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S6E3. Students will recognize the significant role of water in earth processes. ...

S6E3. Students will recognize the significant role of water in earth processes.
a. Explain that a large portion of the Earth’s surface is water, consisting of oceans, rivers, lakes, underground water, and ice.



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    Currents Currents Presentation Transcript

    • The The Motions Of Our Oceans Motions Of Our Oceans Creating An Understanding Of… Ocean Currents Element: d. Explain the causes of waves, currents, and tides. Goal Rewritten: Describe the reasons (sources) of waves, currents, and tides
    • Ocean Currents The natural cycle of water movement throughout the oceans of the world. • New Vocabulary Terms: –Surface Current –Coriolis Effect –Deep Current –Upwelling –El Nino
    • Ocean Currents A current is a stream like movement of ocean water
    • Two types of currents are Deep Currents – are stream like movements of ocean water deep below the water surface
    • Are caused by An increase in the density of ocean water
    • Which are caused by • Decreasing the… Temperature: The polar, cold air causes water to become more dense, sink and become a deep current. • Increasing the….. Salinity: 1. Ocean Water freezes at the top. Water below does not freeze, becomes more dense, sinks and forms deep current. 2. Fresh water evaporates leaving saltier more dense water. The more dense water sinks and forms a deep current.
    • Two types of currents are Surface Currents are horizontal stream like movements of ocean water at or near the surface
    • Three factors controlling this type of current • Global Winds – blow across the surface of the water and move the water in different directions based on wind direction • Corriolis Effect – rotation of Earth causes the wind and currents to move in curved paths • Continental Deflections – water in surface currents hits land and deflects (bounces off) and changes direction
    • This type of current is also affected by • Temperature • Warm surface currents – form near the equator and carry warm water to other parts of the ocean • Cold surface currents – form near the poles and carry cold water to other parts of the ocean
    • Video
    • Summary 1. Surface currents carry warm water from other regions in the ocean to the poles. 2. Warm water replaces the colder, denser water that sinks to the ocean floor 3. Deep currents carry colder, denser along the ocean floor from polar regions to warmer regions 4. Water from deep currents replaces water leaving from the surface currents
    • Closing Think-Pair –Share Explain the cause of • • • • • • currents. Why are currents important? It was interesting to ________. I understand _________________. I don’t understand_____________. It is important to remember ______. Explain the relevancy of currents to your life or how you might use this information while on vacation.