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Homeowner Association Tips for New Homeowners
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Homeowner Association Tips for New Homeowners


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Every new homeowner has something to learn and can benefit from homeowner association tips. Whether understanding how a HOA works or discovering what amenities a community offers, new homeowners need …

Every new homeowner has something to learn and can benefit from homeowner association tips. Whether understanding how a HOA works or discovering what amenities a community offers, new homeowners need to get to know life within their new neighborhood. Learn more about Homeowner Resources by visiting

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  • 1. Homeowner Association Tipsfor New Homeowners
  • 2. • New homeowners can be defined as:– First time buyers who never owned a homebefore. New to HOA living and new to HOAcommunity– First time buyers in HOA community, neverexperiencing HOA living. But previouslyowned a home in non-HOA neighborhood– Lived in HOA previously and moved to a newHOA communityHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 3. • Regardless of status new homeownersneed to know life within new neighborhood• Tips will help all new homeowners dodgeany issues and will help new homeownersbenefit from everything HOA has to offerHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 4. Homeowner Association Tips:1. Commit to education – remain vigilant onlearning all there is to know about HOA.Things need to be understood prior topurchase of home in HOA neighborhoodHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 5. Homeowner Association Tips:2. Analyze HOA’s governing documents –each HOA will have CC&R’s, by-laws andregulations, meeting minutes, financialstatements and more. Buyers need to bediligent in this step. Governing documentsdictates whether homeowners lifestyle iscompatible with HOA rules andregulationsHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 6. Homeowner Association Tips:3. Determine financial responsibility –homeowners need to be advised on duesand special assessments. Buyers pay ashare of expenses when they buyproperty in a HOAHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 7. Homeowner Association Tips:4. Evaluate the management company –experienced management company willdevelop programs to improve how HOAsoperate. They enhance connectionsbetween homeowners and boards. HOAsthat uses management company, shouldresearch the firm to determine standingwithin industryHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 8. Homeowner Association Tips:5. Check-out Amenities – homeownersshould check inventory of communityamenities. Compare what’s identified onwebsite versus what is seen in-person.Common amenities within HOAcommunities are: pools, spas, tenniscourts, restaurants, golf courses, fitnessand business ctrs., game rooms, etc.Homeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 9. Homeowner Association Tips:6. Investigate community resources –community resources creates opportunityto connect neighbors, board membersand others. Establishing communityresources promotes neighborhoodparticipation in HOAHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 10. • Neighborhoods can do so much more thanhouse people. Properly managed HOAstake neighborhoods to new levels byenhancing lives and build vibrantcommunities• AAM works with the largest homebuildingcommunity development companies. AAMis dedicated to delivering total peace ofmind to Board Directors and homeownersHomeowner Association Tips for NewHomeowners
  • 11. About the AuthorJason Tucker is VP of AAM Edge, a dynamicand exciting new online community fromAssociated Asset Management that deliverstrusted and relevant information tohomeowners. Learn more aboutHomeowner Resources by visiting Association Tips for NewHomeowners