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Changing the Way Fundraising is Done..PSOPhoto!

Changing the Way Fundraising is Done..PSOPhoto!






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  • Should read 25 free prints.
  • Should remove letter agreement. It should read online agreement or just agreement.

Changing the Way Fundraising is Done..PSOPhoto! Changing the Way Fundraising is Done..PSOPhoto! Presentation Transcript

  • PSOPhoto – Who We Are
    • PSOPhoto is an online photo services company focused on successful fundraising for K-12 schools.
    • PSOPhoto.com offers:
      • All the “bells and whistles” of other digital photo sites: the ability to upload, view, edit, organize, share, and order photos and gifts.
      • The same high quality photos and pennies-a-print offerings of companies like Shutterfly, Snapfish or Kodak Gallery.
      • One important difference: 25% of each purchase is given back to the customer’s favorite school.
    • There is absolutely no cost to your school to partner with PSOPhoto.
  • How Does the Program Work?
    • It’s really as easy as 1…2…3…
    • PSOPhoto will “dress” the photo store with your school’s colors, mascot and logo.
    • 2. Students, parents, alumni, teachers, coaches, bandleaders and members of your local community are simply asked to switch from their present supplier to your school’s photo site at PSOPhoto.com.
    • Your school receives 25% of every purchase – automatically and year ‘round * .
    • * excluding shipping and handling
  • The Website Go to www.psophoto.com to experience the website
  • Customized for your School
    • Once your school registers with PSOPhoto, the site is customized with:
    • Your school’s colors
    • Your school’s logo
    • Your school’s mascot
    • And more
    Durham School of the Arts website, before customization. Mission Viejo High School, after customization. Note the addition of school logo and change to school colors.
  • How Your School Benefits MORE COST-EFFECTIVE Your school doesn’t pay a thing – before, during, or after.   LESS TIME-CONSUMING Students, parents & advisors aren’t required to devote huge chunks of time to fundraising – time that is better spent in academic and extracurricular activities.   SAFER FOR STUDENTS Students aren’t forced to go door-to-door or handle cash.   YEAR ‘ROUND PROFITABILITY The website is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. So, this fundraising is not limited to a single event.   DIRECT PAYMENT The 25% revenue-share program pays directly to your school.
  • Online Photo Store Process CONSERVATIVE SHARER Upload Images to your school’s photo store at PSOPhoto.com FUJIFILM ships directly to your home PROACTIVE SHARER PSOPhoto gives 25% of the purchase to your school Order prints, gifts, calendars, cards and more. LAB
  • PSOPhoto vs. Other Fundraising Methods Issue Current Fundraiser Methods PSOPhoto Products Comments Shipping Costs High Not applicable Low shipping costs are passed directly to the consumer, who normally expects to pay for delivery to home. Local Transportation High Not applicable No transportation, storage, or student distribution is required. Food Safety A major concern Not applicable No liability caused by peanut allergies, salmonella, or spoilage Annualized Income Limited to one short event Year ‘round income Consistent revenue stream for your school because photo purchases take place all year round. Compound Growth Must resell every customer every year Add new customers to you existing base Your customers are likely to remain with you for years.
  • Potential Earnings Example of the kind of earnings your school can make with this program * See next slide for explanation of total market. ** Photo Marketing Association Marketing Research Description Low Medium High Student Enrollment Total market at School* 600 13,200 600 13,200 600 13,200 % that switches to PSOPhoto 5.0% 8.0% 12.0% Participating Households 660 1056 1584 Orders per year ** 5 5 5 Average Revenue per Order** $22.50 $22.50 $22.50 Annual Revenue $74,250 $118,800 $178,200 Your School’s Revenue Share 25% $18,562 $29,700 $44,550
  • Per School Target Audience Methodology Based on numerous sources. Sources will be provided upon request. Description Total # of Students in the School 600 Parents, grandparents & other relatives 1500 Teachers & Administrators per school 125 Alumni per school 4000 People in a 10 mile radius of the school 7000 13,225 Market reach per student 22
  • Keys to Success
    • Sign up and switch to PSOPhoto.com.
    • Use the provided marketing tools to tell everyone how they can support your school by switching to PSOPhoto.com – students, faculty, family and friends, alumni, neighbors
    • Trust your PSOPhoto Account Representative.
    • He or she will be your partner in providing marketing and sales tools to generate more purchases…and help your revenue soar.
    • Get back 25% with every purchase.
  • Provided Marketing Tools
    • Pre-written emails for you to send to your members
    • Web banners to post on your website’s home page
    • PA Announcements to read each day over the school’s PA system.
    • Handout to distribute at school gatherings.
    • Re-positionable posters for hallways, doors and stairwells.
    PSOPhoto will directly support your efforts to create awareness of and gain memberships to this dynamic fundraising program, so that your organization will realize significant revenue as quickly as possible. Work directly with your PSOPhoto representative to create messaging specifically tailored to your association’s membership. Examples:
  • Web Promotions PSOPhoto will manage a calendar of New Member and Seasonal Promotions designed to encourage school supporters to participate and purchase online.
  • Sign up today – start earning money immediately!
    • Authorized person signs the simple Agreement
    • Provide your Account Representative with school colors, logo and mascot.
    • With the help of your Account Representative, implement the marketing plan.
    • Watch the money come in!
  • The Photographic Industry
    • The number of digital images printed in 2008 reached 19 billion.
    • The US digital revenue reached approximately $9 billion in 2008 and is expected to grow to $12 billion in 2012
    Photo Prints
  • Photobooks
    • Single largest segment of the online photo gift market.
    • US photobook industry in 2008 was $2.9 billion and growing.
    • The bookbuilding software is getting easier to use which overcomes the largest obstacle to growth in this segment.
    The Photographic Industry
  • Greeting Cards
    • US consumers purchase over 7 billion greeting cards each year.
    • 90% of all households purchase greeting cards.
    • Industry studies show Americans look forward to receiving personal cards each year from family and friends.
    • Total revenue for 2009 projected to be $8.5 billion.
    The Photographic Industry
  • Photo Calendars
    • Over 500 million calendars are produced annually.
    • 98% of all US household have at least one calendar.
    The Photographic Industry
  • Examples of photo products offered by PSOPhoto
    • MUGS
    • 11 oz. White Ceramic Mug
    • Stainless Travel Mug
    • Standard 5mm neoprene, with black back
    • Oval with plastic back and gel-pad wrist rest
    MAGNETS Rectangle, round and square DRINK COASTERS Stone - set of four with holder Cork-back – set of six
  • Examples of photo products offered by PSOPhoto KEEPSAKE BOX PLUSH TEDDY BEARS Brown bear with choice of hooded sweatshirt or t-shirt.
    • T-SHIRTS, 50/50 white
    • Adult sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL
    • Youth sizes S-M-L