A christmas day in florence


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A christmas day in florence

  1. 1. A CHRISTMAS DAY IN FLORENCE ALESSIO SPEAKS’ CORNER December 24th 2011 My itinerar y WINES Art From Masaccio to FRATELLI Giotto Starting from Ognissanti Church and finishing with Santa Felicita Church a full journey in the Renaissance is the best way to get ready for Christmas and not only..and it takes only few hours.. Coffee helangel o view Piazzale Mic Caffé Gilli In Piazza Repubblica you can find Gilli, one of the oldest Italian Coffee room, founded in 1733. Every time I get in I feel like to be in a timline machine, A rt, D in i n g & r e l a x i n g i n Flo r e nc e overwhelmed by a classy, elegant ambinece. every time I come back Chapel ornamented with 15th E from my monthly Indian trip I always need one fullday of relax but this time being in centuries frescos painted by Masaccio, Masolino and Filippino Lippi. I forgot about my coffe and Quick Lunch ProcacciIndia up to December 22nd I was decided to see the birth of An Historical Florentinefeeling the need to breath some Renaissance painitng. Tuscan Panini corner,Christmas air also that is why I founded in 1887 is located in viadecided to spend one full day in Tornabuoni just in the heart ofFlorence. Florentine shopping area. A warm panino filled with Tuscan Ham andI live in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, a truffles sipping a glass of Chiantinice village on the Chianti hills 20 Classico Casa Sola 2008 is a perfectminutes from downtown Florence break for a quick lunchby car. December 24th I drove toFlorence and parked my car inPiazza del Carmine a 16th century Shoppingsquare along the south bank of the Shopping in Florence is always relaxingArno river. Being 9.15 a.m.I did have becasue everything is at walking distancethe intention to have a quick and you can find a different array ofEspresso but as soon as I locked my stores from Italian & Internationalcar I realized that I was in front of brand stores to artisan ones.Santa Maria del Carmine churchfamous for hosting the Brancacci
  2. 2. M asaccio painted The Tribute in 1425 in “32 working days”. This fresco hasestablished new patterns in historyof art and painting, introducing forthe very first time the use of threedimensional perspective, realisticfaces and an innovative use of lightand colors. Michelangelo copiedJesus central figure and used it as aninspiring model. I have spent onehour contemplating all theseawsome freascos, with their brightcolors, imaging Masaccio makingthem. I felt lucky to be there andlive deep emotions in looking atthem. Art is like wine, it issincere,personal and leaves apleasant trace in you. Masaccio, The Tribute , 1425 dc 2.55mt x 5.98mt Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine - FirenzeAfter Masaccio, coffee was needed googling in their smartphones.and I’ve walked up to Piazza While I was sipping my niceRepubblica where you can find Gi!i, macchiato, looking outside I couldone of the oldest Italian Coffee imagine Miss Ninalee Craig, walkingroom, founded in 1733. Every time I at Gilli corner in August 22nd 1951get in I feel like to be in a timline while Ruth Orkin clicked themachine, overwhelmed by a classy, famous picture An American Girl inelegant ambinece you realize to be Italy an iconic photo of the 50s.in 2012 only looking at peopleCaffé Gilly in Florence since 1733 Ruth Orkin, An American Girl in Italy, 22 August 1951 - Gilli Cafe - Florence
  3. 3. fter a nice Macchiato I’ve (1296-1436) and Giotto Bell towerA kept walking around downtown Florence searching for some nice (1300/1340) I’ve stopped at the bottom of Giotto’s bell tower staring at Giotto’s “formelle” aChristmas presents. Shopping in series of sculptured marbleFlorence is always relaxing becasue medaillons representing human arts.everything is at walking distance My favourite is the one dedicated toand you can find a different array of wine-making representing a lyingstores from Italian & International man just in front of a big oak barrelbrand stores to artisan ones. Via and beneath a vine plant. VineTornabuoni, known as “ the plants in the ancient world wereshopping road of Florence” is always grown very big, same as a treecrowded, and Christmas different from nowadays cordon ordecorations make it absolutely guyot system and Giotto representsamazing. I’ve stopped in front of exactly a 13th vineplant size. WhenTiffany becasue I couldn’t beleive I look into this fomrella I realizewhat I was looking at.There was a what an inheritance we do have ourlong line of people waiting to get nowadays wine producers, and howin..reason of it is the last “must much changed the world is, not onlyhave” Tiffany silver braclet that it so we’re still making wine in Chianti,much in fashion here that Tuscany and Italy but also ineverybody wants to have it.. not India..wow!!!only Mac products are iconic.. Lunch time in Florence can be aOnce you reach end of via surprise. I did want to have a quickTornabuoni, looking on your right bite and a glass of wine. No doubt Panini Tartufati Procacci Giotto, Forme!a del Vino, 1305,you have the breathless view of firenzeSanta Maria del Fiore cathedral P r o c acc i Pani ni T ar tuf at i My L u n c h 1. Panino Ham & Fresh Truffle 1. Panino Butter & Fresh“ Panini tartufati TruffleProcacci served in a 1. Panino Butter & An chovyprofessional and 1. Glass of Chardo nnay 2008 truffle. Butter & anch Castello di Ama ovy wasgentle manner in a perfect for the butte ry Chardonnay from Castello di Amvintage atmosphere 1. Glass of Chianti Classico 2008 Fresh truffles were a, instead Casa Sola beautifullythat touches your paired with Chianti Classico Casa Once you seat at Pr Sola 2008heart” ocacci you must order some pa Sara Pizzi nini with VOGUE ITALIA
  4. 4. had to be my destination. This 18th was open and I couldn’t resist tocentury grocery store is well known come in and stare at Pontormoin Florence for its Panini with fresh masterpiece, Jesus Christ depositiontruffles. I’ve chosen 3 different types 1525 Florence. This piece of art isof truffled panini pairing a glass of a diffucult to describe with wordsnice buttery Chardonnay 2008 of becasue of the elegance beauty andCastello di Ama with the nicly colors that Pontormo has chosen tobutter and anchovy panino, followed describe one of the most dramaticby a glass of red wine Chianti event of Jesus christ life, hisClassico Casa Sola 2008 to be paried deposition from the cross. Stillwith Fresh truffles and ham. Wine impressed by Pontomro colorsand Panini Procacci a triumph for walking out of the church I’ve seenyour palate.. an unbeievable pink sky at sunset covering downtown Florence..maybe it was a similar sky to have inspired Pontormo to use his breathtaking pink color..no more words areWith my senses still pleased by my needed it was just time to comequick but tasty lunch at Procacci back home...I’ve decided to go to a very nice Art Pontormo, La Deposizione, 1528Exhibit taking place in Palazzo Santa Felicita Church , FlorenceStrozzi titeld “Beauty and Money”an impressing intinerary intoFlorence during the Renaissance.After my 2 hours tour during thissurprising exhibit, it was already6.oop.m. and while I was walkingback to my car I realized that SantaFelicita Church, founded in 300ac