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East Coast Village Outreach

  1. 1. ancestral wisdom bridge foundation presents. . . indigenous african spirit technologies www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  2. 2. Malidoma - a bridge between the westand the indigenous world of africaMalidoma Patrice Somé, PhD, is an author, teacher,diviner and Elder from the Dagara tribe in West Africawho is in great demand across the world. Mostimportantly, he is a bridge between two worlds, theWest and the indigenous world of the Dagara, hisnative home. He was sent by his elders to the West toshare the ancient wisdom and practices which havesupported his people for thousands of years. Learnmore about Malidoma at www.malidoma.com The Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is dedicated to the ongoing offering of ritual training, teaching and intense experiential healing that comes from the the tradition of the Dagara people of West Africa as taught by Malidoma Somé. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  3. 3. the east coast village Cherry plain, ny The Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation maintains a camp & training center, the East Coast Village (the Village as it is lovingly called), about 40 minutes from Albany, NY. We are an inclusive and diverse community that honors our connection to the Ancestors and Nature. We are dedicated to empowering people through the practices of indigenous African spirit technologies as brought to the West by Dagara Elder, Malidoma Somé.
  4. 4. about the dagara people The Dagaaba people (also Dagara) are an ethnic group in the West African nations of Ghana and Burkina Faso. From well before the appearance of Europeans, the Dagara lived in small scale agricultural communities under a system of councils of elders until the institution of chieftaincy in the nineteenth century. Almost all of the Dagara still follow their traditional religion, and a growing number are Muslims and Christians who weave their traditional religion into these practices. Most of the Dagara’s culture, language and traditions are being lost as modernity creeps into their villages and the elders transition to the Other Word, taking with them generations of traditional wisdom. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  5. 5. the wisdom tradition of the dagara Everyone is born with a gift and purpose to deliver to the world. A name is given to identifies one’s purpose. Humans are spirit in physical form, each of us chose to incarnate to be of service to humanity. Ritual, healing and community are inseparable, they are vitally linked. The natural world is intelligent. Plants, animals, lakes, rivers, rocks - are alive with energy and vibration. The spirits of the natural world and Ancestors are part of the healing matrix. They are allies in restoring balance in the human world. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  6. 6. the medicine wheel of the dagara www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  7. 7. the elements of the medicine wheel Fire, the first element of the Dagara medicine wheel, is seen as a most potent connection to the spirit world. It puts us back on our spiritual track by consuming that which stands between us and our purpose. Water, the second element, brings cleansing, reconciliation, purification, and peacemaking. Earth, the third element, is the mother who is inviting us to come home to community and the earth, our true home. Mineral, the fourth element, invites us to remember, through ritual, who we are and why we are here. Nature, the fifth element, asks us to open to transformation in order to realize our true and authentic selves. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  8. 8. programs forcommunity groupsInitiated elders in the Dagara traditionwill guide your group through anexploration of the Dagara medicine wheeland the indigenous wisdom of Africa.Your group will learn to provide forothers while experiencing each elementand its healing properties. Our aim is tofoster transformation for individuals,their families and communities. Contact us about hosting a ritual at your church, group or community center. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  9. 9. programs for youthBuilding on the knowledge that we allcome to this world with a gift andpurpose, young people (preferably13-17) will be guided to actively exploretheir gift and purpose through exposureto the Dagara cosmology. They willexplore the traditions and culture ofAfrica - music, art, stories - to encouragemutual respect and understanding ofcultures around the world. Programs for youth can be hosted at schools, youth centers or at the Village. Contact us to arrange a program for your youth group or class. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  10. 10. special programs for families families (and groups) are encouraged to host an ancestorparty to reconnect and heal the wounds of their bloodlines Family members will have opportunities to explore their own ancestral histories, starting with known Ancestors (grand parents, great-grand parents, etc.). They will explore the concept of ancestral trauma - problems we face as individuals in this life may be a reflection of, and an attempt to heal, some Ancestral trauma or wound that goes back many multiple generations. They will learn about the creation of an Ancestor shrine, how to use the shrine, and how to talk with their Ancestors, all of which is about building a relationship with those who’ve gone before. Contact us about hosting an ancestor party for your next family gathering. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  11. 11. women’s gatherings Women are very special here at the Village. The feminine divine is embodied in Mother Earth (Tenbalu) and is an integral part of Dagara cosmology. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for women from all walks of life to awaken, honor and nurture the Tenbalu [feminine earth] energies. Women’s gatherings not only offer a rich, ritual exploration into the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural rites of passage that a woman will experience in her lifetime, women also gather together annually to share stories, songs and ritual View our calendar of events for current gatherings. to create transformation and to feel nurtured in the process. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  12. 12. apprenticeship & training programs for those who see the need topreserve indigenous wisdom. . . Apprenticeships aim to develop trained spiritual professionals with the ability to extend the indigenous Dagara technologies into the modern world for the benefit of themselves and community. Apprentices are prepared to play the roles of diviner, medicine men/women and leaders of ritual. View our calendar of events for current training programs. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  13. 13. what people say...❝ I came to the Village because I needed to do ritual. I found my family here--it was not only that I was seen, as I had been in a Drama Therapy group--but that the invisible parts of life were attended to as well.  Here in the Village, people took care of what could not be seen as well as what could be, I got my otherworldly needs met for the first time.  The fact that I had medicine was recognized, and in the "enlightened witnessing" of my medicine gifts I was able to give birth to them.  I felt valuable again, and I felt sane. - - Joshua Read more stories online. Join us and find your own story at the Village. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  14. 14. what people say...❝ The Dagara medicine has awakened in me the need for initiation in my life and the lives of others wanting to live more fully and more connected. This cosmology has taught me how to receive support from Ancestors, the elements, wedèmé and Spirit in order to face the adversity that is always brought towards a medicine person. Malidoma taught me how important it is to set my GPS for home and begin to move in that direction, regardless of how far away, how impossible it might seem and whether or not the people recognize me when I get there. Ashé. - -SharonRead more stories online. Join us and find your own story at the Village. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  15. 15. what people say...❝ The medicine has returned my power to me, reminded me that I can, by my own work and creativity, positively influence my life and the lives of those around me. And, by bringing me back to the village and to my Ancestors, and by (re)-introducing me to the Kontombilí and the other spirits, it has given me a huge group of supporting friends whom I can trust to have my back, and guide me along my path. - - IanRead more stories online. Join us and find your own story at the Village. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  16. 16. what people say...❝ Because of all the work they (the Council of Elders) are doing at night while I am sleeping, when I wake up some mornings I have difficulty getting out of bed. All I want to do is sleep all day.  Not!!! Not allowed. But the results have been remarkable!  For the first time in over fifteen years, I am able to walk around the grocery stores like Wal-Mart pushing a carriage rather than riding in a motorized cart. It is so freeing. Im getting stronger, much stronger, for the first time in years. - -SosivuRead more stories online. Join us and find your own story at the Village. www.eastcoastvillage.org 518.658.0122
  17. 17. come experience ritual, healing & community  click to read the calendar online
  18. 18. we welcome you to our community ! Visiting the VillageThe East Coast Village Center is a short ride in from nearbyVermont, Massachusetts and New York City.By Air: Albany International [ALB]By Rail: Amtrak to Albany-Rensselaer, NY [ALB] By Bus: Megabus, Greyhound/Trailways to Albany, NY click to 250 B LY H OLLOW R D subscribe to P ERTERSBURG , NY 12138 our mailing WWW . EASTCOASTVILLAGE . ORG 518.658.0122 list