Congestion In Tehran

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  • 1. Traffic Congestion in Tehran
    • Arefeh A. Nasri
    • Rutgers University
  • 2. Overview
    • More than 14 million people live in Tehran which covers the area of 800 square kilometers.
    • There about 3 million cars and 2 million motorcycles in Tehran.
    • Over 12 million trips are made daily in the city.
  • 3. Tehran’s Traffic
  • 4. Causes of Congestion
    • Population growth
    • Huge number of cars and exceeded use of private owned vehicles
    • Low capacity of roadways (16,500 km long)
    • Lack of efficient public transportation system
  • 5. Causes of Congestion (cont’d)
    • Bad driving habits and offensive behavior
    • Cheap price of gasoline (subsidized gas)
    • Land use and job sprawl
  • 6. Consequences of Congestion
    • Increased travel time
    • Increase in fuel consumption
    • High accident risk and drivers’ stress
    • Air and noise pollution
  • 7. Tactics of Reducing Congestion
    • Expanding public transportation system
    • Decreasing the number of POVs in the streets
    • Improving traffic behaviors
    • Decreasing peak-hour trips by shifting them to other times of the day
  • 8. Public Transportation Mode Share
  • 9. Tactics of Reducing Congestion (cont’d)
    • Encouraging shared ride
    • Restricting motor vehicle traffic in central and overcrowded areas
    • Establishing traffic management and control centers
    • Implementing the policy of gas rationing
  • 10. Map of Tehran Traffic Zone
  • 11. Tactics of Developing Public Transportation System
    • Expanding the existing bus network
    • Increasing the coverage of public transportation network
    • Developing special bus lanes and BRT lanes
    • Increasing subway ridership capacity
  • 12. My Suggestions
    • Providing people with good facilities of walking and cycling
    • Encouraging more people to work at home
    • Developing e-commerce or mobile commerce to reduce personal trips
  • 13. Thanks for your attention… تشکر