Charlie Todd - TED Analysis PSP_1303 Alonzo Ali


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For Fullsail Public Speaking, March 2013

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Charlie Todd - TED Analysis PSP_1303 Alonzo Ali

  1. 1. “The Shared Experience of Absurdity”
  2. 2. Charlie Todd Comedian Founded the group “Improv Everywhere” Performs in the “Upright Citizens Brigade”
  3. 3. The Shared Experience of Absurdity Thesis: When the absurd experience is shared rather than experienced alone, it can be a positive experience.
  4. 4. Introduction Todd opens up with a prank video, “The Pantless Subway Ride”, that gets the audience laughing and attentive. He continues to use his group (Improv Everywhere) videos which keep the audience engaged. Being a comedian, he also keeps a good pace and speaking demeanor.
  5. 5. Commandment VIII “Thou shalt remember all the while: Laughter is good.” This is Charlie Todd’s obvious wheel house. The audience laughs through out the entire speech.
  6. 6. Dynamism Having experience in improv and stage, Charlie Todd is clearly experienced in public speaking. While his videos are enjoyable, the speech could have benefitted from more time speaking on his topic than narrating his videos. Dynamism 4.5/5
  7. 7. A Break from the Norm  Todd’s motivation is to give a “prank” that everyone can share in and most importantly is a POSITIVE shared experience.  His “Rob wants to give you a high five” segment was a great example of how a break from the monotony of riding up a subway escalator on one’s way to work, put a smile on everyone’s otherwise blank faces.
  8. 8.  Todd states that none of his actors have “too much time on their hands” but that these projects are simply how they choose to spend their time instead of a football game or watching television.
  9. 9. Ken Comparison Ken Robinson is an educator, not a stage comedian, yet his is naturally funny and uses that to his great advantage. Robinson mentioned the other speakers which is one of TED’s laws, while Todd did not. Both have creativity as a fundamental part of their topic. Both use hand gestures.
  10. 10. Humor for Audience Connection TED has law VIII for a good reason. Even if it is not natural to the speaker, they will more often than not, inject some humor into their speech to keep the audience engaged. Entertainment keeps attention. An attentive audience is an engaged audience.
  11. 11. Image Sources Charlie Todd profile picture: Video Screen Shots: bsurdity.html reativity.html