISTRICT FA R M E R S M A R K E T DISTRICT < > D R. CT ST < > LA GOVERNMENT DISTRICT TO Dallas Police DU AL M 137 CT 16 T AR V IA O RI DU 0 ST Department ST V IA M EM I-3 F IE L T NG S ON D. REUNION B LV U ST YO U 1 DISTRICT HO N L I - SO < 35 CONVENTION CENTER ER D ST E FF DISTRICT JE N > 17 OAK CLIFF TO I - 35 99 E AKAR # DESTINATION GRID # DESTINATION GRID # DESTINATION GRID # DESTINATION GRID # DESTINATION GRID # DESTINATION GRID # DESTINATION GRID M 500 South Ervay J-12 Southwest Plaza G-6 Schepps Park N-9 Fair Park O-8 Churches Public Services Universities / Colleges 70 19 37 73 100 D D ST 1 Cathedral Santuario 20 Founders Square F-12 38 Thanksgiving Tower H-9 74 SBC Plaza H-11 101 Latino Cultural Center L-6 125 A. Maceo Smith Federal Building F-13 190 El Centro College E-11 de Guadalupe I-5 Fountain Place F-7 Trammell Crow Center H-5 Stone Street Gardens H-9 102 Majestic Theater J-8 21 39 75 127 Dallas City Hall I-13 191 Universities Center at Dallas J-9 2 First Baptist Church H-7 22 Harwood Center I-7 41 Univision Center K-5 76 WFAA Plaza E-12 103 Morton H. Meyerson 128 Dallas County Records Building C-11 Hotels MA 3 First Presbyterian Church K-11 JPMorgan Chase Tower I-5 1616 Woodall Rogers F-6 Symphony Center H-4 Dallas Police Headquarters I-16 R IL LA 23 43 137 Points of Interest 4 First United Methodist Church H-6 24 KPMG Centre I-7 Parks American Airlines Center C-7 104 Nasher Sculpture Center G-5 129 DART East Transfer Center K-7 250 Adams Mark Conference Center J-7 ST 127 BRO 90 105 Neiman Marcus I-10 251 Adams Mark Hotel J-7 5 St. Paul United Methodist Church J-2 Lincoln Plaza G-7 25 Bark Park Central O-9 Belo Mansion H-5 130 DART West Transfer Center E-9 61 113 Old City Park M-13 252 Adolphus Hotel H-10 71 106 Office Buildings 26 One Dallas Centre I-8 131 Earle Cabell Federal Building Cancer Survivors Plaza J-6 The Black Academy of Arts WD 62 92 107 Reunion Arena C-15 253 Springhill Suites D-9 One Main Place F-10 and Letters H-14 & Courthouse F-11 14 Adolphus Tower H-10 27 Carpenter Park L-8 63 108 Reunion Tower B-14 254 The Aristocrat Hotel K-9 1700 Pacific I-9