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  • 1. S.B Elementary SchoolMedia Center Facilities Plan Motto: Where stars come to read and learn! Ashley Campbell FRIT: 7132 Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Green
  • 2. SBES Media Center Profile• Serves approximately 1,000 students pre- k through 5th grade.• Serves 84 staff members.• One full time paraprofessional.• One full time media specialists.• Open 7am – 3pm.
  • 3. Media Center location• The media center is located off of the main hallway behind the main office.• The media center is accessible to all classrooms that were apart of the original school plan. However, the additional hallways that have been added have a longer walk to get here.
  • 4. View from main hallThis is the main entrance with some student works hanging in the window.
  • 5. Circulation Desk• The media specialist does not have her own office, so she works off of the circulation desk or at one of the tables.• The circulation desk is located in the back of the library next to the computers and story time area.
  • 6. Story Time Area•This area is used by the media specialist for lessonsand story times. Many classes come in and use thisarea for presentations because of the smart board.
  • 7. Sitting Areas• There are two couches in the middle of the media center that students come to sit on to read their books.
  • 8. Computer Area• The computers are located in the back of the library in their own alcove next to the circulation desk.• There are 10 computers for the students to use.
  • 9. Storage Room• The storage room holds books that are being repaired, videos, audio books, and the laminator.
  • 10. Fiction•Fiction is around the left walls of the libraryfrom the storage room to the front doors.
  • 11. Non-Fiction• Nonfiction is around the right walls of the library from the story time area to the front doors.
  • 12. Easy Reader• The easy/everybody section has large selection with plenty of empty shelf space to grow. It is located in the middle left side of the library.
  • 13. Reference• The reference section is located in the very front of the library right as you open the doors and behind the sitting area.
  • 14. Current Facilities Floor Plan
  • 15. Positive Survey Responses Students Teachers1. They enjoy being able to self 1. They like the fact the they can check out their own books. use the story time area for class2. The people in the MS are always presentations or show and tell. nice and friendly. 2. Students can usually find resourceful books on projects3. There are many good books to they are doing. read. 3. There are many die cuts in the4. They like the fire place in the storage room to use. story time area and the computer area.
  • 16. Negative Survey Responses• Additional sofas, bean bag chairs, or rocking chairs wanted for the seating area.• Small tables for younger students are needed.• A new large laminator needs to be purchased or repaired because the old one is now broken.• Some sort of barrier for the story time area would be nice to keep it quiet during lessons.
  • 17. Media Center Improvements • Additional sofas, bean bag chairs, or rocking chairs wanted for the seating area.Denim Bean Bag Arm Chair Lounger Bean Bag Chair Mitt Chair$124.00 $63.29 $158.00 http://www.highsmith.com/Lounger- http://www.highsmith.com/Mitt-Chair-http://www.highsmith.com/Denim-Bean- Bean-Bag-Chair- c_31102633/H178541/?CID=H9P001Bag-Armchair-38quotH-x-38quotW-x- c_21705498/H59807/?CID=H9P00134quotD-c_21705486/H75735/?CID=H9P001
  • 18. Media Center ImprovementsColorful Children‘s Library Community LincolnTable, 23"H x 36“ Childrens Table, 25"H x$203.00 36"W x 72“ 447.00http://www.highsmith.com/Colorful-Childrens-Library-Table-23quotH-x- http://www.highsmith.com/Community-36quot-dia- Lincoln-Childrens-Table-25quotH-x-c_21707679/H67983/?CID=H9P001 36quotW-x-72quotL-Blue-c_21707685/
  • 19. Media Center Improvements• A new large laminator needs to be purchased or repaired because the old one is now broken. MyBinding MY2700L Premium 27" School Laminator $999.95 http://www.mybinding.com/.sc/ms/dd/ee/63388/MyBinding- MY2700L-Premium-27-inch-School-Laminator- Kit?utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase &cvsfa=693&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=706e2d3332303633333838
  • 20. Media Center Improvements• Some sort of barrier for the story time area would be nice to keep it quiet during lessons.• This is Vitra’s Cocoon Chair. It not only looks very comfortable but it could be placed around the edges of the story time area to create a sound barrier for the rest of the library. http://globusdesignassoci ates.typepad.com/gdablo g/2010/06/library-seating- from-neocon.html
  • 21. Facility Plan Modifications Kids Tables Comfortable chairs and bean bags NewLaminator Red and Green Cocoon Chairs M.S Desk
  • 22. Current Media Center PolicyPhilosophyBartow County School System assumes responsibility for maintaining a stimulating school environment in which children and youth are provided a breadth and variety of experiences calculated to motivate them toward physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. The program is based upon the realization that a student matures in each of these four areas of personality at a rate peculiar to himself. It emphasizes the importance of making him/her “ready” for each new understanding or of extending a concept previously introduced.The curriculum in each school is, therefore, built around the student and needs.The school media center should serve as the “heart” or core of the school curriculum, providing for students and faculty the various materials and services needed in order for students to gain maximum benefits from their courses of study, to satisfy intellectual curiosity concerning a number of topics, and to provide materials for leisure-time activities. These materials and services should be of the best quality available and should be organized to be easily assessable. The services also should be such as would awaken within each student a sense of responsibility toward keeping the instructional materials intact and usable for as long as possible.The media centers of the Bartow County Public School System shall meet or exceed the requirements of the State Board of Education and Accrediting Commissions.All school-owned print and non-print media and equipment, except basic textbooks, computers, and classroom- based equipment and materials, are organized and made available for use through the media center to individuals and classrooms.The media centers will house and circulate instructional resources and equipment for program implementation. These resources should be reliable, authoritative, and durable. Access to the materials will be of utmost importance. Media centers will be open to students and instructional staff daily without exception.The Bartow County Board of Education is legally responsible for all materials and services relating to the operation of the media centers.
  • 23. Current Media Center PolicyFundingAllocation of FundsCriteria for allocation of funds for textbooks, media center resources, consumable instructional resources and instructional equipment at the system and building levels will be based on instructional needs, available funds, allocation formulas, and compliance with requirements, for accreditation.The State of Georgia, Board of Education shall allot funds for instructional media to a local unit of administration based on the number of instructional units allotted to a local unit under provisions of Quality Basic Education Act and the amount of funds appropriated by the Georgia General Assembly.The State Board shall distribute funds for instructional equipment to local units of administration on the basis of average daily attendance and the amount of funds appropriated by the Georgia General Assembly.When expending funds allotted and distributed under this policy, local systems shall adhere to the requirements of the Federal Copyright Law (P.L.94-553).
  • 24. Current Media Center PolicySelection of Media MaterialsThe primary objective of the school media center is to aid in the development of life-long learners. The materials and equipment selected for purchase by the media center should implement and support this objective.
  • 25. Current Media Center PolicyLibrary Books, Media Equipment, and Other Non-Consumable MaterialsMedia center materials and equipment would consist of materials purchased for the purpose of circulation through the media center and equipment purchased to deliver media center services. This does not include textbook materials or equipment purchased for use in specific classrooms, programs, or departments.The selection of materials is the responsibility of the school media specialist. In the selection of materials for purchase, the media specialist will consider the goals established by the School Media Committee and the criteria listed below. Individual teachers, students, and parents may also make recommendations for materials to be purchased.1. General criteria to be considered (criteria that affect the overall selection procedure);a. Curriculum needsb. Provisions for a wide range of abilities and interestsc. Provision for recreational needsd. Needs of the professional staff2. Specific criteria to be considered (criteria that affect the selection of individual items):a. Authority – reputation and significance of author, artist, composer, and producer.b. Reputation of the publisher.c. Scope – overall purpose.d. Reliability – accuracy, recency, timeliness or permanence.e. Subject matter.f. Treatment of material – purpose, bias, technical or general level.g. Readability and popular appeal.h. Quality of writing or production.i. Format: print/non-printj. Reviews and recommendations of the item published in professionally respected selection tools.Throughout the school year, the media specialist will compile orders for media materials and/or equipment purchases (new acquisitions, maintenance, and repair) totaling no more than the amount allotted for these purposes. Each order will be forwarded first to the principal, then to the Central Office Purchasing Department for approval.
  • 26. Current Media Center PolicyEquipmentRecommendation for the purchase, maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment will be made through the cooperation of the Central Office staff and the principal and faculty of each school.The local selection of equipment is initiated by the school media specialist who received recommendations from the principal, teachers, local medical committees, students, and parents. The principal approves the selection and forwards it to the Central Office Purchasing Department for approval.Good management and fiscal responsibility encourage utilization of centralized purchasing to bring about savings to local schools.ProcurementLibrary Books and Other Non-consumable MaterialsRequests for library books and other non-consumable materials are submitted according to the procedures for procurement as required by the Superintendent.The budget allocation for Bartow County will be on a per pupil basis.
  • 27. Current Media Center PolicyEquipment and SuppliesEquipment and supplies for Bartow County Schools will be selected on the following criteria;a. It retains its original shape and appearance with use.b. It does not lose its identity through incorporation into a different unit.c. It does not function as an integral part of the building or grounds.d. It is not standard type furniture.e. It must perform a mechanical or technical function directly related to instruction.f. Its life expectancy would normally exceed two years.EquipmentRequests for equipment are submitted in accordance with system purchasing policies.
  • 28. Ashley Campbell FRIT: 7132 Fall 2010Instructor: Dr. Green