DARSON SECURITIES (PVT.) LTD.                                                                               (www.darsononl...
DARSON SECURITIES (PVT.) LTD.                                                  Head of Online Brokerage (Retail & High Net...
DARSON SECURITIES (PVT.) LTD.                                                    Head of Online Brokerage (Retail & High N...
ApplicationXS (Pvt.) Ltd.                                                                Pioneer of Online Trading Systems...
ApplicationXS (Pvt.) Ltd.                                                                             Manager Sales & Mark...
ApplicationXS (Pvt.) Ltd.                                                                                Manager Sales & M...
Akhter experience summary
Akhter experience summary
Akhter experience summary
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Akhter experience summary


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Akhter experience summary

  1. 1. DARSON SECURITIES (PVT.) LTD. (www.darsononline.com) Member Karachi & Lahore Stock Exchanges Member Pakistan Mercantile ExchangeDarson is Credence Group Company (www.credence-group.com). The Group has a diversified portfolio & operates 10 companies in 7 business sectors and currently employs over 800 people. Group’s portfolio companies belong to financial services, education, charity, stock trading, real estate & construction & information technology industry. One of its flagship company is Dollar East Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited (www.dollareast.com), a well known & leading exchange company in Pakistan. Head of Online Brokerage (Retail & High Net Worth) April 2007 till date TENURE HIGHLIGHTS SETUP OF ONLINE BROKERAGE DIVISION Execute the department from scratch level I.T. infra structure Hiring of marketing, trading & support staff. Designed Trading, Support & Risk Management SOPs.
  2. 2. DARSON SECURITIES (PVT.) LTD. Head of Online Brokerage (Retail & High Net Worth) MORE THEN 6000 SALES LEADS DURING FIRST YEAR Through various strategic marketing techniques (i.e. SEO, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Telemarketing,Database Marketing, Advertisement, etc) I created awareness and established two-way communication with the target audience which resulted in 6000 leads. SALES & MARKETING MECHANISM & ITS LIFE CYCLE I developed marketing life cycle supported with Automated Task Management System. This KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based marketing & lead generation mechanism of reach & frequency facilitated sales team in business development. This Integrated Marketing Communication process resulted in identified potential clients which facilitated my sales team in focused & effective prospecting without following-up unnecessary people. 700PLUS ACCOUNTS DURING FIRST YEAR Marketing Mechanism designed by me, supported with Task Management Automation made it possible for my sales team to engage & handle 6,000 leads effectively, out of which 700 were materialized into clients. PROFIT & LOSS RESONSIBILITY AND POSITIVE ROII manage department as a separate SBU (Strategic Business Unit), having separate marketing trading, support& other functions. Being accountable for the costs and revenue generated by department, I run department with full P&L responsibility. Just after one year of its inception, department’s ROI was positive either.
  3. 3. DARSON SECURITIES (PVT.) LTD. Head of Online Brokerage (Retail & High Net Worth) CONVENTIONAL BROKERAGE I used core features of online trading system i.e. OMS (Order Management System) & Real time RiskManagement for conventional brokerage practices. Apart from orders routed from internet cloud (WAN), I used OMS as KATS (orders from LAN environment) for conventional dealers. Provision of customized risk & exposure management policy helped me manage conventional brokerage setup with more controls. COMMODITIES DEPARTMENT Developed commodity sales team. Used existing marketing data base & mechanism helped to create clientele rapidly. PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL Having experience in advertising, I developed professionally designed & creative collateral material (Flyer,Brochure, Teaser, Stationery etc.) which complemented the whole marketing, lead generation & communication process. TV COMMERCIAL I envisioned the concept for TVC and got it developed by an Ad Agency “The Carrot” (Circuit) and I worked closely with Carrot from story board to the selection of models, selection of venue for shoot, productionactivities, selection of voice over artist, post production (i.e. final edit, animations etc), still photography for print and out door advertising.
  4. 4. ApplicationXS (Pvt.) Ltd. Pioneer of Online Trading Systems in Pakistan An AKD Group CompanyAppXS specializes in Banking, Financial & Online Brokerage systems. AppXS is the pioneer in deploying Online Trading System in multiple brokerage houses of Karachi Stock Exchange. The clientele of AppXS ranges fromBanks to Brokerage Houses of Karachi Stock Exchange. AppXS is sponsored by TMT Ventures limited which is owned by AKD Group, a Pakistan’s leading Financial institution. Manager Sales & Marketing November 2001 – March 2007 TENURE HIGHLIGHTS 100% increase in Brokerage Clientele AppXS deployed first online brokerage system in 2002, and till May 2005 (in 3 years) the total number of brokerage clientele reached at a total of 6 which was doubled by 12 brokerage clients in just one year of my tenure as Manager Sales and Marketing. AceXS, Business Plan AceXS (acexs.com, an online brokerage) was a joint venture between Ace Securities and AppXS. It’s a unique type of business composition where AppXS was not only a technology provider but was a business partner as well. I worked on commission structures, sales, marketing, operations, risk management procedures, hiring of traders, Website, Hardware Procurement etc.
  5. 5. ApplicationXS (Pvt.) Ltd. Manager Sales & Marketing SmartXS (Sales & Marketing Mechanism with Automated Task Management System) With the clear understanding of the target audience, their complex business & their decision making procedures, I developed & managed a unique type of sales and marketing mechanism supported with Automated Task Management System. With this mechanism my team generated massive sales leads fromsmall budgeted marketing & direct mailing program. AppXS marketing department, with this mechanism, built complete communication network in its marketplace. SmartXS’s systematic approach of reach & frequency played great role in the orientation process of our target markets & develop need recognition of ourbrokerage products. This KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based mechanism made it possible to monitor the efficiency marketing strategy & my sales team. Trade Manager, an innovative idea which enhanced the scope of AppXS’s brokerage products After 2005 March crisis, when bad exposure management caused losses to many brokers, I analyzed the needs of market and sensed that a part from Internet Brokerage, TradeDemon (AppXS Brokerage System)Real Time Risk Management and Order Management Modules can play its role in conventional Brokerage aswell. For a very good positioning of the new product in the minds of its target market, I proposed and used thename Trade Manager for marketing of TradeDemon for the conventional brokerage. Before this, TradeDemon was some how limited for internet brokerage only but the idea of Trade Manger enhanced the scope of TradeDemon and opened the gates for new market with some modifications in the existing product.
  6. 6. ApplicationXS (Pvt.) Ltd. Manager Sales & Marketing Special Supplement with newspaper ‘THE DAWN’ DAWN published a supplement on ONLINE TRADING & INVESTMENTS for the first time in the history of Pakistan. I proactively reacted and contacted DAWN people and booked the major space in the supplement (it helped The DAWN for the success of its supplement) and managed all AppXS clients to place their ads in this supplement. Clients paid for their ads but that supplement appeared as a sponsored supplement of AppXS. 7out of 9 Ads were of AppXS and its clients. In other words, the whole supplement was almost on AppXS and its clients. Managed AppXS’s presence in the following events Bank Bazar Exhibition in which all the organizations participated, related to the banking industry Launching ceremony of akdtrade.comAKD Securities is the top most brokerage house of Pakistan and the 1st that adopt online trading and launched its services globally via Internet. Then Federal Minister of Finance Mr. Shaukat Aziz was the chief guest of thatevent. That was the mega event & all the top most organizations and personalities of brokerage business were invited in that event.