Nettleton school district technology updates 2013 - 2014


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2013 Technology Status Report For Nettleton School District

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  • Nettleton school district technology updates 2013 - 2014

    1. 1. District Overview All buildings have wireless internet access There are a total of 8 computer labs in the district All PC’s are 4 or less years old Students have access to IPAD and Android tablets All Elementary and Middle School Classrooms are equipped with Smartboards All network wiring has been upgraded We are approaching 900 internet connected devices in the district
    2. 2. What’s New Google Apps/Gmail New Computers in Elementary/ Middle School Computer Lab Upgrades/Reallocation AEST Upgrades IPAD/ Android Tablets New Antivirus Internet Filter/ Activity Monitoring Network Printers Smartboards Scholastic Reading Program Now In More Grades
    3. 3. Google Apps/Email Starting in August all district email accounts have been upgraded to GMAIL/ Google Apps Benefits  Greatly Reduced Downtime .1%  Added Security and Reliability  Mobile Email, Calendar and IM Access  More Features  Cost 0 Dollars  Interesting Fact 61 of The Top 100 Colleges use Google Apps
    4. 4. Computer LabUpgrades/Reallocation Upgraded HS Lab with 31 New PC’s  Purchased With Title VI Funds Reformatted and Reallocated Old HS Lab PC’s to Elementary Lab to Replace Aging Gateway PC’s Refurbished HS Library PC’s Added 6 New PC’s to Primary Library  For Scholastic Reading Program
    5. 5. AEST Upgrade New AEST Lab Equipment Including (Purchased With Vocational Funds)  11 New PC’s with Software  Instructor Laptop  Laser Printer  Color Scanner/Printer  File Server  Projector
    6. 6. IPADS/Android Tablets Purchased Android Tablets For Upper Elementary and Junior High Use  UE 26 Units and Cart  JH 33 Units and Cart Purchased 15 IPAD 2 units for HS using E2T2 Grant for a total of 26 Units With the Inclusion of These Devices We are Approaching 900 Networked Devices
    7. 7. New District Antivirus After a 6 month Evaluation we have selected Kaspersky Antivirus as Our New Antivirus Solution  Benefits- ○ Lightweight ○ Excellent Reliability ○ Ease of Use ○ Cost
    8. 8. Internet Filter/ Monitoring After evaluating Multiple Products we Selected The IBOSS Internet Filter/ Monitor  Benefits ○ Greatly Increased Reliability ○ More Control of Web Content ○ Ability to Produce Detailed Reports of User Activity/Bandwidth Usage SEE ATT* ○ Maintain CIPA Compliance
    9. 9. Network Printers We Have Continued to Transition from Costly Classroom InkJets to Laser Network Printers All Schools With the Exception Of The High School Now Have Network Printer Access  Benefits  Reduced Cost  Greater Reliability  Lower Maintenance
    10. 10. Smartboards SmartBoard Implementation in Both Upper Elementary and Junior High is Now Complete All Staff Have Undergone Multiple in Depth Training Sessions  Benefits ○ Increased Student Engagement ○ More Relevant Technology Integration ○ Ability to Enhance Instruction with Media ○ Can Aid Both Visual Learners and ADD/ ADHD Children
    11. 11. Smartboard Survey Responses The best money we have spent for our teachers 2/22/2012 1:39 PMView Responses Smart Boards make teaching more time effective. I am able to use PowerPoints, interactive review games, play mathematical clips, show mathematical demonstrations, and much more. It is a great asset in any classroom. 2/22/2012 1:26 PMView Responses Smartboards are the best inventions ever!!! 2/21/2012 11:21 AMView Responses
    12. 12. Other Stuff New Graphing Calculators For HS and Junior High Document Cameras For Some Of Our SmartBoards Digital Camcorder For Video Teacher Evaluations Security Cameras All Labs Can Now be Reserved Through School Website Carpenter Grant For Journalism Lab Gilmore Foundation Grant For HS Our District Website Viewership is Continuing to Increase (Visits This Year) AVG 400 Visits Per Day ERATE Funds Received Paid 87% of All Communication Related Expenses in 2011-2012 EST. $30,000 savings
    13. 13. Future Projects ICT I, ICTII, STEM Lab Upgrades  Age of Lab Equipment is Now 4 to 5 Years  All Redesign Labs are Experiencing Increased Hardware Failure Due to Usage and Age Replace Telephone System  Current System is Over 8 Years Old  No Room For Expansion  Multiple Outages  No Voicemail Features  Emergency Communication Concern Continue Classroom Upgrade Cycle (HS,3rd, K) Continue SmartBoard Implementation (3rd Grade - HS) Implement an Electronic Work Order System Implement Individual User Logins For Staff (Active Directory) Implement New More Effective Notification System Upgrade Electrical Wiring in Elementary, JH,
    14. 14. Challenges and Concerns Staff Technology Proficiency/ Buy In Growing Pains (More Devices More Problems)  Bandwidth Needs  Asset Management  Increased Workload/Downtime Common Core Technology Requirements (District Wide Online Testing) ATT* Staying Relevant Compared to Area Schools
    15. 15. Staff Technology Proficiency Surveys indicate that staff is willing to further integrate technology in a meaningful way however they express a need for more training.
    16. 16. Common Core Concerns There are two major concerns in connection with the rise of CCSS online testing.  First is the need to expand the technology infrastructure/Bandwidth within schools.  Second, learners need greater opportunities to engage with technologies they will encounter within the online testing environment. Given that teachers play a key role in learning and preparing learners to succeed on state standardized tests, regular technology use in classrooms will be essential for success of online testing. Source, THE JOURNAL 2012
    17. 17. IPAD USAGE
    18. 18. Parent Center Lab
    19. 19. Android Tablets
    20. 20. HS School Lab
    21. 21. Thank You For Your Continued Support InProviding Our Staff and Students with the ToolsThey Need to Teach and Learn in Today’s World