Top Five Considerations for Selecting a Community Association Management Company


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When selecting a community association management company, homeowners associations (HOAs) want a well respected partner…one that has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity. These attributes provide a solid and necessary foundation. Without this base, no other qualifications really matter. Learn more about Community Association Management by visiting

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Top Five Considerations for Selecting a Community Association Management Company

  1. 1. Top Five Considerations forSelecting a Community AssociationManagement Company
  2. 2. Community Association Management• When selecting a community association management company,homeowner associations (HOAs) want a well respected partner…one that has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity.• These attributes provide a solid and necessary foundation.• Without this base, no other qualifications really matter.• Once the HOA finds candidates with these characteristics, it canfurther evaluate each community association management companyon the following top five considerations:
  3. 3. Community Association ManagementCommitmentAny true partner to the HOA must be committed to developing andmaintaining a long-term relationship.This dedication must be obvious in the level of personal service thecompany has a history of providing and the corporate culture it’s knownfor within the industry.The community association management company must alsodemonstrate a pro-active approach in every project and task itundertakes.In addition, the company needs to be committed to assuming personalownership for all responsibilities and issues.Commitment also means the community association managementcompany always puts the best interests of the HOA first and treats everymember with respect.
  4. 4. Community Association ManagementClientsA well qualified management company will have long-term clientrelationships and first-rate references.A significant percentage of its current client base will have been withthe company for several years.This repeat business speaks volumes about the level of services thecommunity association management company provides.Other factors about a management company’s client base to evaluateinclude size and growth.Is the company’s client base growing or stagnant? When’s the lasttime they added a new community? How many communities have theyadded in the past year?
  5. 5. Community Association ManagementClientsAlso, the HOA should evaluate the range of associations the companyserves.In other words, is the focus broad or narrow?A full-range of association management would include master-plannedcommunities, active adult communities, traditional neighborhoods,condominium properties and more.The HOA should select a management company with experience in itscommunity type.
  6. 6. Community Association ManagementPeopleThe services of the community association management company willonly be as good as the experience and expertise of the people providingthem.Therefore, to deliver the highest standards, the company’s peoplemust be highly trained and motivated.In certain positions, professional credentials are required. Inparticular, HOAs should evaluate the management company’s executiveteam, community managers, human resource department, accountingpersonnel and support staff.For example, do key personnel hold college degrees and/orprofessional certifications? Is the working environment a positive one?Do employees seem to like working for the company?
  7. 7. Community Association ManagementEducationEducation and training is a priority for both the communityassociation management company’s internal staff and the HOA’s boardmembers.The management company must invest regularly in staff training foreveryone involved in managing the community.Education keeps personnel current on all issues, legislative updatesand best practices concerning association management.By providing all the necessary training, support and tools forcommunities, HOA management companies can improve neighborhoodsand make them better places to live.
  8. 8. Community Association ManagementProcessesStreamlining projects within the community requires proven processes.An experienced community association management company will haveestablished processes ready to deploy when they’re brought on board.Using these processes, the transition to the new management companyshould go smoothly and the HOA should begin seeing value from therelationship right away.With an efficient framework in place for managing the HOA’s business,a skilled community association management company createsunmatched peace-of-mind for board members.
  9. 9. Community Association Management• AAM works with many of the largest homebuilding and communitydevelopment companies in the United States such as DelWebb/Pulte, Shea Homes and Meritage Homes.• Founded in 1990, the company employs 370 people and managesover 400 homeowners associations in the United States.• AAM is dedicated to delivering total peace of mind to the Boards ofDirectors and homeowners in the communities it manages.
  10. 10. About the AuthorSusan Williams is the Vice President,Business Development and Marketing forAssociated Asset Management, a communitymanagement firm that does business inArizona, New Mexico and Florida.Learn more aboutCommunity Association Managementby visiting