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How to use Agresso Business World ERP

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  • PURPOSEWays of contact the instructor in order to keep in touch. As a representative of UNIT4 it is good to keep in touch with clients, for further training and to keep them informedThey may ask, or better you can propose an additional or a new course Time : 1 min
  • PURPOSEArrive in time to set up and test your equipment and still 15 min to talk with people.Prepare a sheet for participants to sign up Prepare handouts for the audience. Prepare exercises for the audience.Prepare instructor notes.This slide will be on screen when the participants enter the room.This training session provides answers to simple practical questions that almost every user of Agressoraises.HOW. The training can be delivered either as a classroom or a virtual classroom after taking care of all the technical details (hardware, software tool to deliver the training, internet connection, etc)Due to the short available time to conduct this training session, it is better not to add animations on the presentation in order to gain time. In addition not to add many colors in the slides. You want the students to listen to the instructor and not watch the nice slides. AudienceThis unit introduces the basic activitiesof the ABW, whichis a modern and innovative ERP , to a group of 4-6 employees of Abbey IT Solutions, with similar IT background. They are all familiar with working on applications, however this is their first ERProle.They are completely new to the ERP. The trainingengages the audience throughout from start to finish.
  • TIME 4minHOWEstablish “routines”: introduce yourself then run through the description of the course.Distribute sign up paper and handouts.Explain the plan, the sections the method we follow (demonstrate, do, skills exercise)At, the end of each section, there is an exercise that covers each sectionPURPOSEIt covers the contents of the training session. It demonstrates the training structure.
  • TIME: 1 minPURPOSEThis session on the training provides you with an introduction to the basics of how you use ABW windows and menus. More specifically It covers:Logging on and off ABW.Working with panes.Using ABW menus.Using ABW shortcuts and toolbar buttons.HOWABW has the look and feel of Microsoft Windows, so you should be able to quickly familiarise yourself with the ABW interface. HOW MANY HAVE YOU USED MICROSOFT OFFICE APPLICATIONS? “What we want our learners to do” and “ How do we know they got there” (In other words we have to know where to start and where to finish)For these difficult to grasp concepts, give examples fromyour experience, so the students can understand better.
  • TIME: 2 minPURPOSEHOWThis is a good opportunity to ask questions that will activate the interests and recall previous experience of the audience on software applicationsAsk the audience to share applications they have used AgresoYoutube videoExplain what an Agresso ERP system isHighlight where the AgressoERP fits inAgresso – ERP with NO Expiry Date™UNIT4 develops and delivers the Agresso range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management solutions. These are especially suited to organisations operating in a state of frequent and dynamic business change – especially those that are service based or in the Public Sector.Agresso is a fully integrated, role-focused ERP system built on VITA™ – the Agresso “living” IT architecture. This places powerful support for key functions at the heart of your operations and the complete flexibility to use these in conjunction with any other systems that you need to support your business – including UNIT4’s growing range of specialised plug-in applications.ERP for Businesses Living IN Change™Over 2,600 organisations already use our fully integrated, role-focused Agresso ERP system for both operational support and strategic management, across an impressive range of core business functions: -Financial ManagementHR & PayrollProcurementProject Costing & BillingReporting & AnalyticsBusiness Process AutomationAgresso ERP solutions help organisations to cope successfully with operating in an almost permanent state of rapid change and growth. It’s our mission to understand and meet the needs of what we call: “Businesses Living IN Change (BLINC)™”.Delivering post-implementation agilityAgility is not the same as “flexibility”. Most leading business software solutions are flexible enough to meet the needs you identify before implementation.But only Agresso solutions give you the agility to change and update the system yourself – and keep on changing it – long after implementation.This “stay-fresh” approach to ERP protects your corporate margins and helps in realising business ambitions – Agresso customers can drive their organisation’s evolution to any size and in any direction advantageous to them, without being held back by system constraints and costs.Our "journey" approach to releasesUnlike traditional ERP implementations, current and forthcoming releases and developments for Agresso offer customers a choice of routes to create their own individual solution "journey" with plenty of opportunities to change and grow along the way.Find out more about the new ways forward for Agresso - we think it will radically change your outlook on ERP!
  • TIME : 2minPURPOSEActivation of the audience’s interest with previous and similar experience.DISCUSSIONWhat information do you need Before logging on a software application?ANSWERBefore you log on to ABW you require:A user name – which uniquely identifies you in ABW.A client or a company ID – which identifies the organisation/company to which you are logging on.A password – which allows you access to ABW.A datasource – which indicates the database on your server to which you are logging on.HOWLogging on ABWDISCUSSION: What action do you take if you can’t logging on?
  • TIME : 2 minPURPOSETo demonstrate the log on process step by stepHOWIdentify the ABW icon on the desktop.Is it a shortcut ? Explain what if they accidentally deleted? Start the ABW (as every other application)1. Display the Login dialog by starting ABW Smart Client from your computer’s desktop: Double-click the ABW Smart Client icon.or: if you don’t find the shortcut Select Start | Programs | ABW Business World | ABW Smart Client.Describe the Log on Window (Buttons – areas)What if I changed my mind and don’t want to login?Logging on ABW2. Enter the log on details in the data entry fields: (Use TAB or Mouse) Type your ABW user name in the User name field. (system) Type a company ID in the Client field. (A3) Type your ABW password in the Password field. (system)NOTE: CAPS LOCK and LANGUAGE IS OK?3. Confirm the details to log onto ABW Smart Client:  Select OK.
  • TIME : 3minDescribe the ABW main screenComment: Look and feel of Microsoft applicationsBegin the description from top – bottom and left to right. DISCUSSION: To what S/W you think the main screen look like? Is it familiar to you? Identify the different panesSHOW me the …. Pane …..Click on the …. Pane …..Bring in front the search paneLogging off ABW
  • TIME 1 minLogging off ABWYou must log off ABW when you have finished using the facilities of Agresso Business World.Log off from ABW using one of these methods: Select File | Exit.or: Click on the Close icon in the title bar of the ABW window.or: Press Alt+F4.A message box is displayed asking you to confirm that you want to log off ABW:Confirm the log off operation: Click on the Yes button.DISCUSSION TOPICWhat action do you take if you can’t logging off?
  • Working with panesThis section of the training introduces you to the panes within the Smart Client and in particular to the Menu pane, navigation and customising options, and covers the following topics:Menu pane.Navigating within the Menu pane.Understanding Menu icons.Search pane.ABW Shortcuts & Toolbar Buttons.
  • TIME 1 minPURPOSEActivation of the audience’s interest with previous and similar experience.DISCUSSIONWhat interface came into your mind when you first show the Agresso BW?In which software have you seen the + and – signs?
  • TIME : 2minMenu paneThere are two styles of menu pane:Client based (shown left) – available clients are displayed as buttons and selecting a button shows the available ABW menu for that client in the Menu pane.Module based (shownright) – each module is represented by its own button and when you select a button, the detailed menu tree for that module is displayed in the Menu pane:Various types of Navigating within the Menu paneYou can navigate within the Menu pane using the following:Click on a [+] icon to expand a branch of the Menu tree.Click on a [-] icon to collapse a branch of the Menu tree.Press the  or  keys to expand or collapse the highlighted branch.Press the Enter key to expand or collapse the highlighted branch.Right click the mouse to select the Expand branches or Collapse branches option to expand or collapse all branches of the Menu tree in a single operation.Press a letter key on the keyboard to jump to the next item in the tree that begins with that letter.After DEMO all brunches should be collapsedNavigating within the Menu pane + or – signs Arrow keys Enter key Right click the mouseA letter keyExercise on expanding – collapsing menu item using various methods Understanding Menu iconsExpand all (right click)Explanation of 6 menu iconsExercise of menu icons
  • TIME 10 min1. Log on to ABW to display the Client based Menu: Double-click the ABW Smart Client icon on the desktop. Enter your logon details.2. Expand each of the main branches of the Menu tree: Click on a [+] icon to expand the AGRESSO Common branch . Click on a [+] icon to expand each of the ABW Product Family branches (Financials, Project, Human Resources, Logistics, Information Manager, Planner). 3. Expand selected sub branches of the ABW Product Family branches using the keyboard: Press  to expand selected sub branches of the Financials family. Press the Enter key to expand sub branches of the Logistics family.4. Collapse all branches of the tree which you have expanded: Press the  or Enter key to collapse all (expanded) sub branches of the AGRESSO Logistics branch. Click on a [-] icon to collapse all remaining branches of the tree.5. Use the navigation options (right click mouse) to expand and then collapse all branches of the Menu tree in a single operation: Right click and select Expand branches. Use the scroll bar at the right side of the menu to browse through the Main Menu tree. Right click and select Collapse branches.6. Use the keyboard to navigate sub branches of AGRESSO Financials: Click on a [+] icon to expand the AGRESSO Financials branch. Click on AGRESSO Financials to select and highlight the branch. Press the A key to jump to the Accounts Payable sub branch.Press the F key to jump to the next sub branch title that starts with the letter F (Fixed Assets).Click on a [-] icon to collapse the AGRESSO Financials branch.7. Navigate through the Menu looking for each of these icons and note the information type that they designate: Menu item that you can collapse ABW maintenance window ABW data entry window ABW enquiry window ABW registration window
  • TIME 1 minPURPOSEActivation of the audience’s interest with previous and similar experience.DISCUSSIONHave you used the “Search” command in another application?What search techniques did you use?Which are the wildcard characters?HOW
  • TIME 2 minDescription of search paneDemonstration of performing a search with various methods (Search using, “Attributes”, “Attribute*”, “GL04”)Search paneYou can perform a search of the Menu to locate an ABW item, a function, or a Menu item, for example to locate a particular window that you require for data entry.When you perform a search of ABW using the Menu you can search using:An item name - for example to search for a window using the window name.An ID – for example to search for windows using an ABW window ID such as GL09.Wildcard characters – which allow you to search using partial item names or IDs:* - use this as a substitute for one or more characters or numbers in an item name or ID.? – use this as a substitute for a single character or number in an item name or ID.
  • TIME 10 minSEARCH PANE ExerciseDisplay the Search pane on the Menu: Select Search.Perform search for the following windows:AttributesAttribute*GL04 Type Attributes in the Search data entry. Click the Search button. The results of the search are displayed in the Search pane. Select the search result line of interest and right click mouse and select Show in menu:
  • TIME 1 minPURPOSEActivation of the audience’s interest with previous and similar experience.DISCUSSIONWhy we use toolbar buttons?Which ones of the Toolbar Buttons are familiar to you?What is the purpose of the “F” keys on the keyboard?ANSWER
  • TIME 3 minUsing ABW shortcuts and toolbar buttonsYou can use access ABW commands and functions using:Shortcuts – keys which you can select on the keyboard to perform a particular action (for example F1 to display ABW on-line help), or combinations of keys (for example Alt+F4 to log off ABW).Toolbar buttons – buttons which are displayed in the Toolbar near the top of the Agresso Business World window:NOTE: The language the shortcut keys in ABW appear in, are determined by the user’s keyboard language setting and independent of the language used in ABW, allowing the shortcut keys to be the same as the keys on the keyboard.Demonstration of 3 ShortcutsLanguage settingsDemonstration of 3 Toolbar icons (mention the same icons as MS-office is easy to remember)
  • TIME 5 minExercise Shortcuts The following shortcuts are corresponded to which ABW command respectively?Alt+F6 = zoomF7 = FindF10 = Change CompanyExercise Toolbar iconsDraw the buttons for Next, Previous, First, LastSavePrint
  • TIME 3minPURPOSEThe key areas of the class, especially the objectives should be coveredHOWReview the answers to exercises, and discussion.
  • TIME : 2 minPURPOSE Bring up the main points and examples you want your students to apply to their jobHOWAreas Implemented WellBe brief and specific.Identified Area(s) for Student SupportChoose a critical area and be brief!Action PlanNeeds to be connected to the Identified Area for Student SupportFollow-Up Date (Maybe)Be specific (2 weeks, 1 month, 4th week of January, etc.)
  • TIME 1 minPURPOSEReference to several UNIT4 software tools and productsHOW
  • PURPOSEWays of contact the instructor in order to keep in touch. As a representative of UNIT4 it is good to keep in touch with clients, for further training and to keep them informedThey may ask, or better you can propose an additional or a new course
  • Agresso bw apostolopoulos

    1. 1. Getting Started on theAgresso Business World (ABW)?Andreas Apostolopoulos
    2. 2. June 2013 3AgressoERPFinancialManagementHR & PayrollProcurementProjectCosting &BillingReporting &AnalyticsBusinessProcessAutomation
    3. 3. AgendaObjectivesWhat is Agresso Business World (ABW)?How to log on and log off?How to work with Menu & Search panes?How to use ABW Shortcuts & Toolbar Buttons?ReviewQuestions?June 2013 4
    4. 4. ObjectivesBy the end ofthis sessionyou’ll be ableto:Interact withAWBinterface by:Working withpanes.Using theABW menus.Using theABWshortcuts andtoolbarbuttonsLog on andoff ABWJune 2013
    5. 5. What is the Agresso ERP?June 2013 6UNIT4AgressoERP with NOExpiry DateERP forBusinessesLiving INChangeDelivering post-implementationagility"journey"approach toreleasesOver 2,600organisationsalready use it
    6. 6. How to Log on & off ABW?June 2013 7
    7. 7. Log on & off Discussion TopicsJune 2013 8Name an applicationthat require log on &off.What information doyou need beforelogging on a softwareapplication?What action do youtake if you can’t logon?
    8. 8. How to log on ABW?June 2013 9ABW Icon
    9. 9. ABW Main ScreenJune 2013 10
    10. 10. Logging off ABWJune 2013 11
    11. 11. How to Work with Menu Pane?June 2013 12
    12. 12. Discussion TopicsJune 2013 13What interfacecame into yourmind when youfirst show theAgresso BW?In whichsoftware haveyou seen the (+)and (–) signs?
    13. 13. How to work with Menu Pane?June 2013 14
    14. 14. Exercise – Menu Pane1. Log on toABW todisplay theClient basedMenu2. Expandeach of themainbranches ofthe Menutree3. Expandselected subbranches ofthe ABWProductFamilybranchesusing thekeyboard4. Collapseall branchesof the treewhich youhaveexpanded5. Use thenavigationoptions(right clickmouse) toexpand andthencollapse allbranches ofthe Menutree in asingleoperation6. Use thekeyboard tonavigate subbranches ofAGRESSOFinancials7. Navigatethrough theMenulooking foreach ofthese iconsJune 2013 15
    15. 15. How to Work with Search Pane?June 2013 16
    16. 16. Discussion TopicsJune 2013 17Have you usedthe “Search”command inanotherapplication?Which are thewildcardcharacters?
    17. 17. How to work with Search Pane?June 2013 18Type your search criteria here, then click Search button
    18. 18. Exercise – Search Pane1. Displaythe Searchpane on theMenu:•Select Search.2. Performsearch forthe followingwindows:•Attributes•Attribute*•GL043. TypeAttributes inthe Searchdata entry.•Click theSearch button.•The results ofthe search aredisplayed inthe Searchpane.4. Select thesearch resultline ofinterest andright clickmouse andselect Showin menu5. What itemishighlighted?June 2013 19
    19. 19. How to use ABWShortcuts & Toolbar Buttons?June 2013 20
    20. 20. Discussion TopicsJune 2013 21Why we use toolbarbuttons?Identify the ToolbarButtons which arefamiliar to you.What is the purposeof the “F” keys onthe keyboard?
    21. 21. How to use ABW shortcuts and toolbarbuttons?June 2013 22Toolbar buttons provides access to Agresso facilities and commands
    22. 22. Exercise: Shortcuts & Toolbar ButtonsAlt+F6 =?F7 = ? F10 = ?Draw thebuttonsfor Next,Previous,First,LastJune 2013 23
    23. 23. ReviewJune 2013 24
    24. 24. Questions?June 2013 25
    25. 25. Mobile AppsAgresso Tasks App for iPhones & iPadsAgresso Timesheets App for iPhones &iPadsAgresso Reports App for Android Agresso Reports App for iPhones & iPadsJune 2013 www.unit4.comAgressoERPFinancialManagementHR & PayrollProcurementProjectCosting &BillingReporting &AnalyticsBusinessProcessAutomationERP for BLINC26
    26. 26. Thank You• Andreas Apostolopoulos•• www.aaposto.weebly.comJune 2013 27
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