Music In The New Media


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Music In The New Media

  1. 1. Music in the New Media By: Anthony Arcell Professor Mr. Leal
  2. 2. • Popular media player software from Apple for the Mac and Windows. Designed to transfer files to the iPod and iPhone as well as administer the copy protection on purchased titles, iTunes is widely used by millions of people who play their music collections only on their computers and not a portable device. • Introduced in 2001 for the Mac, a Windows version was added in 2003. Due to Windows' dominance and iTunes's ease of use, far more people use iTunes on Windows than they do on Apple's own Mac computers. iTunes also integrates Apple's online store for purchasing songs, videos and iPhone applications (
  3. 3. How do I Listen to my Music? • Over 26 million iPods were sold worldwide as of April 2010.
  4. 4. How do I get my Music? • iTunes • Ever since 2003-2005, Apple iTunes have sold over 350 million songs. Every year, 50 million more songs are purchased. • Since the release of Frostwire, over 10 million people have downloaded it.
  5. 5. What’s Next? • New evolution and laptops
  6. 6. How Does Music Affect Us? • For as long as man has walked the earth, music has been a vital part of our culture, lifestyle and collective memory. • Ancient cultures used music as a mnemonic device to imprint vital stories and myths onto young minds.
  7. 7. New Media Stats: • According to Billboard Magazine, U.S. album sales dropped to 588.2 million in 2006 which is a 5% decrease from the 619 million copies scanned in 2005 which is the first time since 1993 that the U.S. sales figure has slipped below the 600 million mark. However, as grim as the foregoing may seem, the increase in U.S. digital sales hit an all time high especially the week after Christmas 2006 with a whopping 30.1 million tracks sold according to Nielsen Soundscan (582 million downloads sold total for 2006). This is a 51% increase from the 19.9 million digital tracks sold during the last week of the year in 2005.
  8. 8. New Media Stats Cont.: • Although there are numerous digital download services available throughout the world, the most prominent seems to be Apple’s iTunes. Through mass marketing campaigns that extend throughout the world which feature such globally recognized artists such as Eminem, U2, and the Black Eyed Peas, iTunes is offered via both PC and Mac computers which is then downloaded to a handheld device called an iPod. By September 2006, iTunes reported a total of 1.5 billion downloads sold. In addition, indie-only specialist, eMusic, announced they have just surpassed the 100 million mark at the end of 2006. Pursuant to the iTunes agreement with the record labels, the iTunes share of income is $0.29 cents out of each $0.99 download. (Music Biz